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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. No... You beat a boss, your reward is to continue. GTA is a game about open world sandboxing, KH is an RPG. If you can skip bosses, you essentially could neglect combat the entire game, which is half the game of Kingdom Hearts. If you could theoretically neglect bosses and any combat, the game would just keep getting harder, causing you to skip combat and lose more anyway (RPG leveling progression).
  2. The Hydrean's Wrath and Up for the Challenge from FFXV. To be honest, I'm surprised at the amount of FFXV in this thread. Though, it is an OST composed by Shimomura.
  3. Gonna wait for San Fransyoko, always loved cityscape worlds (Insomnia, The World That Never Was, TWEWY)
  4. With Kingdom Hearts III on the horizon and Cloud in Smash, Sora is my next most wanted character. Should they ever do another ballot for DLC, I'm for it.

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    2. FlipMode


      They can't call this Smash Bros "Ultimate" and not have either Sora, Crash Bandicoot or both. I swear like every time there's a new fighting game announced, no matter what series, those two characters are always the first every one shout for as DLC lol

    3. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      If it's the Smash Ballot, then I'd think Geno, Sora, K. Rool, Shantae, Goku, and Shovel Knight are probably top contenders.

    4. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      Sora was so heavily advocated for when the ballot came along by KH fans... And I'm sure Japan wanted him just as much. Europe might be the one that I'm not sure about.

  5. That's how it usually is, take a look at SE games, they're some of the biggest games (for instance, TWEWY Solo Remix on mobile and FFXIII-2 on 360. And we're not even talking about FFXV on Windows).
  6. Unpopular opinion: KH3 demo edition; Though I did fortunately get to play the Kingdom Hearts III demo at E3, I think it's extremely unfair that you have to buy a $60 game (with a game that launched at $40 and is even cheaper now and a movie that anyone can see anytime on YouTube), especially with the fact that the current KH3 demo is very easy to use and launch with. It is a decent length, doesn't give too much gameplay or story (the one at E3 was even shorter than the one at the KH3 premiere) and it's fun. It would especially boost the market for Xbox gamers who otherwise would NEVER pick up the game. I don't want to be a blind fanboy to KH, so I'm definitely questioning this decision. It's just that no KH demo to date has been done and Nomura even said the team didn't need the extra time in January and that it was a marketing decision. A month to rework the current E3 demo makes complete sense.
  7. Smash Ultimate and KH3 were the biggest games for me. The World Ends With You: Final Remix is also on my radar, but only after the aforementioned two. Those three games are the only games I was looking forward to and only games that delivered to me.
  8. I just don't see a reason to release anything new...
  9. To be completely fair though, the same thing can be said about Olympus Colloseium. I'm hoping to be very pleasantly surprised if they decide to, but there really is nothing we NEED to see there.
  10. Doubt it. We're starting outside of it. Unless they pull another End of the World, or a short epilogue, I don't think they're gonna do it.
  11. "Also, my name spelled backwards is Di—"
  12. Square for KH3 and TWEWY Nintendo for Smash PC for Persona (not gonna happen)
  13. Pls KH3 on PC plsssss

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    2. Casper Formadi

      Casper Formadi

      @KingdomHearts3 it's not really about Nomura following Tabata


      The CEO of Square Enix says PC is essential for profit so it's probably him that's going to mandate it.

    3. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      Mmmhmmm, and Nomura already talked about looking at other platforms after being released on console. With the success FFXV:WE is having, and the ease of porting KH3 to PC with UE4 (and of course SE's CEO), there's no good reason we shouldn't see it within a year. Other than the fact that Disney might have a tantrum.

    4. Casper Formadi

      Casper Formadi

      I doubt Disney will do anything they already have games on Steam and know that Squares knows the AAA gaming space so they know Square knows what they are doing

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