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  1. I know KH was never really big into giving female characters a lot of agency in their plot lines but I was ready to see Kairi live up to her potential as a character in KH3 we all know what a disaster KH3 was in terms of how they handled female characters—Aqua needed help from her male counterparts in the realm of darkness and in her fight against Vanitas, even though she was set up as a strong character. kairi was killed off and now retconned in the DLC which I was happy to see but then just when I thought the dev team had put some thought into her arc she is literally PUT INTO A COMA FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. This fact completely made me lose faith in the series. Sadly, besides the overly bitter and convoluted plot spinning in circles with whichever character Nomura is obsessed with this cycle, no female character was given any bit of agency or redeeming qualities. It really ruined the series for me Did anyone else pick up on this deplorable development since the original games? why do you think the focus has shifted so much from integrity in main characters to overly complicated and male populist driven plot lines?
  2. I believe Brain is the forefather of Eraqus as it is mentioned he is a descendant of the old masters. They look too similar.
  3. Based on the most recent DLC trailer I had a shocking realization. We know Lauriam and Elrena are from the past and Ven, too. Demyx and Luxord are the only remaining members without a backstory. Luxord’s number is 10 or X as in X for Chi or (Union) Cross! What if his name actually spelled out Lord UX?? Gives me extremely strong Master of Masters vibes. On the other hand, wouldn’t Luxu recognize his Master? What about Demyx? I have no idea tbh maybe Demy [Demi] as in half? Second in command maybe?? but the most striking revelation was this: Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene and Even Roxas all have numbers including the X symbol: IX, X, XI, XII, XIII what if, this was a hint all along (or impressively retconned) that all of these members have come from the past? (And In Roxas’ case from Ven!) if so, it was right there from the beginning: X as the recusant’s sigil in all their names as a connection to Xehanort but also the Chi symbol in the time traveling members’ Numerals! And Luxu/Xigbar hunting down specific members after number 9 in KH2FM’s additional scene? coincidence? I don’t think so.
  4. Well considering Sora and the KH original characters are fully owned by Disney, Square Enix cannot just go off and cut out all Disney from future titles. While they could focus on the inclusion of more Square titles, they would have to get every step along the way approved by Disney as they own the characters and control how those characters are represented in all media. I believe we don't have to worry and it merely hints at TWEWY and FFXV cameos in the next saga. I also believe the main focus of the next chapter will be on the new 7 princesses, which might be a reason Kairi was set up as a huge character and then her big arc was probably pushed into the next chapter. The other arc will probably be the return of the masters which will advance the story in the present and fill the gaps from Union Cross to Xehanort's fall to darkness as everything still seems to be deeply connected.
  5. I was wondering, I keep seeing people with really high HP and both bars HP and MP lined up. However, mine don’t nearly match as I have high MP and low HP. How can I power up my HP post game? I’m lv 79
  6. I’m about halfway through the story of KH3 and besides the 4 confirmed princesses of heart, does the game ever follow up on the remaining 3 lights? no spoilers, just curious if they ever follow up on this topic towards the end
  7. Does anyone know if Mandy Moore is returning as Rapunzel in the game, maybe from the end credits? They never officially announced it and I’m surprised if she was and they didn’t use it for PR.
  8. Right, like in the original story lol well, to be fair, she was still a mermaid last time Sora saw her as they only resolved the story in the epilogue. So, they could just be hinting at the happy ending from the movie in the future and mermaid Ariel could be canon in KH3 if the happy end is set after those events.
  9. I just realized something really interesting! we followed Ariel’s story to the end more or less in accordance to the film in Kingdom Hearts II. Therefore, at the end, she is turned into a human and lives on land with Prince Eric. I just confirmed by rewatching the scenes in KH2 and the post-credit clips regarding the happy endings in the Disney worlds. Now she she appears as a summon in KHIII but she is a mermaid. Even if it is just her spirit, do you think there is a reason she is a mermaid rather than human? The only way I can explain it is that him her essence she will always have a connection to the element water and therefore appears as a mermaid but I still thought it was curious. Myself, I do prefer her in her mermaid form, though, so I’m really happy to see her return. What at are your thoughts on this?
  10. As cool as the idea is, to me it is a question of why waste resources on this project in the first place? It seems, jusdging from the repeated delays, a lot more effort is being put into this project than wields reward to the player. Creating an orchestra-like experience is time-consuming and will always fall short of expectations in the current scale. I guess what Im saying is, especially considering how few players actually have access to VR headsets to actually experience this demo, why not put the efforts and resources into upcoming patches and DLC content for KH3 and an experience the majority of the audience actually gets to enjoy.
  11. How disappointing. I was hoping for Jack Skelington and Mary Poppins. Seems besides the final battle they spoiled everything this time around
  12. I was wondering does anyone know if they already revealed all attraction flow rides and summon characters in the trailers or are there more to be discovered in the game? Did tjye creators ever comment on that? I would love love to be surprised by some more secrets to uncover like in KH2. I see that they have a huge variety of gameplay but it would be sad if we already knew about all the key blades, attractions and summons beforehand. Many thoughts or no-spoiler experience?
  13. I was wondering, could anyone who has access to the game already confirm if there is an option to turn off subtitles like in 0.2?
  14. I really wonder why they don’t go for a surprise digital pre-release in time for the Holiday season. If the game is complete enough to be preloaded there is no reason to hold it back. It would even boost their sales; Hollywood has been pushing digital with those early releases for a while before the actual release on physical media... also, seems like we’ve seen all of KH3’s worlds and surprises with that small file size...
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