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  1. So yeah if you really want to look you’ll find the link to the discussion of the PM leaks on Resetera but I can’t wait for the release of the game cause there’s gonna be such outrage. Nomura wasn’t lying when he said the ending would be hard to swallow. Oh man I can’t wait for the reactions. alternatively if you want to know PM me
  2. DemyxIsBest

    Only spoilers I’m curious about

    Seems to be a fair few Disney bosses in my opinion from what I’ve seen.
  3. DemyxIsBest

    Leaks: A Warning

    Just wanted to make this post to warn you guys that a large wave of copies are now in the wild so I would suggest you go cold turkey on social media for the next few days - a shame but as with all high demand game it is inevitable. I’ve been looking at the leaks and I’ll say one thing: Anything you may heard regarding overall opinions of the game - take them with a pinch of salt. WE ARE NEARLY THERE GUYS!
  4. DemyxIsBest

    Still Angry about Twilight Town

    That’s so cheeky that hahaha
  5. DemyxIsBest

    All worlds leaked

    That Scala gameplay looks CRAZY, and the music as well goddamn I don’t care about the disappointments I’m HELLA HYPED NOW.
  6. DemyxIsBest

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 22

    will do from 6) cause i've missed a few: 6) Favourite Boss: Xemnas in KH1 (Final Mix) 7) Hardest Boss: Lingering Sentiment BBS - honestly that fight is actually borderline... 8] Halloween Town in KH2 9) Sephiroth 10) Twilight Town 11) Reuniting with Kairi at the end of KH2 12) When Roxas said 'Looks like my summer vacation is over' at the beginning of KH2, that was actually messed up
  7. DemyxIsBest

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Excitement

    First and foremost, while I do think it's incredibly short-sighted for people to bandwagon on criticism of the game when they haven't played it, I think it's utterly bizarre for you to think that people aren't allowed to criticise the game. If a company, song-writer, film-maker, fashion retailer etc. decides to put out a product and charge money for it then in my opinion any criticism of a product that they are making money from is fair game. Calling people viruses for spouting opinions contrary to your own just seems rather childish, and if you let negative opinions influence your own then that's on you and your subconscious accepting what they are saying, not them.
  8. DemyxIsBest

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Excitement

    I'm excited to see whether origins of Luxord and Demyx are explored, they seem very interesting, plus I can't wait for the immense satisfaction I will get when I utterly obliterate Master Xehanort.
  9. i got my eye on you demyx...

    1. DemyxIsBest


      what's that supposed to mean lol


    2. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      touche demyx, touche

  10. DemyxIsBest

    Kingdom Hearts III trophy list has been leaked

    I’m 100% certain Schwarzgeist is a Gummi Ship Boss as Ocean Between refers to space.
  11. DemyxIsBest

    Kingdom Hearts III trophy list has been leaked

    Once again on the flip side, if there is anything wrong with this game, Nomura is gonna feel the full wrath of the fanbase so he sure as hell won't make the same mistakes again. I'm kind of glad i've indulged myself in gameplay and map spoilers, has helped to temper my mood. If some of the disappointments are true i'm much more glad I've faced them now rather than the majority of people who have gone in blind. The KH-sphere on the internet might be pretty darn volatile in the few weeks after the release, i'm half expecting bedlam lol.
  12. DemyxIsBest

    KH3 rushed?

    I don’t believe rushed is the right word, I just think there is a chasm between what Nomura thinks that fans want and what the fans actually want. I also get the impression that the Disney worlds took up a lot more time, money and resources this time around. Honestly I also believe they’re gearing up to try and bring new fans into the series, when they don’t really realise a strong core of their fan base are cult diehards who risk being alienated, I mean look at the story, not accessible to newbies at all is it?
  13. DemyxIsBest

    About Twilight Town...Yikes

    Yeah it looks very small which certainly gripes me but it depends how integral it is to the story, disappointing though. On the flip side I’m starting to think the leaker’s idea of no postgame content was horseshit these battle gates are looking dope!
  14. No it was confirmed from KH3isLife