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  1. Remy outright recommended me a full meal bonus with Curaza, twice! I'm surprised to learn it was widely overlooked. I saved one Chef's Choice recipe, I'll go look it up. Here it is: Mushroom Terrine+ Pumpkin Veloute+ Eel Matelote+ Filet Mignon Poele+ Chocolate Mousse+
  2. This summary seems ot be intended as a refresher for old fans than a summary for new players, so it's missing a lot of important stuff, but I can respect that I think. We've got fan summaries for people who want more detail. The weirdest part of this to me is that they cover all of Roxas' storyline except the key point where he gets absorbed into Sora. It's not that it's important that makes it weird (again, we're missing a lot of important stuff since this is just a refresher), it's that they covered everything else about him and then just stopped at the last minute. Roxas is like the leftover macaroni salad you left out all weekend right next to the fridge.
  3. Ah, good, the browser game basically killed AP for story missions part-way through its run too (or rather, AP costs were reduced to 1, which was trifling) and it did it a world of good. I wonder if I'll even come back to the game now?
  4. So I'm watching the trailer again, and starting at 1:10 or so, the music sounds like a take on the Dissidia main theme? Is this a pre-existing version that anyone recognizes (the theme's been remixed like a dozen times in only three games), or is it new to the trailer? If it is from KH3, I can't imagine how it would be used.
  5. "That's amazing! You can control ice! This is an entirely new thing to me that I have definitely never seen and certainly never done over the course of several games in several identities! Right Donald, chief wizard of Disney Castle?" "Right, Sora!"
  6. Keyslinger should count across all playthroughs. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the Trinity Archive trophies should be tied to your system data, not your save folders, so it should count across all playthroughs you've ever made on that system. So you could do Terra 4000, Aqua 3000, Ven 2000, and then replay the game in five years, you'd just need to kill 999 more. The trophy will not pop when you get it, unfortunately. Here's a quick kill strategy for later, in case you get bored trying to earn it:
  7. Unfortunately, that summary only covers the events of the browser game, which means it misses several recent events that happened after the browser game was shut down. I'm not sure of a source that covers all the later stuff in one place, does anyone know?
  8. I used to play on Standard as a way of forcing me to play everything required to get the secret ending. But I don't do that any more. Not after BBS. Never again. In fact, the only reason I can claim to have done it for so long was because I started coded before I had even finished BBS?
  9. Mine's: Zack: Stop by once me and him are both heroes! Ven: Oh, so you mean never come back?
  10. I'm pretty close to 100% in KH1, I really just need to do some simple things like my Unchanging Armour / Speedrun run of Beginner for achievements' sake? Gummi Missions are done, thank goodness. I'm also close to getting Card Master Sora in Re:CoM, but I can't be arsed to do the Level 100 trophies, just no. I'm not good enough at KH2 to beat the data Org or Lingering Will, and not near tenacious enough to beat all the Gummi missions (especially the EX missions!). I have earned the Secret Journals in Days (i.e., getting at least one Challenge Sigil in each challenge), but just forget getting 100% Challenge and Mission Mode completion, no way. Back in the day I got 100% Report completion in BBS but never had the FM version and so couldn't beat the FM bosses. Also, I was probably missing the silly Frozen Fortune trophy, if not some of BBS' other grindy in-game trophies. I don't really care to repeat the Report completion but I suppose I might feel more accomplished if I beat the FM bosses in 2.5, and then counted both playthroughs as one complete game? While it would be pretty simple to do, it would also be incredibly boring to clear Avatar Menu in Re:coded. Some of 0.2's requests seem pretty outlandish. And DDD's Dream Pleaser in-game trophy? Geeze! Does anyone have 100% in KHX? I mean, is that even possible? Like with all avatar parts and cards/medals? Getting it in the browser version would have required all sorts of $100+ bundles and Top 5 Players on Earth wins, so I doubt anyone got that, but I'm not sure KHUX/Union X are any better in that regard? In any event, I did clear the browser game's quests back in the day, but that's not 100% in my books.
  11. I said Metroid but like, meaning no disrespect to Phantasy Star and Star Ocean.
  12. Squaresoft had skippable cutscenes as early as Vagrant Story in 2000, but they didn't standardize it until FFX-2 (2003 JPN). Of course, Squaresoft also had skippable opening game demos at the start of many of its games going back even longer than that. Others have pointed out that the PSX would (by necessity) skip cutscenes if you opened the lid, and I can't imagine that they didn't have a software means of interrupting cutscenes if the hardware can do it by itself? And do you know what game does have a skippable opening cutscene? Ultima III, from 1983, often considered the direct ancestor of Dragon Quest and the entire JRPG genre. Square were just being jerks who weren't willing to provide a two-decades old common courtesy.
  13. Same as what everyone's been saying, but on the plus side, KH2.8 has been the biggest roadblock between us and KH3 news. Wouldn't want to outshine 2.8, right? Now that it's out, the biggest roadblock is a mere four days from now: the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Presentation, and whatever they plan to announce there. So yeah, I agree that it'll only be a few months for some KH3 info.
  14. That seems like a good guess, yeah! We'll probably see them reach November 2017 and then give us Roxas and/or Xion after that? Of course, since they're main characters who already have their hair and the like in the game, they might not need an event, per se.
  15. Many of these are actually crops from the artist's larger works! Terra: http://mrlipschutz.deviantart.com/art/Terra-Keyblade-s-Graveyard-368870679 Aqua: http://mrlipschutz.deviantart.com/art/Aqua-Dark-Margin-368558216 Xion: http://mrlipschutz.deviantart.com/art/Xion-Twilight-Mansion-369839139 Roxas: http://mrlipschutz.deviantart.com/art/Roxas-Memory-s-Skyscraper-369611729 Sora and Axel: http://mrlipschutz.deviantart.com/art/Sora-and-Axel-Betwixt-and-Between-370244504 Kairi: http://mrlipschutz.deviantart.com/art/Kairi-Destiny-Islands-371602632 I'm afraid I can't find the full versions of Riku, Ven, and Vanitas (maybe they only exist in this collage piece?) but the artist's got lots of other Kingdom Hearts fanart to look at, so check them out!
  16. We can go a little further than that with the spinoffs! Now don't worry: you don't need to play the spinoffs to understand the main series. I'm just providing this list in case you're interested in playing them in the future. Sadly, many of the spinoffs haven't been released over here to begin with. Spinoff: Dai Gyakuten Saiban (Japan-only) Spinoff: Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 (Unreleased, probably going to be Japan-only) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All Trials and Tribulations Spinoff: Ace Attorney Investigations Spinoff: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (Japan-only, but has a fan-patch) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Duel Destinies Spirit of Justice Another spinoff, Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, isn't part of the canon timeline, but I'd play it at least after playing Trials and Tribulations, if not later, since it makes a lot of references to the first three games.
  17. Today we hit up Hollow Bastion and two of the most important scenes in the original game: Riku taking the Keyblade and Sora taking it back. As a result, I give the game's central and recurring themes a close, involved look, the likes of which we'll be seeing a lot more of towards the end of the game and into more narratively deep games like CoM. This, in other words, is where we begin the long game of Kingdom Hearts' extended narrative.
  18. I can't take credit for the base concept, but I've expanded on this one quite a bit. Since Xehanort will presumably be defeated in KHIII, it makes sense that the next villain might be someone trying to take advantage of the power vacuum. While you could probably make a whole game out of Maleficent trying to take over again, that's boring for our purposes, so my design goals are to create a villain that contrasts both Xehanort (for variety) and Maleficent (because they would have to actively contest Maleficent during the game). Just because Maleficent isn't the central villain doesn't mean she wouldn't try. The new villains would be a set of Light-extremists, who see Xehanort's fall as a chance for Light to reassert itself as the dominant force in the universe... at whatever cost. Because Light draws its strength from interpersonal connections, the villains would probably be a tightly-knit group of four or five villains with strong personal connections and detailed backstories (the low number of characters allows us to go into further depth with each). Their archetypes would be based on some of the more disciplined or control-oriented FF classes: Black Belt, Beastmaster, Blue Mage (it takes a lot of discipline to get a full set of blue magic), maybe something from FFXIII for some sci-fi variety (otherwise a Templar from Tactics), and I'm thinking a Mystic Knight / Spellblade / Rune Fencer as leader. I don't want the big bad to have another Keyblade, but seeing Sora clash with someone whose swords are literally alive with fire and lightning (and of course, Light) would be worth the ticket. For the Rune Fencer, I'm thinking a woman in her early middle years (40-45) but seems much older due to the stress of constantly fighting against the infinite evils of the universe. This is someone who was probably a lot like Sora in her younger years and probably wasn't that bad a person, until time began to tell, showing a possible alternate future for our hero he'll have to learn to avoid. Incorporate those signs of wear and tear into her design: broken nose, maybe a prominent burn. We want a slimmer design to contrast with Maleficent's flowing robes, so that means short hair and armour. A broken empress grasping at the world. The designs of the other Light villains would be based on which heroes we brought into the game. Aqua seems like an inevitable casting choice given the themes, and it would probably serve to give Ansem the Wise a foil, even if he's not actually present. Meanwhile, give Maleficent some real chaotic villains as allies: Madam Mim, Kefka if possible, maybe the Horned King and Doctor Facilier and their defiance of life and death. Minor enemies would be Soul-based, since the Soul is not vulnerable to the ravages of the real world (the Body) or the chaos of the Heart. That means a lot of ghosts, vapour effects, and empty shells, a lot of opportunities for a next gen particle or physics system to play around with. Naturally there would still be Heartless when tripping into Maleficent's territory. When on a world dominated by the Light villains, their impact would tend towards a sort of perverted stagnation rather than corruption: the plot of Atlantis may have come to a grinding halt because everyone feels too lethargic to move (or kill each other for that matter), the plot of Dinosaur has come to a grinding halt in the wasteland as they wander perpetually lost no matter what they do (which if you think about it, sounds like the actual hellish plot of Dinosaur). Also, I would continue my neverending campaign to get David Xanatos from Gargoyles into Kingdom Hearts and have him be an ally of the Light villains. He's the premier Disney example of Lawful Evil - he deserves to be here. Lastly, reference FFIII and make their final dungeon a Crystal Tower. Because they don't trust their Hearts to remember things for them, the Crystal walls of the tower could be full of records of hellish "True Memories" (from CoM) of the world that's beaten them down, so Sora knows exactly what he's talking about when he has to confront them with their actions later on. I can think of two approaches for this: either the True Memories would resolve a lot of long-standing mysteries from the plot, or they could, in actuality, be broken funhouse mirror versions of reality, letting them do some real fun stuff with level design for the finale. Throw in teenaged memories of the bad guys as true final bosses or superbosses, and you've got some interesting potential! Of course, Maleficent might make an even better final boss (or Kefka!). After all, the Light villains are gone now, and one good power vacuum deserves another...
  19. I'm really hoping to upgrade this new Keyblade, since this is the only chance we'll get (well, who knows about next year...). But it's so expensive...
  20. *nervous laughter intensifies* Well, we're here. The happiest place on earth!
  21. I've been informed that one of the posts (the second post for the Traverse Town revisit) was missing a link to the next article for weeks now! Sorry about that! The first Agrabah page is here. If you haven't read past the last Traverse Town entry, I have new entries up through Monstro!For anyone worrying about missing posts through my screw-ups, you can always check the "Recent Posts" sections on the sidebar, click the Category links on the side bars for the Categorys' raw feeds, check the Directory Pages, or subscribe on Wordpress, email or RSS.I recommend either the Recent Posts section or the subscription options, since those are updated automatically and can't be messed up like the manual links.
  22. From an out-of-universe perspective, I can see why things ended up this way. There's a different design intent between CoM and KH2 - CoM wants to subvert expectations, while KH2 wants to live up to expectations. As a consequence, there are times that characters react in different ways to similar situations. For example, Sora is more of a "paladin" when interacting with the Org in KH2, because he's living up to the audience expectation of "Good guy defeating bad guys." Sadly this also leads to contradictions at times. You're bang on the nose in that Sora becomes more hostile after he learns about the kidnapping, in fact I'd say there's a very clear line in his behaviour!
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