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  1. I expected there to be a bit more Keyblades. I was kinda dissapointed we couldn't get Oblivion for example. I hope they'll add some more with the DLC.
  2. You shouldn't let the negativity get to you. If YOU enjoyed the game, THAT is what counts, not what others think of it. Atleast that is how I looked at it. People can keep on shouting how the game was dissapointing to THEM but that doesn't change MY opinion on how I loved it. The game has flaws sure, but I still had lots of fun.
  3. I cried the whole time because I couldn't believe I was actually playing it lol
  4. I love the game and that's enough for me. It's a shame not everyone is on the same boat as I am but that is just how it is. The game had flaws, but every single KH game has flaws, people really need to stop acting like KH2 is perfect, because it isn't. Every single game has flaws to a certain extend. A lot of people also just get very easily offended these days if someone has a different opinion. Sure there are also trolls and people who hate just for the sake of hating it. But you have those kind of people everywhere. If I was in charge of KH3 I would've done some things different, sure. But this is what we got and we can't change that.
  5. I really don't know what people expected from this game? When I read some people were ready to leave the franchise before the game came out I was expecting a garbage game with a garbage ending but I did not experience this myself. Sure, the game had some flaws. All the KH games have flaws, but people suddenly act like 3 is the only one for some reason. But overal I enjoyed the game a lot. If people don't like it, welp, that is their opinion. But don't shame others for liking it.
  6. When Resident evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 release just a few days from eachother.
  7. Yeah, I think the reason that they decided to cut it is because it wasn't important to the story.
  8. Sadly, things like this happen all the time in games. Some stuff just don't make it to the final cut for a lot of different reasons.
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