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  1. In a sense, maybe that's kind of what Ven did. Because he had to give up some ability to wield the keyblade, he was able to travel to that time and look younger (he looks much like how MX was training him in BBS pre-Vanitas spawn). It's like he is a beginner again, but with the same mind as of the most current games since it's been implied the things Sora sees are the same things Ven sees (and he's not entirely comatose what with guiding Aqua to the Land of Departure). Ven's exact "state" of being has always been a little tough for me to pin down. How disabled he is by having to be linked with Sora's heart is still something we're learning about even with DDD and 0.2. Obviously he's aware of things given how he gives his armor to save Sora in DDD. So what is that sleepyhead really up to behind the scenes? That's what I want to know.
  2. Hi everyone! Name's Jack. New to the forums but long time reader. So I have been attempting to come up with a theory as to why Ventus has a connection to the time and world of Unchained Chi based on a few assumptions. My hope is to tie this to other story points in the series that can back this up. Without further ado, let's get into it. So for my theory to work, the idea that Unchained Chi is a "sleeping world" is important. Whatever form that is (within the Book of Prophecies, within the Realm of Sleep, etc.), we are essentially in a dream world. That's what I'm going to assume. Anyone remember the original "Fragmentary Passage" reveal from BBS:FM? The game that essentially became 2.8 that Nomura wanted to make but couldn't at the time? In that cinematic, we see several things (Mickey in the RoD, Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town, etc.), but one thing that was always confounding for me is Ventus literally disappearing form the Chamber of Waking (along with Sora, but that's a different point). This was never truly touched on by any game but keep this moment in mind. We know your entire physical being needs to go to the Realm of Sleep (not just you taking a snooze and your mind goes there). We also know that Ventus's armor went to Sora to protect him from falling into darkness in DDD. There's also that moment where, when Sora is greeted by the Dream Eaters in DDD, Ventus is shown smiling in the Chamber of Waking With all that in mind, here's my theory: I believe that Ventus, right at the end of DDD, has actually entered the dream world of Unchained Chi much like Sora and Riku did for their Mark of Mastery in order to "wake up" the world and any relevant characters from that time. Ventus literally leaves the Chamber of Waking (even for just a while) thanks to Sora entering the Realm of Sleep to do his own little adventure. The armor is gone because he used it to protect Sora. He looks younger similarly to how Sora and Riku were affected by the Realm of Sleep. Ventus isn't just a couch potato in a coma. He's actually DOING something to help everyone out and they don't even know it. This literally has nothing to do with Master Xehanort or Ven actually being from that time (we see the actual events and that he's not there in the Browser Chi). He's taking an alternate route to influence this world much like Sora and company have time and time again. Whether or not he's doing it on purpose, I believe his actions are what will change the course to avoid the tragedy of the Keyblade War and possibly the loss of characters like the Foretellers. Now, this theory is still as of 3/21 with Union X coming out 3/23 so it's very possible this will all be moot, and the reveal of those other 2 Union characters may change everything too, but for now I feel like this is a better perspective than the casual viewer saying "Ven's from that far in the past!?!?!" And again, this is assuming the rules of this series actually hold water with the Realm of Sleep and what we've been told so far. Please let me know what you think of this theory and any holes you think might be in it.
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