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  1. You can still have the option to turn it off, if you prefer not to skip.
  2. They did this for both LA.noire and GTAV without affections to the storyline or case. I would prefer if they did that with KH3, no one wants to be frustrated and quit on an annoying boss you are scared to replay lol. (example Demyx)
  3. I'm probably gonna get bashed for this question and i know most of you will save her. But if Nomura does go with the route of "player choosing Aqua's fate". which would you choose? Save Aqua Kill/Leave Aqua
  4. Now since Aqua has either been corrupted by darkness or been Norted (since this is a debate), there could be a race to find and save Ven before Aquanort gets to him. Could Sora find out where Ven is another way? Should Ventus get norted too? i really hope not.
  5. I can see Jungle Book being the next world since we haven’t seen a jungle based world in KH3 yet.
  6. I hope not. If they did remake all of them, it would take a VERY long time like The Final Fantasy series. I would rather see a continuation than a reboot or remakes. I wouldn’t mind flashbacks of past titles in Kingdom shader, instead of reusing scenes.
  7. Now, giving from the recent trailer. Ienzo is helping Sora and co in getting Roxas back from Ansem the wises data computer. I'm assuming this would apply to bringing Namine back too, with the assistance of Kairi. If this is how both Roxas and Namine come back, Namine is then tasked to get Xion back, but exactly how?, that's IF she returns the same time as R/N.
  8. It doesn't bother me one bit. As far as I'm concerned, a change in voice actors isn't going to affect the game as a whole that much. Possible reasons 1. She was working on other projects 2. Too expensive to hire 3. Illness
  9. What i would like to see :biggrin: 1. Like in the D23 trailer where Sora and Vanitas meet - i want to See Ventus and Roxas meet 2. Lea and Kairi training 3. A new world - (The Jungle Book) and maybe seeing Larxene too 4. Release Date
  10. Hmm, Good Question. I can see Kairi's battle consists of a lot of Cart-wheeling (like Aqua) As for her keyblade powers i see magic (mostly pink), light and probably flower based, that’s if she is still obtaining the Destiny's Embrace keyblade.
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