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  1. I’m back baby! It’s been a long hiatus but I’m here to talk about a unique mechanic that hasn’t really been covered at all, really. its something that’s quite important, and I would love to know what your guys’ thoughts are on it! Hope you enjoy! -Recusant ?
  2. I personally think Invi’s looks the best.
  4. I personally think Lauriam is a red herring, as to who killed her? I’ll go with Erlena.
  5. I don’t even remember this one.
  6. Donald all the way baby. I love getting one shot and being useless ??
  7. Happy Halloween! Here's my top 10 SpooOooOkiest Kingdom Hearts enemies. Beware for the spooks. - Recusant
  8. Hello everybody! I'm really curious as to the direction KH3 is going to take in terms of its soundtrack. I would love to have it be fully orchestrated but I'm curious as to what your guys' thoughts are! Lemme know, and hope you enjoy the video Thank you so much! -Recusant
  9. I personally use it for just about everything on here, so it's hard to pick However, if I HAD to choose, I'd pick the polls They're just too much fun!
  10. Hello everybody, I made a neat video to discuss the possibility of New Game+ in Kingdom Hearts 3! I personally would love to have it in the series, it's always a bummer when all I get to use the ultima weapon on is like, two extra bosses; I would love to hear what you guys think! Thank you very much - Recusant
  11. This one’s multiple choice and with more options and animations shown, it’s good to ask to hype things up before PGW and Jump Festa!
  12. Storm Flag is my favorite so far, and the animation is SO pretty.
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