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  1. Hey guys! I have been thinking lately about one error that square did at the base of kh3's structure. Which is listening to the fans,at least for this occasion. How many people talked about how kh1 is the best kh story wise because of it's linear structure? well that's basically what came to nomura's ear during the first phases of kh3, but that was the biggest mistake of the whole development for me. It is obvious that kh3's tries real hard to follow kh1's structure. An hub type of world which it really does not work like that anyway (Twilight town)---> lots of disney worlds----> endgame. but that worked with kh1 because it had like 4 original characters, kh3 has like almost 30 of them! It's great that square listen to the fans but just for gameplay. A kh2 type of structure could've done a lot better and not because "KH2 IS THE BEST HAHA" but because there were already more characters and story events that could've been handled only in some midgame events. thats for me is the root if kh3's structure problem
  2. i was worried that for some reason my code wasn't working.But it seems for everyone so im relieved thanks
  3. Guys i finished the classic kingdom minigames and got the code...but it doesn't work on the psn.Is it my problem only?
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