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  1. ok so i understand most of them but theres one i don't even know. sneeze- no magic fire-forced burn animation clouds-lighting effect in command menu(effect like lingering will arrows) lighting-no idea! also and actual list of what enemys casue each effect would also be good along with more specifics on each like length and such. asking about opinions and stuff sense i have seen next to know dicussion about kh3 status effect sense launch.
  2. kh2 but correct me if im wrong but we got some concept artwork for kh1 a couple years ago that showed a old world map with one that looked like toy story(i,ve looked a couple times i haven't been able to find it so i may be wrong)
  3. in my opinion a game should either have difficulty options of new game+, not both.
  4. its good to have some reasoning for the pre-rendered cutsceces and yeah that makes sense that loading entire area just for cutscence would taxing
  5. During yesterday, Square Enix published on their japanese YouTube channel the already announced recap videos for the entire Kingdom Hearts saga. The 5 released videos feature a narration by Chirity, which briefly explains the different chapters of the saga, using both Japanese dub and subtitles. No information about any English translations are known at the moment. These videos are each approximately 3 minutes long. However, when speaking to GNN at E3, Nomura had said these recap videos "might last several hours". You can check below for the full list of videos and the related descriptions below. UPDATE: Scottyyy has uploaded all the videos with English subtitles! Check it out at the end of this article. This video shows the departure of Sora for his journey, and recaps Kingdom Hearts story This video shows the journey of Sora into Castle Oblivion, and recaps Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories story This video shows the days of Roxas inside the Organization XIII, and recaps Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days This video shows Riku's side of the story, going through the Reverse side of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories This video goes through Master Xehanorth's plan for the 13 Seeker of Darkness as well as part of Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance A special promotional campaign will be also take place in Shinjuku. The campaign will continue from June 25th to 1st of July, on the expo area of Marunouchi Subway. You can check here for more details. Square Enix also announced the the release of those videos through its Twitter account. You can check below for further images released on the official Square Enix website: Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Caribbean trailer! UPDATE: Check out the recap video compilation thanks to Scottyyy! Please enable CC (Closed Caption) to view English subtitles. View full article
  6. why, from the announcement nomura seemed as disappointed as us, and with it being the start of the year making it so close to 2018, i assume it was a recent decision and unless something screws up development i see no reason for a second delay
  7. maybe but with that happening not even a month ago it could be something else, im more irritated by it not being a worldwide release with it almost a week off
  8. happy anniversary! you are definitely one of my favorite people to see around so i hope our future years on this site is well spent!
  9. guys this could be more than alantis, we saw in the monster inc trailer that sora was swiming in a bit of water at tangled and i belived nomurua commented on that its still not done, could we be getting water combat like god of war or darksiders!
  10. well its mr crokker from fairy odd parents and a guy with a noted wide range and abilty to match voices, so i think we are good
  11. a idea i have had for ages is everyone comes back and during the final battle axel,terra,namine, and some of the final fantasy cast die and half of the cast fall to darkness
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