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  1. Of course I'm excited for Sony, but I'm here for Nintendo at heart haha Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon tho
  2. GIVE IT UP FOR BLACK 2 WHOOOOO Unova best region
  3. Things aren't looking too great for Deep Jungle
  4. Shimmy

    Favorite Goofy moment?

    RIP Goofy, you shall be missed.
  5. Shimmy

    No FFVII Remake till 2018 or beyond.

    Well as much as I thoroughly enjoyed XV it definitely suffered from being rushed so I don't particularly mind them taking their time with the final product.
  6. Hi I'm Shimmy and I know nothing of Disney Resort Hotels. I've been to none of them, but my family has been to the Tokyo resort hotel. I would like to go there as well- the hotels look so nice!
  7. Shimmy

    Was X Back Cover a Bad Movie?

    I actually quite liked it, haha. I enjoy most things with the Foretellers (though it appears that said opinion is unpopular). I did wish we'd get a face reveal though, unless that's a plot point Nomura's gonna cover with Union Cross. I dunno how he's gonna pace this whole mess lol Overall though I enjoyed the atmosphere and the visuals were stunning! Characters also had a lot of personality despite such a short amount of screen time which was also quiet enjoyable. Definitely my favorite (cutscene) movie out of all of Kingdom hearts at the very least.
  8. Hi y'all I'm back after 346878239 years of absence! I'm the type of person who is very fond of art and can talk about it for hours so all these styles are just so amazing! If I HAD to narrow it down I'd say Disney, Acrylic, TWEWY, and Theatrhythm are my absolute favorites (very close though!) I think... TWEWY is my absolute favorite with that heavy black inking (good shit my boy), but I could change my mind any second, haha!
  9. AVA! She's so sweet and badass I bet she'd make the best teacher. If not Ava I'd quite like to be trained by Mickey though. Soft spot for the disney guys :'D
  10. For clarification we've lost rights to Tarzan but it still might have been cool to have a Monkey Sora or some sort, no? Hypothetical what ifs are my favorite after all. I've personally got no preference on this topic. Perhaps Princess and the Frog?
  11. Hurrah for Noct! Though I must say I would quite like to see Zidane (and Gilgamesh as well). Chocobos are also long overdue for a cameo, hmm?
  12. Ahhhhh I debated whether or not to post these but I figured it couldn't hurt to add to the hype-train. Fanart of mainly the new character; Blaine (or as I prefer to refer to him as, Ienzo cosplaying as Chancellor Ardyn Izunia) and the other dandelion kids. Also an Aqua for extra measures (Aqua improves everything after all!) These aren't particularly refined drawings and are probably better referred to as doodles but I hope you can find enjoyment out of them nonetheless. Maybe one day I'll fine the courage to post a more polished picture. Many thanks!
  13. I love Tidus with all my heart. Vivi is a close second though. Holding out for Prompto to be in khiii
  14. Shimmy

    Favorite comeback?

    Everyone thinks it's Axel, but Ventus reigns supreme as the savage shitlord of Kingdom Hearts.