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  1. I keep hearing rumours that whoever sold this stuff is associated with “the mob” (lol sure). Not that it matters either way, as even they’d flee before The Rat’s army of lawyers.
  2. KHInsider has a different translation of Ienzo's line which proves interesting: "I'm not the way I used to be, I'm not just seeking answers about the heart purely as a student." We obviously don't have the full context, but it's something to keep in mind.
  3. Ultima Spark

    Kingdom Hearts III can now be preloaded onto Xbox One

    Full digital leaks are server-side stuff-ups (eg. Nintendo and Color Splash) and really rare anyway, I've never heard of hackers decrypting such stuff deliberately before the official drop (I know the 3DS scene dosn't even bother with attempts).
  4. Searching for トレンタ gives me images of food-related stuff (restaurants, etc.) Searching for "trenta" gives (among other things also related to food) Romance-language cognates all meaning (the number) 30. Maybe it's a fancy round-about way to say "lots o' [tasty] honey"? (Or it could be a shortening of something else, ie. this.)
  5. Wait, they're actually making this?? (And I thought Go was bad enough...)
  6. Just in case anyone was still doubting last year's leaks LUL
  7. Ultima Spark

    New Design

    This "make everything look good for mobile at the expense of desktop" layout trend needs to stop.
  8. See? He gets it. Style should never come at the expense of story comprehension, as was the case so often in the 90s. See: Tom Slattery for a good example of someone who can balance both (although his tendency to keep some mistranslations and wtf-style phrases for the sake of pleasing the fanbase ["spoony bard" should've died an ignominious death long ago] still sits uneasy with me).
  9. Ultima Spark

    Hearts grown by Nobodies

    I just assumed in cases like this that the two hearts merged at some point (although that's just speculation).
  10. We know that some of them are utilising time travel, but not all (I was talking about the new Org. members, the apprentices were irrelevant to my question). Also, derp, looks like my question was partly answered after I left for a bit. Now I'm left looking a bit silly.
  11. I'm a bit confused by this (regarding the new Org.'s Norted members); so they reverted to human form after the end of KH2 (as expected) and stayed as humans (as opposed to reverting back to Nobody form) when they joined the new Org., am I reading this right? [in which case using their Nobody names would indicate subservience to the new Org., as it did in the original.] (That doesn't fully explain the discrepancy with Braig in coded 2.5's secret ending, though...) I hope a proper translation of the full thing clears this up.
  12. Nomura's always liked the edgy characters, he made Riku in Kain Highwind's image after all...