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  1. Everyone knew this, of course (similar cases for Tangled and Frozen), but I still wonder why since Disney owns all of these series outright. Did they not feel like getting into a legal tussle with the original composers?
  2. It's Gisnep Wars, instead of the true SW, so it's not like it matters anyway.
  3. Why are these sorts of dishes always in such small portions?!
  4. Now I can read Isa pining over Lea in English…lol The pandemic held me off from buying the JP version, looks like waiting was a good choice after all.
  5. I wish they'd release the older ones too (especially the KH1 Ultimania, original and revised)
  6. Quoting this because I feel it's a) really interesting and b) important for the music aficionados to know. Also, "Dark Domination" sounds like a porn title >_>
  7. I think it's for decorative purposes, not an actual functioning chess set.
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