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  1. The 13 lights have already been decided. Look on the boxart of KH3. Count the characters.
  2. Good analysis but I don't think anything will change my view of attraction flow being unequivocally the worst part of the game.
  3. Will be talking about spoilers in this review so it'll be under the spoiler banner, view at your discretion. pls read and discuss this review in the comments and with me it took me ages to write it lol sorry for the lack of structure in some of my thoughts btw this was incredibly stream of consciousness and not at all planned hope u enjoyed xox
  4. Okay Demyx is deffo MoM which I’m gassed about for obvious reasons and if we are going for biblical imagery I wager his true name is Edym pronounced like Adam like Adam and Eve and Oudem etc etc you get it wooo Demy is relevant but give him ray chase va pls
  5. Ok I get KH3 is far from perfect but saying it’s worse than a game made for mobile that is 99% complete filler is bait and you know it.
  6. It’s a shame, cause imo Proud is the easiest of any KH game
  7. Proud, I’ve heard it’s not too bad unless they fiddle with D1 to make it worse
  8. Let’s go guys, we’ve waited so long - time to enjoy ourselves! Average of 88 on Metacritic from 14 critics, wow!
  9. No epic doesn’t mean good writing but it means bloody good gameplay, which at the end of the day is why we play a game and not watch TV.
  10. CGInfernoBlast is definitely the one to avoid the most, he’s methodically released p much all the critical footage.
  11. This prepared to leave the franchise nonsense is just uproar over the divisiness of the ending, I’ve heard 3 leaker reviews. One said 7.3/10, the rambler who kept contradicting himself and admits he only plays by mashing X, a 9.5/10, admittedly from a hype jobber kind of leaker and the most reliable leaker who has recorded all the leaked footage gave it an 8.8/10. I might get cautioned for this but im not lying I’ve watched p much all the Keyblade Graveyard footage and it is epic as shit. (Probs what prompted the original leaker to cry out GOTY).
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