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  1. You’re not alone! Our district has a half day on the 28th so I put in for time off until the 5th. Can’t wait!
  2. I'm still keeping my Amazon pre-order, but that "announcement" was a complete disaster. That definitely could have been handled a lot better.
  3. The KH Concert was incredible last night! The video feed crashed after they showed the KH3 trailer, so that was fun. Hope everyone going tonight has a great time, you won't regret it!

  4. Nope, never will. Kingdom Hearts will forever be my favorite series, but I don't play each game exclusively. If there's a large time gap between KH3 and the next installment, then it's fine by me. Personally, the wait or "lack of information" never bothered me in the slightest. There will always be another game to play to pass the time (currently engrossed in Persona 5). I say give the series a breather after KH3. By doing so, gamers might focus their attention on another new series in the same way that people discovered and fell in love with Kingdom Hearts back during the first installment. No one will forget about Kingdom Hearts, but rather be more excited for its return whenever it happens.
  5. I think your level is fine. Personally, I use the Divine Rose keyblade for sheer strength. I know it might take a while depending on where you're at, but I would take the time to get Yellow Trinity as well as 99 Dalmatians. Both the yellow trinity in Neverland and 99 Dalmatians will upgrade your Aero to max, and that will help tons. Gameplay wise, I'd take the time to dodge his initial laser bursts and kill the heartless he spawns for HP orbs. The lasers are more constant later in the fight, but keep working on it and you'll be fine. Good luck!
  6. I guess the problem there is that Re:CoM was released three years after the release of KH2, but I see where you're coming from. This is actually my first time playing Re:CoM even though I had 1.5 on PS3 as well. I loved the story from playing on the GBA, but I'm not the biggest fan of the card system, so I'm just trying to breeze through it. Have fun!
  7. Apocalypsis Noctis (and Aquarius). The track fits the battles so well and I'll always consider it one of my favorite boss battle themes from now on.
  8. That is true. I'm really looking forward to seeing these two unannounced union leaders and how they factor into everything with Ven, Ephemer and Skuld.
  9. Very solid theory! I always had this feeling that the world of Union X is a sleeping world where Ventus has ventured to and not him being hundreds of years old.
  10. I think the 24th is sold out, but tickets are still available for the 23rd on ticketfly.
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