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  1. Phase 4: The Girl Who Saw The World When I was a little girl my mother never spoke to me, after a while I tried to notice things that could explain this and came to the conclusion that we didn't look anything like one another. My hair was red unlike either of my parents and I had green eyes, another trait neither of them possessed. I could see some sort of resemblance with both of them within my younger brother but I knew I was different somehow. One day I overheard the housing staff talking and discovered that my father had been unfaithful to his wife and several months later I was brought here. So then I knew that my mother was not my mother and understood why she would never look at me as her daughter. For a few years I seemed to be able to cope with this fact but perhaps it was how young I was that made that impossible. There was a fire once, my memory is hazy but I remember the heat and the sound of our home crumbling around us. I remember my little brothers hand as I led him out I remember him crying the entire time. I remember the column and the two figures lying under it, I remember their voices begging me to help them. I remember ignoring them and taking my little brother outside. As our home fell to ruin and ash, I told my little brother everything was going to be okay It wasn't too long that he began to question and understand that night, we were still but children with barely a few years of life lived between the both of us. He eventually knew what I had done and left my side. I was alone for a long time until a man with golden hair found me crying in some random forest. He raised me from that day onward and taught me the ways of the world. I told him everything for some reason I didn't understand but he didn't abandon me. He fed me and taught me how to read and write and when I asked he taught me how to be strong. He told me he was the same as me. I thought he loved me in the way that they couldn't, I thought he could have been my father. I was never proven wrong but I am certain there was more to it than I was ever led to know. I'd be wrong to say that there wasn't some part of me that knew he needed my natural talents, my potential. He told me again and again that I was something called a prodigy and that was why I needed to work so hard. I didn't understand for a long time but I thought it rude to ask, he just looked so happy for me I couldn't. When I was a teenager there was an old man that came to visit us and told us he wanted to give us a test to be something greater than ourselves, a thing called an Aesir. It was then I learned that he man who raised me had never taught me certain things, that night he told me everything he knew about these beings called Aesir and a strange power called Anima. We talked all night and he answered every question I asked and made a promise to me, if I wanted to try he would come with me. He promised never to leave my side and so we went. The test was less of a test and a fight between the strongest people I had ever seen yet thanks to him I was able to keep up, until my last fight. I had found myself face to face with my little brother, the person who left me because of what I had done. He beat me and took my right arm. That man gave up his own fight and took care of me even taught me how to live without my arm. I never stopped getting stronger, I was more determined than ever. It was soon after that I learned my greatest battles to come would be with true monsters, ten of them. They were each unique in their own right and each one was harder to find and more difficult to kill than the last. The man told me these things were once part of him and that if we didn't do this others could do immense damage to the world with them. Dragons have never existed in our worlds but few know that something close to one once did. I know this because it was that monster that ate the beating heart out of my chest. We called her Negalanthia and her heart beats in me now. I lost my powers, my green eyes and red hair, but gained a new arm made of fire made to look normal most of the time. The things that once defined the life I lived were gone and I was a different person. One day, not long after that, I left the man who raised me and followed a path of my own, but even I knew that was a lie. I was always being used, a tool of war without the title. It wasn't all bad though, I mean it was but it didn't last forever. I eventually met children I would care for and a human more determined than I ever could be. I was happy with them, I was content, I loved them. I thought it could last forever, I've learned I tend to often be wrong. We met a boy that seemed be much more than someone who needed our help. I cared for him as if he were my own, we all did, and we did all we could to protect him, but we failed in the most spectacular fashion possible. We destroyed our home in the process and left the world scarred. I'm not a strong person and I have lost many things, I have a lot of problems and I don't really deal with them well. I watched a lot of people die and go away forever, each time I always feel like that little girl standing in that house again. I need to do what I can to stop anyone else from suffering because I can't live in a world like that. I'm supposed to be an adult but I'm not sure if I ever stopped feeling like a scared little girl. Phase 5: The Man Who Would be King Some day I'm going to die, it'll be somewhere dark and without warmth. I'll be alone, far from anyone who ever cared about me. When I was born I was able to understand everything that was said around me, knowledge is my gift I was blessed with so much of it and the ability to exchange it for time to learn more. I wouldn't say my childhood defined the person, or rather people I became. No it was knowledge that drove each of my lives to where they inevitably went. I killed my father, and destroyed my home, to stop my mother. I became an evil for the sake of stopping an even greater evil. It would be fair to say that what I went on to do after, as that evil, may have undone most of, if not all, the damage I attempted to prevent. That version of myself created many things, using myself and others, in a world within a tree, my greatest deeds were atrocities. With time, that person died as well. With much of my acquired wisdom lost to me, I had to find new meaning in my life and that is what lead me to meet a lost girl with no family, and nowhere to call home. I saw potential in her, and raised her with the worst of intentions to right the wrongs of my past. Through my effort, I forced her to sacrifice much of herself and even her life. We did great things together and I was even able to save the girls life, I thought the story had ended well but there was to much I had forgotten, to much I overlooked. Years later I discovered another one of my mistakes and we set out to put an end to it only to find the fruit of those efforts staring me straight in the face. A child, a young girl, a life created for the sole purpose to end life. This time it was my life that paid the price for stopping the child while those responsible ran away. Upon my rebirth I remembered the girl and as I saw her lying there somehow still alive I understood what I had done to her. Before she had even drawn her first breath I had destroyed her life, I had noticed a pattern forming. I decided to save her in any way I could and would one day give her what could be called a normal life if there ever was such a thing. However I could not be the one to raise her, she would only return to the monster she once was. So I made myself forget about her once I had found a family who could give her the life I couldn't. In my life I have made a great deal of mistakes and have devastated the lives of those around me to no ends other than to further my own, but there was something I cherished. I loved my daughters and swore to never hurt them again. If I chose to cherish life, and my time in it, and those who shared in this with me, perhaps, for the first time, I could know happiness. Phase 6: Pride Nine people, those are the number of lives I believed cherished mine. I was born with unparalleled potential and boundless power and throughout my short life it was used up like a burning coal. I loved my father and mother and the few friends I was lucky enough to have, I did everything I could to protect each of them. I couldn't help my mother when she got sick. I grew up to be a hero after stopping a crazy man that brought devastation to my world and told me he did it for me but he called me by another name I had only heard in my dreams. It was like a plague to me and its influence was more than any dream. Power was what it offered but not power by any measurable standards, power to do anything. Truly, anything. My father once asked me when I was young, the words stuck with me. How much power do you need? I didn't need that kind of power, I could live my life contently without something like that. For the price was myself and I wouldn't pay it. Together with my friends, my partners, we entered a world devoid of life and light. A world called the Void. Inside that place we found a legion of impossible monsters and I watched every person who followed me into that place die for my sake. I lived on and fought for my life for some amount of time that felt like a private eternity. Until I was asked to stop. No amount of shock was hidden as the monsters stopped attacking me when a girl approached. Beyond the definition of pale with even whiter hair, eyes like multicolored stained glass and matching set folded wings similar to that of a butterflies. She saved me and told me everything about the place she called her home and the things she called her children. About Ragnarok, the cradle. I couldn't leave her alone in that place so with her help we were able to return to the world I called home. I know now it would have been best if we had stayed. I know now that I killed her. My father betrayed me and took her life with the help of so many others, worst of all my father had sent me to die in that place from the beginning. When that girl gave her last breath she told me things about myself I had never told anyone and things I didn't even know or understand, she gave me a gift as well, part of her and her power to carry with me in her absence. I forgot her words and remember instead of the name and power that once could have been mine. With the power I had now I could take that power and that name without losing myself, of this I was certain. So I killed my fathers closest friends and took back what they had stolen from her and turned into a weapon. I fled into the Void, back to Ragnarok. I corrupted it and placed part of myself inside should I fail to succeed, by doing this I removed the heart from the Void and took its place, I knew that I could use it to return. With my great will I brought back all I could of my friends whose lives remained trapped within the Void and gave them parts of myself to keep them alive. I sent them back to their lives but instructed them to wait for my defeat and prepare for our Transcendence. I attacked my home with all the force I had and was trapped inside of a large book, something im sure my father found poetic. However I had vowed to him words that were not my own or even the ones I had stolen, they had somehow been with me from the beginning without my knowledge until they were needed for that moment, I vowed I would never be a memory. I will reset the world and right its wrongs as its god and so I knew it wasn't gods I had to kill to make that happen, it was just one monster.
  2. Hello everyone, This will be where I'll be featuring the third installment Transcendence as promised, and the first three chapters, Enjoy! Transcendence Book III Etio Fall Phase 1: Schizophrenic – Forty Years Ago “That is enough!” A young woman barked from the doorway, shoulder length gray hair wearing what looked to be a uniform. “You can't be doing this!” “Just shut the hell up already!” The gold haired man swung his arms across a counter cluttered in glass tubes and papers, the glass shattered on the floor. “You don't have to live with this!” After clearing the space he smashed the counter with his fist before moving on to the next part of the lab. “All of this research, these notes, this whole damn project was my work. This means everything we've been trying to prevent has been my own research!” “Gilgamesh you need to calm down, this is Bevelle, you of all people know you can't act this way.” “How did they even get it?” Gilgamesh had started thinking. “Maybe when I was working on the weapons, yes I think that's right, that me had to be working in Bevelle at the time.” “Gilgamesh I am pleading with you, we need to get out of here.” “Be quiet Haleigh.” He had started searching one of the walls. “They can't be this far along, there has to be a subject they're working on.” Gil punched a hole into the wood before moving onto the the next one. “Nothing's hypothetical with this damn place, they can create all the abominations they want and no one can even attempt to stop them,” Finding what felt like a small button hidden within the wooden grooves. “It's all about the result right?” Speaking sarcastically as a section of the wall opened like a door. “Oh no.” Haleigh's face went pale as Gil proceeded forward mumbling something she didn't make out. “Gil stop, what are you about to do?” “What needs to be done.” Haleigh's demeanor shifted. “What the hell does that mean Gilgamesh?” She clenched her fist at her side as she watched him create a blade in a room of enormous tubes containing what appeared as sleeping children. “Cleaning my mess.” With such speed he cut down one of the tubes and the child inside. Gil looked back at Haleigh with red streaks on his face. “This will be my penance.” A dozen blades appeared, floating at his sides. “These are children Gil, you aren't thinking rationally.” “Make yourself useful.” Gilgamesh's arsenal darted off to every tube in the room tearing all of their contents apart. “Burn all of this.” Haleigh had turned her head to avoid seeing the carnage. “Alright.” Biting down on her lip she did as Gil had asked and began to burn the lab. “What are you going to do now?” “August and Alastair, those were the names on the reports right? We track them down.” “And then what? Are you just going to tear apart Yggdrasil to find-” She stopped short the moment she noticed the armor clad knight in the hall. No one spoke out of the three of them, there was no point in explaining the blood and green fluids oozing from the hidden room let alone the growing scarlet flame in the lab. Gil raised his arm attempting to hold something invisible. “Nega.” The space around his hand distorted for an instant as a black handgun appeared. With a twitch of his finger a black energy shot from the barrel, the knight hadn't even had a chance to avoid being erased. The bullet made contact and expanded into an orb that took the knight and parts of the hall and doorway out of existence. “Havati, damnit Gil what the actual firetruck?” The gun in his hand disappeared. “Get it through your head, they're making killing machines, an entire army all to serve the greater good of Bevelle. Is that a world you want to live in?” “Bleeding hell Gilgamesh, what do you want me to do? I'm with Elipses remember? I answer to Carmicheal, what do you think he's going to do to me after he hears about this?” “We're putting an end to the Amori, if this research bares any fruit it will spell death for countless lives. You are my partner, I need this.” “What do you mean you need me? Look at me Gilgamesh, I'm still getting use to this heart and this arm, my powers are gone, I set things on fire with my mind now.” Haleigh rubbed her temples tiredly. “I'm still waking up with my room on fire sometimes.” “Haleigh Elyse Valestani, I have trained you since you were a child, the Aesir Candidacy was over a century and a half ago, you lost your arm.” Her fake hand tightened. “Gil.” “We took down Negalanthia, you lost your heart and your powers, that was almost seventy years ago.” He didn't seem to have a problem saying any of this to her with a sharp tone. “I am not a child anymore Gilgamesh.” “Then stop acting like one, everything you lost has been replaced, you did that.” “But what happens if they do have one of those things, the Amori, with them? How do we fight something like that? With those kind of bodies what could they be capable of doing?” “And that is exactly why we need to put a stop to this.” Gil held out his hand to her, waiting for her to take it. “This is the fight. Are you with me Scarlet?” He could see her hesitation in the form of a shaking hand, it clenched into a fist before raising up to hold onto his. “I'm with you.” “Good.” He gave her a smile. She did the same looking into the same red eyes as hers. “We need a drink.” Gil laughed only slightly. “Do what you like, but I don't drink anymore.” A set of black jaws formed beneath them as the living weapon Ba'ala swallowed them whole. Given the state of the time period it was rather easy to understand what those people were able to accomplish. In the second era of the man named Gilgamesh he paved the way for all of Bevelle's future success, through his feats and research that version of the homicidal prince had developed a profitable relationship with a dangerous hierarchy. Decades after the incident involving the criminal Alastair Harknet's and August Forlith's escape into the Void, another took up the task of finishing the research left behind by the second Gilgamesh. The Amori were brought into the world under the guise of an army of justice meant to serve one of the Aesir. This work was done by the man called Ludious Alcross. The prince worked on many things, weapons, airships, symbolences and even Anima itself. Yet his most devastating work was that of creating true life. Not something like the Homunculi which at a certain degree were artificial, this is because they lacked a soul. So what was one to do in order to learn how the creation of a soul could be reproduced? The Gilgamesh at this time was cunning and knew many things, he sought out a prisoner in the middle of a storming ocean, one that was said to have created a child, one for an Aesir to call its son. From a masked man covered in several tattered robes and scarves, Gilgamesh learned what it was to make life. However he had also unwittingly set several gears into motion that would further along a great masterpiece that had been set in place long before anything else. In truth this world is a lie, and on that day during the third era of the man named Gilgamesh, he would give his life to put an end to his mistakes. However Gilgamesh would give all that he had to stop the progression of his mistakes, this would only mean the fourth era of his life would begin. How many times could one like him fracture his soul, what would happen to the world around him if it was put back into one piece? Given the state of the world at the time, it might have been better if the man known as Gilgamesh Thanatos had never existed at all. The Amori that cost the third version of Gilgamesh his life was an exceedingly young girl, they couldn't kill her , not for lack of trying of course. In the end it was the fourth version of Gilgamesh that decided to attempt to save the child instead. Decades later Gilgamesh had changed the child in many ways in hopes of giving it a better life. He gave the child to a couple who weren't able to have children. A human woman in perfect health, but the feykin man possessed a certain quality that took his ability to have children. Anima. The story had a happy ending Gilgamesh thought. Only a few years after that, he learned he was wrong. – April Twenty Fifth, Seven days before the start of the Third Void Conflict “Do you understand?” A male voice asked from a phone. Isaac stood at the bottom of a flight of stairs beside a flickering lamppost. “To be honest I'm a little confused that you know all of this.” “I'm your boss Isaac, it's my job to know things. I have given you an order, will you follow it?” The voice asked sternly. Isaac paused for a moment as he considered the implications of his next set of actions. “I understand Carmicheal. I will eliminate Caleb Harris before anyone can get their hands on him.” “Good luck.” The line went dead and Isaac clasped the phone shut, exhaling tiredly. He leaned against the lamp post at the foot of the stairs when Caleb had arrived. “Do we need a cab?” He tried to hail one down from up the street. “Its just up the street. Sorry we're gonna have to cut this short.” Isaac apologized, putting his phone in his pocket as they started walking. “Work?” “Yeah a big job just came in and they need my help.” – The Eternal Desert, Present Day Sand that stretched on forever, a scorching unseen sun and a disorienting clear blue sky. Not a wind or sound. In an instant multicolored dust appeared from nowhere forming what could only be a person, a young man with a scar stretched across his face hacking on his hands and knees. Shrill didn't describe the sound he made taking the deepest breath of his life, “firetruck you Holomark.” Matthew fell over to his side still gasping as he remember it was definitely Holomark's, for lack of a better word, insane training that served as the reason he was still alive. “Thank you Holomark.” He drifted off to sleep on the hot sand with relief on his face. Phase 2: Lethargy At the end of a long tunnel a clearing had been what awaited Gilgamesh, wet stone walls and what appeared to be metal wreckage protruding trough the walls, floors and ceiling. He knew the root had to be close but couldn't stop himself from approaching one of the giant pieces and placing a hand on its cold surface, the feeling he got from it was odd almost sensing its unfathomable age. “I do not like this place.” His exasperation presented itself with a heavy and tired sigh. “It's likely that it's not to fond of you either.” An eerily familiar voice spoke out to Gilgamesh much closer than he felt comfortable. Gil's head shot up to find Phi sitting upon the wreckage, instantly taking a step back. “So it's you, one of Pride's valiant lapdogs.” Gil did his absolute best to ensure not an ounce of his animosity was hidden towards the man. “Separating us and messing with peoples minds, it's really starting to look like your skill sets don't go much farther than that, well aside from the whole tearing worlds apart but semantics and all that.” “You disappoint me Gilgamesh.” Phi was clearly looking down on him in every sense. “Not a shred of the man I once knew, it was almost hard to believe and I hardly recognized you.” “What?” Gil's pupils shrunk only slightly but enough for Phi to notice. “To clear the record I have yet to do anything to you or your colleagues it's this place you can thank for that fortune, and one last thing,” For just a brief second Gil swore he watched the man smile. “What made you so certain we've been following Sarrin?” There wasn't time for him to respond, the sharp pain reaching into his back had diverted all of his attention. Gil dealt with the pain quickly but found it hard to move a muscle let alone from where he stood, after great effort he was able to turn his head just enough to see a gray skinned woman elegantly dressed in a black dress littered in black feathers. A smile on her face and a pair of unsettling eyes, one purple one yellow. “N-Nyx..” Gilgamesh's mother, his worst possible nightmare. Her grin widened in her bemusement. “My little Thanatos, it's so good to see you again, I do hope you missed me.” She reached deeper and saw Gil's expression lose form and give over to shock. Something inside him had snapped, his mind had opened. Every bit of him began to flood out into his mind, things he didn't remember, terrors long forgotten. Words didn't seem to be able to fill the silence but Alistair would take care of that for them. “You're just not the brightest pair you know? I mean how many time do you need to impale someone before they think to themselves, maybe I should sit this one out,” The playfulness dropped from his face and tone with what he said next. “Maybe I just don't have what it takes.” He was pushing their buttons, a young girl in a gray coat with fiery orange eyes to be precise. “Yes let's start with you, pleasure before business of course.” Sophira wore a somber yet bleak expression, feeling resigned to fight, or rather a need to brake something. She took three supposedly calm steps forward before Hunter raised his arm and blocked her way. A feral expression showed itself on her face. “This again, what the hell is it with you?” She asked sternly as the lights in her eyes burned brightly. Hunter said nothing, turning on his heel to face her the same instant he planted his gauntlet into her stomach. The lights in her eyes died with a gasp forcing its way out, she flew back with a sharp tone in the air as her limp body bounced off of the stone and down the tunnel they had came through disappearing into the darkness. Alastair put a hand over his eyes for a second letting out a chuckle. “That was almost kind,” He drew a long broad sword out of the air. “But let's be honest we both know you're not capable of that.” Vwiess raised a thin flat tipped blade, a blue light coming from the slot in his mask. Without a word he lunged forward but stopped in his tacks after only a few paces to parry a small weighted spike attached to links of chains aimed for his chest. It wrapped around his sword, ripping it out of his hand and retracting into the swirling dark portal it emerged from. Not a second later the same blade had reformed in his hand with no seemingly no effort from the wielder. A whistle sang from Alistair's lips. “No point in disarming you is it?” Dozens of small swirling portals opened on every surface of the chamber. “I wonder how long it will take to put an end to you, little brat.” He snapped his middle finger with his thumb wearing a devious grin as two chains shot out at Hunter. A colossal swirl of bright and dark particles mixed together in some form of ordered chaos, Aeolus watched the motions closely almost understanding its nature. Truly an unstoppable force. “You failed me twice,” Having noticed the instant Isaac had appeared behind him he didn't bother to turn around. “Coming back here may not have been the wisest of actions for a failure.” Silence hung in the void for what seemed to be its own eternity, Aeolus didn't quiet recognize the feeling he was getting from the young man. It was two voices instead of one that came from Isaac. “Who are you calling a failure? You Faker.” Sarrin turned his upper body to look at the boy only to find that there was no one to be seen, he was alone seeming almost fazed. “You fool, you've given up your freedom.” Phase 3: The Boy From The Void For a long time I was asleep, For a long long time I was asleep. I use to hear a voice, a woman's voice that told me stories I don't remember, I heard her voice for a long time and then it was gone. A new voice came to me for the first time not long after, it said things I couldn't understand at the time and gave me something that changed me. Someone else gave me something similar once but I don't remember when. I lost what I was in a way, I felt broken. I was corrupted. I found my self in a place I knew I could never leave, it was the only thing keeping me together, keeping me alive. I learned it well, I spent so much time there I could describe every detail from the dark nothingness to the circle with branching lines illuminated by a dim and pale white glow down to the floating windows lined with tears in the emptiness that showed me worlds I had never seen. These were the first things I ever saw and I would see them for what felt like an eternity, this was the place I was born to. All I had were those windows and what it showed, So many things and places all of which I failed to understand. I watched and watched and watched until one day they went dark and the circle with the branching lines lit up so brightly that it showed me just how empty my world was. Everything returned to normal soon after and the windows had started over from the beginning. As time went on endlessly I began to learn and understand about the worlds I saw and the things called people in them, yet no matter how much time had passed or however slightly different each iteration was it would constantly end the same and start from the beginning. I continued to learn more and more, I absorbed it all desperately, it was all I had. Eventually I was even able to occasionally change what they showed me through my will and follow what I thought to be important events. I could never change anything, I couldn't warn them, The only thing I could do was watch them die and start over. This was more than I could accept, I rejected it entirely, refused to accept it, demanded more. I knew everything but could do nothing, it was then that I asked, what if I gave myself? I forced the windows to show me a reality where I myself participated in this world and they would stop. Each time I asked they would do this until they eventually showed me the same image I had never seen before. A child with long curly hair standing on a beach of black sand with a bright teal sea accompanied by a dark red sky littered in black clouds. I was shone this by the screens but simply seeing this stirred something within myself and I was shown that child's vision of the future. Without remembering it or even understanding it, I was left in wonder with the assurance that without these things I could still believe in it. I understood what needed to be done, what I needed to do. I gave up as much of myself as I could still making sure that I would leave enough to keep what I would leave behind alive in the same way that I was kept alive. The two halves along with myself could not survive without this place. Names were something that I never fully understood never having one myself yet I felt it necessary to bestow them upon what I'd leave behind. Providence, for the piece of me blessed with the ability to live in this place without fear of true death. Memento Mori for the one that would have the chance to make a difference with borrowed time. These were the only things I gave them and the only things they would know. I'm not sure how much of me is still that person, so much has happened yet I know I have barely lived a fraction of its life. I know I'm me but I also know that right now I'm not myself. There's just to much of me within myself and not enough on the outside. A young man had made it into my world and showed me that I could be more than I was but I seem to have lost sight of myself in the process. Maybe this is why I'm here, to line the pieces up. I do remember it though, those first words I was given, Memento Mori.
  3. Kh uses so much Latin it makes it hard to use Latin for anything else without it sounding like a reference was my whole point, Ventus ad Caelum means wind of the sky but now looks 100% like a kh reference
  4. For everyone who does not know, this is not own by or created by kingdom hearts, nomura, or anything else for that matter, Scala Ad Cealum is Latin for stairway to the heavens, that is all
  5. Hey!  I feel like I haven't seen you on in a while; how's it going?

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  6. I will be posting the final chapter of Black Horizons -All Animato i will also be starting a new thread where I will post the first three chapters of Etio Fall
  7. *Clears throat* so what if I kept this feature going with the next book and gave you guys the darkest timeline books as well?
  8. A special Sneak Peek at ETIO FALL is up in Black Horizons in Creative Media. ENJOY~

  9. Chapters 31 and 32 hve been added to Black Horizons in creative media Enjoy and remember something, happy endings are lies we use to sleep at night

  10. Chapter Thirty One: Rewrite Chapter Thirty Two: Accelerando "And with this we have only just begun" -A
  11. ch.30 of Black Horizons is up in Creative Media Thanks For Reading!

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