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  1. Maybe this isn't the real Aqua and it's like a test or something. We know Sora needs to pass his mark of mastery exam and we know that Riku and Mickey are the ones to going to try and save Aqua so it doesn't make sense for Sora to be there fighting her unless maybe it is a illusion of some sort which we know is some Yen Sid can do. I mean they are definitely hiding something because the menu is so basic and you can't see what world they are actually in, I'm thinking it's because is it not the dark realm.
  2. It's crazy to think that this whole time we were just hearing the ending theme, I wonder what Face My Fears will be like I'm definitely excited to hear it hopefully soon! I will say I will always love Don't Think Twice!
  3. I Agree, honesty I love the jungle book and really hope it becomes a world. Seeing as it was almost in Birth by Sleep it's a pretty good chance it will happen.
  4. The things is they only voice the lines so this may be the first time the actors are seeing this scene play out fully finished, the other thing it could be is maybe they were told they were going to show a scene with their characters but not which scene.
  5. I LOVED that trailer!!! It was so awesome and Big Hero 6 looks amazing!!!
  6. I don't really believe that theory either but like you are prepared for whatever Nomura has in store for us. I will say though there is a way to work around the whole eye thing... I think, my thinking is maybe when he says the gazing eye is his eye he doesn't really mean it was one of his actual eyes but maybe it's something he made I mean we see him make Chirithy and it definitely doesn't look like a actual eye like all the other characters and there's also the question of how it has the powers that it has.
  7. I see what you mean but I think the reason is since the last KH game alot of new Disney movies have come out and since the very first KH game they've never really been able to use newer movies so they are taking the chance now. Not to say there won't be any older Disney movies in it or returning worlds like Olympus and Pirates of the Caribbean but I think they just want a change of pace. Personally I love all the movies they picked as worlds.
  8. I love Ducktales, the reboot anyway I never really watched the original as a kid I was always over on Nickelodeon. But I got into the reboot and I'm hooked!
  9. Wake me on January 29!

  10. it will be interesting to see the keyblade transformation the Starlight has in KH3, a little disappointed it's not the leveled up version of Starlight but it's cool none the less!
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