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  1. KH 1. The very first adventure. Great time back at the Summer 200X
  2. I don not want that. KH shoud be stratight forward with the story. I want an overall story, wich do depand on the other titel. I woud not make sense to end the Xehanort saga with multipel ending. As a stand allone spin off, witch not interact with the overalle story, okay but in in the main series not.
  3. I was just mindblow with Aquanort. I had in mind that 0.2 coud be ending with Aqua face revael and golden eyes but this just hit me hard. Im sorry Aqua. Yen Sid was wrong about not to tell Sora and make him fell down. You will paid for you mistake ,Yen Side. Hope Aqua will be fine at the end. I wonder what happen to Ansem/DiZ.
  4. I am super mad. Japan becomes if frist after FF15?That stupid! Nourmua do not need to say sorry if Japan becomes it first.
  5. I know people, who love Kingdom Hearts. It always great to talk with them about it.
  6. When the King of video game is going to the release the other games can be get less antention . ;D
  7. Yes with Kingdom Hearts as the better game and even the better selling game. GOTY: Kingdom Hearts 3. The dream is there. The time has come. Hope will win.
  8. Are you sure about Germany? I had in mind that it was going great. Something like 8-10 wins with 10 games. But i was not follwing the qualifying so intensly.
  9. Well. I wish you all a great world cup. I have a proble with the poll. It says "You must cast your vote in each question of the poll." So did i need to make two votes?
  10. I hope if we get dlc that it has a fair price. I guess after all DLC we can see a menu with the titel of Kingdom Hearts 3-Final Mix. That woud be good idea.
  11. I am not a big fan of DLC, but it coud be done right for KH3. I hope SE make a fair good and only one Big DLC and his name coud be "Final Mix"
  12. Well it may not be the best fanbase at all time and some times it can be hard but after all it is a great fanbase. Well it about one of the best things in the World Kingdom Hearts. I enjoy all the content this fanbase have to offer
  13. Good luck for this huge and great project. I like when a game as old and great as KH1 still are played in ways only some dream on As i kid a always have the dream to have a sora at LV 100 in DI or a Roxas at 99 in TT.
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