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  1. Guys then I wanted to point out something else. That KH 0.2 is just a "demo" (if we want to call it) I think it's clear enough. So I would really make no sense that the whole dark world we saw with Aqua was made only for that "demo" (Nomura & co will have spent a lot of time designing it), but I expect it to be expanded and inserted into KH3. But if so, I think the only characters we could use are either Riku or King Mickey or Aqua. Or do you believe that someone else can go to the dark world (to do what then?)? Or do you believe that even the dark world will visit it with Sora? If so, however, it would mean that Riku and King Mickey have failed and have not saved Aqua, because right now it's the only thing that comes to mind that they have to go to the dark world, a world where once you enter it is very difficult to make you return. Or do you believe that my thought is wrong and the dark world will not be present in KH3?
  2. According to you, the fact that it came out that trailer almost dedicated to Riku and Mickey (as well as the soundtrack) and that was announced a "bring arts" Riku of KH3 "so soon", means something? Is it in the style of Nomura to want to say something like this?
  3. Why do you say "It will most likely be Riku"? For the "leak" on Playstation Magazine? Lea is a character that I really like, and I thought about it. But I don't know in what context we could use Lea. On the other hand, the thought of using Riku, accompanied by King Mickey, in the whole dark realm to save Aqua, I like very much. And maybe form a party: Riku, King Mickey and Aqua
  4. Hi guys. According to you who will be the second playable character (mentioned by Nomura)? Some times ago on Playstation Magazine Australia came rumor that it is Riku, however nothing is confirmed. Are there any elements to say that he will be the second playable character? And why still all this mystery about who will be? Who would you like as a second playable character? I want Riku of course. It's the thing that I absolutely want in KH3! Let me know what you think :smile:
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