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  1. It's not a counter argument, it's a question. The premise is "she got help [from male characters], so she is not strong", which I find to be foolish. It's not even about KH3 only, as it can be applied to other games as well, hence my question. We also seem to have different definitions of "strong" which I suppose is fine.
  2. Since when getting help means that a character isn't strong? This basically goes against everything KH is about
  3. That's not what he said and he's right. "As its basis": Deep Jungle, Agrabah, Atlantica, or Monstro all follow the movie plot, they don't have original stories. Toy Box has an original story, with an original setting and an original villain, for example.
  4. I respect your opinion too, of course. Problems and alleged problems also impact all of us differently. As for keyblades, they'll add more via DLCs for sure, like they did in the past. I don't know if they'll add old ones though, since they'd have to bother with transformations, which is a bit tricky when it comes to iconic keyblades. I wouldn't mind something like a "First Form" for Oblivion and Oathkeeper.
  5. If you think that games like CoM or DDD don't have pacing problems, then we just have (very) different opinions on what a good pacing is. This is kinda off-topic, so maybe I'll open another thread to discuss the general pacing in the games. Anyway, that video with all the different keyblades is cool. It wouldn't be bad to have an alternative skins option, like for post-game, just for fun.
  6. KH2 definitely had pacing problems. You have a beginning, a middle and an end... And nothing in between. Disney worlds are fillers and a lot happens at the end. Riku's story is rushed, Saix and Luxord just feel like boss fodder: "Hey, we forgot to make you fight these guys, enter these rooms and take them out so that the story can progress", just to name some problems. Every KH game has pacing problems and KH2 is one of the games that struggles the most with it.
  7. I voted "Best in the series!" but the first two options aren't mutually exclusive. It's the best in the series, I can see the flaws and they don't bother me that much. Gameplay and level design are the best so far and I enjoyed the story but KH1 is still the best in this regard.
  8. It has always been like this, at this point we either accept it and have fun with what is given to us or we just stop caring about the story because Nomura's problem is that he puts too much focus on shocking value. He likes to connect every little detail together and this is what prevents him from ever telling a good story. That rules don't exist was made clear with the whole "Uhm, Ansem wasn't really Ansem but he called himself Ansem" thing in KH2 and it all went downhill from there. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the letter that Pluto has at the end of KH1 will play a major role in the next saga because Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts.
  9. Pretty much this, but it happens with every big release. KH2 got a similar reaction in 2006 and now the sentiment is completely different. It's annoying for sure, but not surprising.
  10. My vote is 9 and KH3 has become my favourite KH game (but I still love you, KH1!). It's insanely fun and beautiful and it has the best gameplay in the series. The problem is that despite having more depth than KH2's combat, it doesn't really get a chance to shine because the game is too easy. KH2 had the same problem and Final Mix fixed it, so I hope it will be the same for KH3. Story: I enjoyed it and I don't really have major gripes with it. I LOVED the ending and I'm completely satisfied with it, although I would have like a better pacing. Worlds: some worlds were amazing while some were less amazing, but nonetheless definitely better than every world from the previous games. Gameplay: only gripes are that the game is too easy and "too much at once". Other than that, the game is insanely fun and the gameplay is not as shallow as it seems, quite the opposite. Once and if we get a proper Critical mode, I'm sure that more people will warm up to it because it has a lot of potential. Content: I'm fine with it considering this is a vanilla version. This game might be lacking in the combat department, but it's not really a big problem with me because I'd like for them to tweak the gameplay first. KH2FM shows us how important a good gameplay is while BbS shows us that if the gameplay is fundamentally flawed, having 56 superbosses won't help because they won't be fun. Aside from combat, this game has a lot of content compared to the other games and I'm satisfied with it. Gummiship is AMAZING and I hated it in the previous games. I'm really surprised and I wasn't expecting to love it, at all. Overall a great game and a worthy end to this saga. Can easily become a 10 with a good Final Mix/DLC pack/whatever.
  11. Other than Terra, Aqua and Ventus, what other latin names do we have in KH?
  12. Wasn't the "less Disney world" a translation mistake? Anyway, like others have already said, 2018 it's a release window. I'm pretty sure it will be released between October and December, but I think people should really give Nomura a break. People complained when there was no release window and people are complaining now that there's one, it's frustratring.
  13. Yeah I got it, don't worry I'd be totally fine if they just added things to the already existing worlds, that'd be just Final Mixes in form of DLCs. I just don't want them to add new, complete worlds, because I'd rather have them in future games at full potential.
  14. I hope not and it doesn't really make sense... If I buy a game, I want it to be complete. So no Story-DLC, that'd be awful. But even if they release some worlds as DLCs that are not important storywise... Why not keep them for future games? That'd be a complete waste.
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