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  1. Some character we haven't already see in Kingdom Shader, more of the gummiship, Shibuya, A LOT of gameplay with very few cutscenes and possibly without big surprises and importance outside of the world in wich they are... OH! And another playable character and Cable Town
  2. The Waluigi situation it would be even worse in that case lmao
  3. I'll probably leave her in that state... in the hope she stop to be a damn racist against the darkness... even if probably it would have opposite effect but anyway I'm also curious about what appens to Ventus if Aqua reamain Aquanort... but I really don't know also because I love Way to Dawn and I think there is the chance of having it intact if you save her. IT'S SO INSANELY HARD TO CHOOSE!!! ç.ç But yeah, probably I'll leave her norted
  4. I cannot aggree more... dialogue choices in a KH game? NEVER. Different option on the base of your gameplay actions? THIS IS THE VIDEOGAME' SOUL ITSELF. WHERE I NEED TO SIGN FOR THIS?!
  5. I think it too, but actually I'd like to have it in the new organization even if I hope he'll be the last old one or the last with Xion (sadly I think she'll be a darkness too and Terra will be a light, and in fact the moment when Lea will become Leanort will be when he'll meet Xion again... we'll cry hard.)
  6. Maybe he'll be a darkness and so it'll happen in KH4 seriously, come on guys, how can you didn't think of that possibility? He even obtained the keyblade after saving Sora from the Xehanort's heart! And guess what? XEHANORT HAVE EVEN SMILED AT THAT! He's obviously a nort, the old man is just waiting for the perfect moment to take control of his mind...
  7. The difficulty... we have an amount of power crazy in KH3 and we haven't seen anything that create difficulty to the player in any trailer
  8. Riku, thanks but no thanks. It is my favorite character (at least between the good guys...) but he had already too much screen-time compared to the others... I'd hope to have the Xehanort, my second choice would be Eraqus (obviously both of them in their younger version), and if you want to remain in the present I'd choice Kairi to have finally the chance to play in her clothes.
  9. Nomura said that there'll be a smaller amount of DISNEY Worlds than KHII, so we can hope for 11 but I believe they'll between 9 and 10 (he didn't say nothing about KH1 so I think there'll be at least 8 disney worlds like KH1 -if we don't count the 100 acre woods-) BTW I think there will be at the most 7 original worlds (I obviously included the announced ones), so an amount between 15 and 18 worlds.
  10. Rebirth theory? Yes please, it will be lit to have all the reincarnations vs the original foretellers(+Luxu+MoM) in the next saga for the final showdown... even if I actually have a kinda of revamp of that theory... but sadly I don't know the english enough to explain well, I can only say that for me Sora is the reincarnation of Luxu and Roxas (and not Ventus) is the one of Gula.
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