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  1. You thought you were shitposting and yet you walk away with the prize.
  2. This is a quick and hopefully simple question: what are the actual requirements for the in-game "Dream Pleaser" trophy? It says "Proof that you have maxed out every Spirit's Affinity Level," but what does "every" mean in this instance? Do you need one copy of every Dream Eater species and then need to max their Affinity? That's what I figure, but it would be nice if someone could confirm!
  3. Remy outright recommended me a full meal bonus with Curaza, twice! I'm surprised to learn it was widely overlooked. I saved one Chef's Choice recipe, I'll go look it up. Here it is: Mushroom Terrine+ Pumpkin Veloute+ Eel Matelote+ Filet Mignon Poele+ Chocolate Mousse+
  4. This summary seems ot be intended as a refresher for old fans than a summary for new players, so it's missing a lot of important stuff, but I can respect that I think. We've got fan summaries for people who want more detail. The weirdest part of this to me is that they cover all of Roxas' storyline except the key point where he gets absorbed into Sora. It's not that it's important that makes it weird (again, we're missing a lot of important stuff since this is just a refresher), it's that they covered everything else about him and then just stopped at the last minute. Roxas is like the leftover macaroni salad you left out all weekend right next to the fridge.
  5. Ah, good, the browser game basically killed AP for story missions part-way through its run too (or rather, AP costs were reduced to 1, which was trifling) and it did it a world of good. I wonder if I'll even come back to the game now?
  6. So I'm watching the trailer again, and starting at 1:10 or so, the music sounds like a take on the Dissidia main theme? Is this a pre-existing version that anyone recognizes (the theme's been remixed like a dozen times in only three games), or is it new to the trailer? If it is from KH3, I can't imagine how it would be used.
  7. "That's amazing! You can control ice! This is an entirely new thing to me that I have definitely never seen and certainly never done over the course of several games in several identities! Right Donald, chief wizard of Disney Castle?" "Right, Sora!"
  8. Keyslinger should count across all playthroughs. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the Trinity Archive trophies should be tied to your system data, not your save folders, so it should count across all playthroughs you've ever made on that system. So you could do Terra 4000, Aqua 3000, Ven 2000, and then replay the game in five years, you'd just need to kill 999 more. The trophy will not pop when you get it, unfortunately. Here's a quick kill strategy for later, in case you get bored trying to earn it:
  9. Unfortunately, that summary only covers the events of the browser game, which means it misses several recent events that happened after the browser game was shut down. I'm not sure of a source that covers all the later stuff in one place, does anyone know?
  10. I used to play on Standard as a way of forcing me to play everything required to get the secret ending. But I don't do that any more. Not after BBS. Never again. In fact, the only reason I can claim to have done it for so long was because I started coded before I had even finished BBS?
  11. Mine's: Zack: Stop by once me and him are both heroes! Ven: Oh, so you mean never come back?
  12. I'm pretty close to 100% in KH1, I really just need to do some simple things like my Unchanging Armour / Speedrun run of Beginner for achievements' sake? Gummi Missions are done, thank goodness. I'm also close to getting Card Master Sora in Re:CoM, but I can't be arsed to do the Level 100 trophies, just no. I'm not good enough at KH2 to beat the data Org or Lingering Will, and not near tenacious enough to beat all the Gummi missions (especially the EX missions!). I have earned the Secret Journals in Days (i.e., getting at least one Challenge Sigil in each challenge), but just forget getting 100% Challenge and Mission Mode completion, no way. Back in the day I got 100% Report completion in BBS but never had the FM version and so couldn't beat the FM bosses. Also, I was probably missing the silly Frozen Fortune trophy, if not some of BBS' other grindy in-game trophies. I don't really care to repeat the Report completion but I suppose I might feel more accomplished if I beat the FM bosses in 2.5, and then counted both playthroughs as one complete game? While it would be pretty simple to do, it would also be incredibly boring to clear Avatar Menu in Re:coded. Some of 0.2's requests seem pretty outlandish. And DDD's Dream Pleaser in-game trophy? Geeze! Does anyone have 100% in KHX? I mean, is that even possible? Like with all avatar parts and cards/medals? Getting it in the browser version would have required all sorts of $100+ bundles and Top 5 Players on Earth wins, so I doubt anyone got that, but I'm not sure KHUX/Union X are any better in that regard? In any event, I did clear the browser game's quests back in the day, but that's not 100% in my books.
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