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  1. "I wonder if the measures I put in place to stop you worked, Xehanort" What measures is he talking about? Did Eraqus plant seeds that helped mold the story going forward after BBS?
  2. Their old hearts still need to be released from their heartless form by a keyblade for them to return as somebodies. I like to think their old hearts just merge with their grown hearts so they have the combined experiences of both forms. Roxas is definitely a special case because Sora retained his sense of self when Roxas was created
  3. If that were the case why would they still have their old memories and appearance? They are the same as their original selves, minus a heart
  4. But Axel is 100% Lea in body and mind Sora retained his soul/mind when he became a heartless so that never transerred over to Roxas. Roxas' mind was a clean slate
  5. I think that both endings are canon but the true ending is what actually happened and the bad ending may have been what Riku or Kairi saw in their dreams. Either way, i think him being crystalized will still be relevant somehow
  6. I don't even try to counter him in this phase because its risky. Just keep blocking til it's over. Also, his first swipe doesn't usually connect so wait a sec
  7. Yeah the one where he shoots the beam three times. After the third beam disappears he says "gotcha!" and that's your oppurtunity to use thunder. It might take a little practice but overall i find it to be one of his easier moves to punish
  8. You just hit him with Thunder from a distance when he starts to say "gotcha" then airstep to him. He won't steal anything
  9. Just glide horizontally when he uses that move to steal your items. I beat him with a Kupo coin, he never stole any of my items
  10. Double Form shreds HP. I don't have Oathkeeper so i use Oblivion, Ultima, and Kingdom Key. You want to save your finishers for when they are vulnerable and there's an opening to combo attack, so it's best to get used to swapping keyblades mid-fight
  11. Update: This was a stupid post because i ended up trying him anyways almost immediately after i posted and answered my own question. He's definitely harder, but not by a lot. Toughest thing about him so far (i haven't even made it to his DM) is that his laser attacks are super fast, super deadly, and don't count as a combo. So you get hit by 2 of them consecutively and you're done. His attack that steals your keyblade and the one that steals your items are actually very easy to avoid, so i think i'll use a kupo coin this time
  12. I finally beat Xehanort and Xion after several hours of failed attempts and now that i'm at the secret boss i almost don't even want to try. Can anyone who's finished the whole thing tell me how much harder he is than Xehanort and Xion? If he's significantly more difficult i don't even know man, i might give up.
  13. Most of the Re:mind scenario should have just been added to the base game. Similar to the way KH2FM added cutscenes and the Roxas fight. I haven't reached the Secret Episode yet, but from what i have seen, it's just a gauntlet for the secret boss. That being said, the secret boss looks amazing and the cutscenes that accompany it look very interesting (i haven't watched them entirely but i skimmed through them on youtube to get to the fight) I only have critical save files so unfortunately i have no choice but to defeat all of the data battles on crit in order to ge to the secret boss. I've defeated 7 of 13 so far and man are they tough, but really fun and well designed. I'd argue that they are better than the KH2 data fights, it's just that i feel the gameplay mechanics still aren't quite up to par with KH2 as far as balance and fairness. I had to use a kupo coin on almost every fight so far but maybe that's cause i suck?
  14. It also states somewhere that we're getting the free update before the DLC. Anyone have an idea when that might be? I was planning on playing through the main story again first for the added cutscenes. Would be nice to get that a day or 2 before
  15. Honestly Chain of Memories is the only game in the series i never played and ive only managed to get through watching all the cutscenes once so i forget a lot of the details
  16. Ive been playing the series since 2002, and now pretty consistently since the remixes released in the US, so i find even regular critical runs are pretty easy for me. Second Chance, and Once More trivialize most fights if you have enough restoration items. Don't get me wrong though, up until the past couple years, i still got bodied on Proud mode. Once you figure out the hidden mechanics like revenge values/AI loops, and get your timing down to block attacks/know when bosses are vulnerable, it's not so bad
  17. That was the most bullshit part of the whole critical run. Its like the light cycle in Space Paranoids but worse. Hell yeah. Best bet is to let them do most of the work and just stay safe. Cloud literally tears them apart I finally beat level 1 crit lastnight. Gotta say, getting past Roxas and Xigbar was the worst part. Saix gave me a little bit of trouble but overall not too bad. Final Xemnas whooped me for a while but luckily i still had enough ethers to spam Riku's limit which got me through his last phase all the way to his laser dome DM, so i basically avoided his quick successive laser shots that are tough to guard entirely. One thing i learned is that using your whole arsenal (drives, limits, summons) is a lifesaver to get through tricky flights, but it can sometimes hurt you too. Limits rip apart enemies and give you i frames but activating them sometimes leaves you vulnerable. I realized this with Roxas the most. Eventually i decided to go with the basic approach of melee combing til you hit their revenge value, guard, stagger, repeat and beat him with that. Timing is key and it takes a while but its sometimes the safest and most reliable strategy.
  18. It's definitely torture but ive been playing these games for 18 years now and only just recently began to challenge myself with critical mode and restrictions. It gives me a reason to replay my favorite series all over again. Also it's incredibly rewarding and lengthens the playthrough time, so that keeps me occupied. Idk if i want to try level 1 on KH1 though, i hear it is brutually long due to the game not scaling you up like KH2 does. Btw, KH3 critical with just Kingdom Key was a blast if you haven't tried it. P.S. I'm on Final Xemnas now and he's absolutely spanking me Yeah that fight can be tough even on regular critical. Demyx isn't too bad if you just use Stitch and spam reflect at the right moments. What sucks is afterwards. You have to do all those mob fights with FF characters and if you die (which you most likely will) you have to fight Demyx ALL OVER AGAIN. Happened to me, it took me like 10 tries to finally kill him then i died fighting with Cloud and all of the sudden im back to the cutscene with Mickey telling Sora to go find Riku and Kairi and i'm like "NOOOOOOOOOO!"
  19. It took me a couple hours and honestly probably over 50 deaths but i just beat Roxas on level 1 crit and i must have learned more about this game in that time than i have since it came out in 2005. Damn that was brutal. Was so gassed that i screamed "F**k you Jesse Mcartney" at the top of my lungs and startled my girlfriend to the point she pissed her pants. Sorry for the unnecessary post but i needed to tell somebody. Idk anyone irl who would understand how big of a deal this is to me lol
  20. Am I the only one who thinks there's something about Sora in this Re:mind theme that looks different from other illustrations of him? His eyes look sunken in and darker and I think his nose is a little thinner. This coupled with the new render where he seems pissed off is very telling to me. I think we're finally going to get a side of Sora we've never seen. He's fed up, he's not bogged down by his wholesome and classic disney character companions, and he's ready to firetruck shit up.
  21. If they did include Star Wars, I would hope the OT, but since we got all newer Disney properties with KH3 I'd put my money on us getting one of the sequel movies instead. Not having a Darth Vader fight would be blasphemy though. We'd probably get to fight Kylo alongside Rey instead
  22. I never liked revisiting the worlds in KH2. To me what was lacking was original world content. We should have had a tutorial level in Scala as Young Xehanort or Eraqus before we start as Sora. A longer segment mid-game in Twilight Town. We should have had to actually fight our way through heartless to get to Aqua in the realm of Darkness. Last but not least, Scala ad Caelum should have been more akin to TWTNW or End of the World. It was the lack of basic mob type enemies in the end-game that bothered me a lot
  23. I would contact playstation network. Call them. I didn't even know that was possible.
  24. Solid points, but I don't think it would have had that much of an impact on the world order. The worlds have been in turmoil ever since Ansem SoD released the hearless back before KH1. People watched their entire worlds get consumed. Heartless (some of which look like horrifying monsters like the Darksides) have been invading worlds for years. Then a random kid with a magic key and his talking animals show up out of nowhere to save the day only to disappear almost as fast as they arrived. I think the citizens of these worlds already know there are darker things beyond their comprehension happening in the backround. I just would have liked see a scene like the one we got in KH1 when Destiny Islands was swallowed by darkness. Not that extreme, but the beginning stages of it, then showed the darkness and heartless retreating once the Guardians closed Kingdom Hearts. Xehanort opening Kingdom Hearts should have had a much more detrimental effect than Ansem releasing heartless from just Radiant Garden, but it didn't feel all that serious. Sure, he explained what would have happened at the end, but I just went "oh okay". I just think it should have felt like a universal threat, whereas to me only the Guardian's ever seemed to be in any danger. It isn't a huge deal for me, I still enjoyed the final act more than most people seemed to. Just a thought.
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