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  1. Well, I'll post everything as a spoiler because I don't want to ruin anyone's experience if they still haven't seen the new trailer.
  2. So... If the Keyblade Graveyard is connected to Daybreak Town, is Scala ad Caelum too? May those two cities be the same place, but during different times?
  3. I'm so excited that we get to play again as Riku! Actually, I think Nomura has got a few more surprises for us... Maybe there will be more than two playable characters, don't you think?
  4. Demyx and Vexen... I'm 99% sure they're not SoD as I believe that they are working together and changed their eye color to foul the Organization or something, just like your theory. If we think about it, Even was with Lea when the latter woke up in Radiant Garden in KH3D and at that point the SoDs until the 12th were already seated in Where Nothing Gathers in TWTNW. So either Vexen would be the 13th Darkness (which I think is really unlikely) or he is not a SoD and he's just trying to foul them.
  5. Well I do think it is Xion, and that's because a quote from one of the leaflets in the Tokyo station which contained bits of KH3s dialouges said: "Please don't hold back, Lea" and that's clearly a reference to Xion's sentence in 358/2 Days, hinting at a clash between her and Lea
  6. In the end, Terra and Terra-Xehanort are not the same person, as I think the first will have some of Eraqus's powers and the second uses the power of Darkness. And I think that Terra forced to face his own past body will be a really high climax for the series, as it has already been in his story's finale in BBS. Plus, we know the Lingering Will is still in the Keyblade Graveyard and thus will be in the final battle unless Terra actually returns as a person and I can definitely see a rematch between he and his past body. Then there's another thing: we haven't ever seen Radiant Garden so far and I think it'll be the best world for Terra-Xehanort to appear because of his backstory. I think we won't know anything for sure until the game releases, and we're almost 5 months away (if some trailer doesn't confirm something).
  7. I can see your point. But in the end Riku-Ansem would be the same as Ansem actually, and I don't think Nomura would want to put in the SoD two identical characters. Still, YX knows that Terra surely didn't free himself from Xehanort before he created Ansem and Xemnas, so it wouldn't be a risk to bring him into the future because, as YX himself said, a person cannot change events destined to happen by using time travel. I'm trying to explain it more clearly. We (and the SoD too) know that Terra-Xehanort was in the past and that Terra was still inside him before the creation of Ansem and Xemnas. We know that SoD CAN'T change the past. So they have thought that Terra can't free himself while he is brought into the future because otherwise he would return as himself into the past and thus Terra-Xehanort would no longer exist, not being able to split into Ansem and Xemnas. And don't forget that we have seen past versions of Ansem and Xemnas too in the SoD (which are both basically created by Terra possessed by Xehanort). Then, the Xigbar we see in the SoD is the present one and Braig is no longer "alive". And as I said before I don't think Nomura will put the same character twice in the SoD. I know I'm stubborn lol and you can be right, but if that's so I can't explain why YX was in BBS time.
  8. You're right about Ansem and I think too that someone contacted YX later during his search, as you said. But I believe that your second assumption is wrong, because Terra-Xehanort would be from the past and so the present time's Terra would be untouched. Plus, we see Master Xehanort return and not Terra-Xehanort which was the one who divided himself between Ansem and Xemnas, so I assume that Terra is no longer inside Xehanort and that so the older one was referring to Aqua as the one which belongs to him, I just don't feel like Demyx has the right personality to be a SoD and it'd be so unwise of Master Xehanort to not include Terra-Xehanort into the True Organization XIII. Yeah, Terra inside him could do resistance and it would be a risk, but a lesser one than including Marluxia who already betrayed the organization before.
  9. You might be right, but if we continue to assume that Vanitas wasn't the one brought to the future, then YX must have known that a Vanitas was already planned to join the True Org XIII. And I think that someone might have already decided which versions YX was to collect from the past (I once read somewhere that Ansem explained everything to all the SoD) so I can definitely see Terranort being taken by him, especially since we don't know his full story yet. We have lots of moments when he might have been taken by YX, especially when he was brought out of the Keyblade Graveyard by the X-Blade's explosion.
  10. I thought of Vanitas too, except for one thing: Nomura has recently said that Vanitas has been resurrected in an unusual way and this excludes the character from bring brought to the future by YX, unless he was talking about time travel as the "unusul way". Though you may be right about the reasons of the events regarding Terra-Xehanort, I remember him not having amber eyes when he talks to Braig and this is concerning me a lot... By the way, I think YX was looking for Terranort because simply we know the other SoD weren't in that time: 1) Master Xehanort = we see him returning in the end of KH3D 2) Young Xehanort = obvious reason 3) Vanitas = because of the interview 4) Ansem SoD = because he still wasn't born at the time 5) Xemnas = same as Ansem above 6) Xigbar = he still wasn't a nobody 7) Saix = same as Xigbar and he was too young 8) Luxord = this one could be but I don't think so because he doesn't have yellow eyes in KH2 9) Marluxia = same as Luxord 10) Larxene = same as Marluxia 11) Aqua = OF COURSE we're playing as her in the fight so she can't be 12) Demyx = same as Luxord AND I think his place as a SoD will be taken by Terranort 13) Now this place is bothering me as YX might have been travelling to the BBS time to find the 13th seeker (maybe this will be Terranort's place and not Demyx's one) So I can't think of anyone YX might have been searching there except Terranort.
  11. I might agree with some of your theories BUT you're missing something important... Remember that YX was in the BBS timeline to find someone to bring him into the future, as confirmed by his optional boss battle. I think the one he might have been searching was Terra-Xehanort, which would explain why the latter ends up being in Radiant Garden in the Last Episode from the Keyblade Graveyard, or at least why he's got amnesia when he's found by Ansem the Wise.
  12. I mostly agree with these ones BUT I want to change something: "If Roxas can come back, then so can Naminé, right?" might be said by Kairi before she leaves from Yen Sid's tower, when she discovers that Sora is trying to bring Roxas back "The marks under your eyes disappeared, didn't they?" it could really be Roxas once he returns but, if the quotes are in chronological order, this is way too ealy for him to come back. So I can think to Kairi who has seen Axel as a nobody before "Please don’t hold back, Lea." this one is almost obviously Xion, it's a reference to a quote Xion herself said in 358/2 days. So maybe they have just spoiled us Xion's return? Aquanort to Riku and Mickey: "The feeling of wanting to help someone comes before your own emotions. Until you have no room for stuff like anxiety or loneliness." I think this is said by Aqua AFTER they rescue her as it is in chronological order, so maybe she says this when she is explaining why she fell to darkness "Take it, the ultimate key, the X-blade!" well this could mean that either Aquanort brings Ventus to Xehanort (and he merges him with Vanitas) or this is a quote of the final clash of the GoL vs the Sod
  13. The best KH game so far ( or at least the one which has a special spot in my heart), or KH2
  14. I think it was actually this one, in which he says that it will be "touched upon". http://kh13.com/forum/topic/108582-tetsuya-nomura-answers-fan-questions-about-kingdom-hearts-iii-discusses-square-enix-characters-secret-bosses-cgi-movie-and-more/
  15. Yeah but it's not that other people like Riku progress and become stronger and instead Sora always loses his powers (In CoM with the lost of his memories, then in KH2, then again in 3D just because Yen Sid said so and even now in KH3 cause of the darkness)
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