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  1. Aren't skuld's eyes light brown?. Her eyes doesn't look amber, from my perspective
  2. LMAO the comments got me cracking up
  3. Vanitas because why not? Lol . He's my favorite character He's underrated
  4. Your response was fantastic . I really love it lol
  5. Hey, its me again. Another question about vanitas. Vanitas was knocked out by Aqua and his body was still there. Aqua passed out, but when she woke up, he was gone. Why would he leave without killing her? Was he taken away by someone? Its Vanitas we're talking about here. He is a sadistic and a ruthless prick. He attacked aqua off guard and tried to kill her later on. This is the same guy who beat up and kidnapped mickey. This is the same guy who tried to killed ventus at the Badlands. Please don't say "Aqua was his backup plan". Vanitas clearly told Aqua in Neverland that he didnt need her anymore. Ven has grown strong enough that Vanitas wont need a back-up. Thoughts?
  6. It was from someone saying how vanitas couldn't be a heartless.
  7. Let me break it down: Vanitas has golden eyes and black hair but he is not a Heartless 1) A Heartless: only if the WHOLE heart is lost to darkness. A Heartless is created when a person is devoured by the Darkness in their heart and turn into a Heartless. Heartless are born when a heart is consumed by the darkness within it, or when a Heartless steals the heart. Same thing In vens case, Ventus didn’t even completely lose his heart, he only lost HALF of it. Vanitas is just the embodiment of the darkness in Ventus’ heart. Its just HALF of his heart, not the whole. Ven didn't lose his whole heart because he still had half of it remaining. Therefore, Ven did not lose his heart to darkness. 2) A human can turn into a Heartless by the dark half of their heart. (Pureblood) Heartless are only created when a Heart force to its further in darkness. Vanitas can't be “lost” or "force" by his own Darkness because he is already PURE darkness. Lol that's like adding pink paint to your walls even though your walls were already painted pink.So it doesn't make sense. Vanitas can't be a heartless. Vanitas is a “human” being and his heart made out of darkness. That's it. I dont know whats so hard to understand. I'm pretty sure nomura would have confirmed vanitas being a heartless before the confusion but he doesn't because vanitas isn't a heartless. He is just half of Ventus. The end (Emblem) Heartless never existed during BBS era. In BBS, Only the (Purebloods) heartless only in the RoD. We don’t see the hearts a pureblood releases. (Pureblood) Heartless DON'T release hearts. “Question: Are there new enemies you can confirm that are not shown in the screens?” “Nomura: The new enemy is not a Heartless, or a Nobody, because the story takes place BEFORE even they appear. I can only give out more information, little by little, as time passes: an example being like the Shadow enemies that are heartless, and the Dusk enemies that are nobodies.” Only the way to make the X-blade is when a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness clash. Vanitas DOES have a heart and he is a human. Vanitas is a being with a heart of pure darkness. Not a heartless, not a nobody, not an unversed (well maybe an unversed imo). When Ven defeated Vanitas and destroyed the X-Blade, vanitas faded in white sparks, basically into nothing. When pureblood is defeated, they dissolve into black smoke. If vanitas was a (pureblood, since emblem never existed yet) heartless, he should have dissolved into black smoke but reality he doesn't because he isn't a heartless. Either Vanitas was completely destroyed or Vanitas' heart is residing with someone. My theory is vanitas is residing with YX. Young Xehanort said he went back in time to get splintered versions of Xehanort. YX appeared in BBS. He could've picked up vanitas' shattered heart. And if vanitas wasn't residing with Young Xehanort, then what's the point putting him in the scene with YX? It could've been someone else than vanitas. That’s why i'm assuming that vanitas is residing with YX I can theorize that Vanitas is half xehanort. We can assume Master Xehanort did for Vanitas, like what Sora did for Ventus at the beginning of the game. But I do not have evidence for that. He was born with the mask on so we don't know if he was born with golden eyes or not “Nomura:Afterwards Braig’s ears become sharper, and his brown eyes change to gold. This is because he was influenced by Xehanort who he was working with.” Because again the golden eyes have nothing to do with darkness and everything to do with Master Xehanort's heart. Nomura confirmed that having golden eyes is a matter of how deeply you are connected to Xehanort. Golden eyes and pointy ears equal xehanort’s influence. It destroys your theory about whole golden eyes representing darkness because, Nomura says that eye color is influenced by Xehanort himself. You can't argue over a confirmation from the creator LMAO ​Now, can you stop calling him a heartless because he isnt. Vanitas is Vanitas It's probably the way nomura worded it:/I don't know how people get vanitas confused with a heartless. Vanitas isn't a heartless
  8. Can you stop calling vanitas a heartless? A Heartless is a heart that has been lost to darkness. Vanitas is the darkness EXTRACTED from Ven, therefore ventus didnt get lost to darkness. He is not Ven heartless. IMO, i would classify vanitas as an unversed. Not only that, the Unversed existed before the Heartless were ever created. Again, heartless DOES NOT have pupils. Vanitas and Xehanort DOES HAVE pupils and golden eyes. So comparing a Xehanort and others with golden eyes with heartless shows no correlation whatsoever. (Just to add in,The first heartless were born from Apprentice Xehanort's testing) Heartless did not exist during birth by sleep time period. Therefore vanitas isnt a heartless. "Nomura: Well Terra's look was already a decided thing, we just had to make him look a bit younger. I knew that Ventus should look either like Sora or Roxas, and I wasnt sure which one to go with, but I thought Vanitas looking like Sora would have a bigger impact so I had Ventus look like Roxas instead. And there is a reason that Vanitas looks like Sora. As Sora filled in Ventus' fractured heart, the fractured part (Vanitas) was effected by Sora and ended up with Soras face. So if it had been Riku who had filled in Ventus' heart, Vanitas would have looked like Riku." Can you please show me where nomura confirmed vanitas having black hair because of the darkness? Unless you have confirmation from nomura saying "vanitas having black because of darkness" therefore your theory is just a speculation. Nomura only confirms why vanitas looked like sora. He never mentioned his hair color or eyes. "Question:Comparing the Organization members when they were human to when they were in the Organization, apart from Xehanort, only Isa and Braig have differently-shaped ears and differently-coloured eyes - why is this?" "Nomura: Its a question of whether or not theyre deeply connected to Xehanort. In Braigs case, comparing the scene where he's injured in his battle with Terra and flares up at Xehanort, his appearance afterwards changes, which hints that something happened with Xehanort in between." "Question: By the way, Braig’s dealings with Master Xehanort in Birth by Sleep make sense, he was to become a vessel." "Nomura: There is a certain reason for Braig to proudly exclaim, “As for me, I’m already half Xehanort.” Isa (Saix) is included too. I think you’ll understand the details about their circumstances eventually." Thats confirmation. Golden eyes represent Xehanort not darkness. In DDD, when it zooms in on Xiggys eye as evidence of him being "half Xehanort" Golden eyes represent Xehanort. It's pretty clear. I can speculate Vanitas is actually made up of half of Ventus' heart, which means he is not entirely whole. Xehanort couldve slip a fragment of his heart into vanitas. But I dont have evidence for my theory. We never see his face BEFORE. We do not know if he had golden eyes before or after. The only thing we know is, when Vanitas was BORN, he was a faceless with red eyes. Xehanort is the only person in the game to naturally have them. Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar (braig) Saix, and Terranort have golden eyes and they have a connection with Xehanort. So why is it any different for vanitas? Vanitas has golden eyes. Youre obviously making it complicated when someone already told you what golden eyes represent yet you proceed to say golden eyes represent darkness. You keep saying "Vanitas is a heartless" when heartless never existed during BBS period. Not to be rude or anything, but you obviously didn't pay attention to the game at all. I don't know if you got heartless and unversed mixed up but heartless was never in BBS and it never existed during BBS. Same with golden eyes. Someone ^ already told you and nomura confirmed it plenty of times. You should replay the whole series because you seem confused
  9. Again, youre speculating how vanitas got his black hair. It was never confirmed how he got it. 1)Again, we don't know when Vanitas got his golden eyes. We don't know the timing at all. Vanitas wasn't born with golden eyes to begin with. 2) Noumra stated that golden eyes represent Xehanort. Golden eyes doesn't represent darkness.
  10. . Thank you for the response:) Sorry, let me rephrase it. If Vanitas has black hair for darkness, then Xion, Eraqus, and xigbar has to. Besides, Xion black hair was a girl idea (I forgot her name) she wanted a character to have black hair. We dont know why vanitas have black hair. Saïx and aqua have blue hair. Does having blue hair represents light and darkness? Nope. The hair is a coincidence unlike the golden eyes. The golden eyes was confirmed. The golden eyes are a proof of him being influenced by Xehanort. Name me one character with golden eyes? (Who isnt half Xehanort either) Theres no KH character with naturally golden eyes expect Master Xehanort. Nomura clarified that golden eyes were meant to represent Xehanorts influence. Heartless have eyes with no pupils and that they are also yellow,Xehanorts eyes are golden. Xehanorts eyes are naturally his. Vanitas have pupils (js). Vanitas had red eyes before he gained his gold ones. We dont know when (the timing) Vanitas got his golden eyes. And please dont say "his hair isnt grey, so he isnt Xehanort" because Saïx has blue hair and He is HALF Xehanort. Xigbar has black hair (little grey streaks) but his hair is black regardless. He is HALF Xehanort. It shouldn't be any different for vanitas.
  11. When vanitas was born, his eyes were red.....not Yellow/golden.... Plus, didn't the camera zoom into vanitas' eyes and face? Does that count?
  12. What proved he didn't harbour a fragment of Xehanort's heart in him? Confirmation or evidence? Cause we don't know but I want to hear your theory
  13. Um we all know vanitas is evil but....Yellow/golden eyes doesn't represent being evil or darkness. Nomura already confirmed this already Nomura: It's a question of whether or not they're deeply connected to Xehanort. In Braig's case, comparing the scene where he's injured in his battle with Terra and flares up at Xehanort, his appearance afterwards changes, which hints that something happened with Xehanort in between. Master Xehanort eyes could be naturally yellow.
  14. Vanitas did not merge back with ventus. Vanitas faded into nothing and we don't know where he is. Whether you like it or not, vanitas is coming back.
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