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  1. I've noticed that there is a lot of hate from the KH community in regards to the card gameplay in both versions of chain of memories. However the purpose of this thread is different. I want all you to list and explain all the positive details about COM's gameplay in order to show how genius it really is.
  2. I am playing KH2 on critical level 1 right now and it is painful

    1. Joanie


      I can feel the pain flowing through this status :P

  3. I am playing KH2 on critical level 1 right now and it is painful

  4. Is it okay that I'm a guy and Frozen is one of my favorite Disney movies?

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    2. PrinceNoctis


      It is a disgrace

    3. PrinceNoctis


      Just playing I love everything Disney. From Disney Princesses to Avengers

    4. ITzDarthLordRevan


      It's completely okay, man



  5. On this day 5 years ago was Sqaure's official reveal of Kingdom Hearts III along with its first trailer LOOK AT THE DATE ^^^^^
  6. In April 2007 it was my b-day. I turned 11. I had just gotten a PS2 as my first ever console for Christmas. One of my friends got me KH2 as a present. I had never heard of Kingdom hearts before. When I saw Disney on the cover I was like "Yay, I love Disney!" I did't even see the 2 in the title so I just assumed it said Kingdom Hearts. Then I played it for about 2 hours, I only made it to Roxas's 2nd day. I couldn't understand the story at all. I then concluded that this would be another lame product by Disney similar to Disney channel shows intended to make money by marketing to teens. So I didn't play the game for months. I eventually saw the side of the case that it was Kh2. Later when I was watching a YouTube video of another game, I saw a related video of the kh2 final mix fight with Marluxia. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. So I thought OK if I get through the intro I'll get to the good part. So in late 2007 I started playing KH2 again. At first I was like uh this intro is taking forever but as the days progressefld it began to get very interesting. By the time I got to play as Sora I was like wait what happened to Roxas. Great now I'm more interested in the main story than traveling to Disney worlds. So it took me about 3 months to complete the game. 75% of the time I skipped cut scenes. When I was finished I felt like I didn't understand the story. So I played it again this time watching all cut scenes. But I still didn't completely understand. So I plagued it 5 more times before I understood that game's story. Then I knew that in order to understand the rest I would have to play the other Games in the series. Luckily for me back then there were only 2 other games and they both took place before this one. And from then on to today I was a hardcore diehard Kingdom Hearts fan.
  7. No matter where you went on the internet these songs followed you everywhere And if you were a KH fan, this also
  8. I've never played Final Fantasy 7 but want to. However I don't want to buy a PS1. Is the FF7 game that is coming out for PS4 the EXACT same game?

    1. Felixx


      No it's a Remake. Gameplay will be different and I assume other stuff too to make it a whole new experience. So mostly only the story stays the same xP

    2. DevilSpooky


      The original is available on the PS4 digitally, as well as FFIX.

  9. Remember when we would get weekly updates for upcoming games on this site from sources like Famitsu? Nowadays its mostly just merchandise.

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    2. Aquaberry


      lmao I mean, I wish famitsu gave us weekly updates!

    3. WakelessDream


      Yes they must fabricate it for me! #fakenews best news ;)

    4. HarLea Quinn

      HarLea Quinn


  10. Ok I have completed all 3 stories in BBS but I see no option anywhere to play the final episode. Can someone help me here?

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    2. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Hmm, I have actually only ever played BBS on the PSP, so I'm assuming it's probably different on the PS3. Wish I could help! Hopefully someone on here will know what to do. :)

    3. Qrow


      Hey! To unlock final episode, you need to get all of Xehanort's Reports then finish the game again with any of the three characters. The only one that's not in a chest is the one on Mirrage Arena and you must play as Terra, not sure what round though...

    4. Qrow


      And the secret episode can't be unlocked on begginer mode and on standard you must have 100% with all characters. It will unlock if you have beat the game on proud or critical!

  11. I hate playing as Aqua. Her attacks are so useless, it is impossible for me to get past the Olympus Collesium trials.

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    2. KingdomHearts3


      Aqua was my best character. I had no troubles. Terra though was my worst.

    3. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Magnet + Thunder is all you need lol

    4. -Justin-


      @Yuya Sakaki: True that xD

  12. I have seen the KHX movie in 2.8 but I haven't actually played any of the games. Is it necessary to play them(or watch a walkthrough) to understand the story of KH? Also I am aware that there is more than one of these games, do they tell the same story? And in which order should I play(watch) them?
  13. A garbage character is any original character in the KH series that isn't Sora. My favorites would be Roxas, Riku and Axel. I mean they just have so much character development and story that no one cares about.
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