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  1. TheThirteenth

    Kingdom Hearts III can now be preloaded onto Xbox One

    I really wonder why they don’t go for a surprise digital pre-release in time for the Holiday season. If the game is complete enough to be preloaded there is no reason to hold it back. It would even boost their sales; Hollywood has been pushing digital with those early releases for a while before the actual release on physical media... also, seems like we’ve seen all of KH3’s worlds and surprises with that small file size...
  2. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and and complain about the cutscene handling and load times of a game that has not been released yet! Nevertheless, 35Gb seems indeed small for a game of this caliber. Even though it might not be based on portions of open world like Final Fantasy XV or Spider-Man, the worlds do seem big and this data has to be in the game somehow. Keep in mind that we cannot compare it to the size of any other KH games besides 0.2 as the older games use lower polygon models. The data needed to store worlds and character models and animations in HD and beyond quality alone should bump the size to close to 50 GB. I believe FF was 47 at its initial release and KH should be close behind. Lastly, this is for the xBox version and the PS file might differ. Either way, I do hope the final size does turn out bigger because the trailers hint at a game larger than that. Anything else might be major concern for quality and length, especially in the cutscene department. I do believe, however, we shouldn't expect to see any more worlds than have been announced.
  3. TheThirteenth

    What if KH4 ditched Disney lol

    They had a discussion on the matter sometime last year or even earlier. Disney owns full copyright to the series, and all content save for external use fo Final Fantasy characters. This includes original characters. This is where the whole Copyright by Disney and developed by Square Enix comes from. Some recent merchandize even goes as far as ditching Square from the official Kingdom Hearts logo. Hope this answers the question, it's more likely Disney continues the series on their own should Disney and Square ever part ways. But, as most things Disney, the company is only interested in the series as long as it wields enough profit. Recent Disney Parks collaborations and talks to bring KH to the parks is certainly tied to the spike in popularity tied to KH3. I'm curious to see where Disney takes the promotion and merchandize in case KH3 is a huge hit, which I hope it will be.
  4. TheThirteenth

    Blaine is now Brain

    Why is everyone so upset. I agree, I would prefer this to be a misspelled form of Brian but the way Japanese writing systems work, Ephemera was probably always meant to be Ephemer. Similarly, the way syllables are distributed, l and r are interchangeable. Just like back when people freaked out over Pokemon's 4th generation with Rukiaro and Lucario...
  5. He can be such a jerk sometimes. I mean sure, it's funny to a certain point, but don't you think it also makes him look a bit stand-offish? I adore his work and style but I wish he would be a little bit more affable. Like, I think it's weird he doesn't even speak a little bit of English. Not that that's a requirement, but it would certainly be helpful not having to rely on yet another layer to communicate on stage. With all due respect, given the extent to which he has to deal with international relations, it would facilitate and speed up work a lot. I would certainly be interested to at least show some effort to learn Japanese when working with Japanese audiences and companies on stage as a man of his status. I guess I would just like to see some effort and actual ambition to assure audiences some excitement for his work and passion. The way he sat on stage during the D23 presentation, completely distant and apathetic came across so incredibly rude like he doesn't care at all about his project and his audiences. The interviewers bowed as a sign of Japanese respect and custom but the fact that he doesn't even try to interact or at least say thank you or hi or anything is frightening. Maybe it's just me but he always seems to have this, 'I'll just do anything I can to piss them off just because I can' attitude. They'll buy my stuff anyway. It's not exactly a good business and marketing model to have the director of a franchise say, if you annoy me, I'll deliberately delay a project you're supposed to be passionate about just to spite you. Excuse me? You expect me to pay for that? At this point, while really excited about the new title, I feel really disrespected as a fan of the series.
  6. TheThirteenth

    Coverage: Kingdom Hearts III at D23 Expo 2017

    Yeah, in fact it's my No 1 too. I was so convinced it'd be in KH3 I would have been devastated if it hadn't been in the game. It does look amazing and I couldn't be happier. I'm really so excited I'll be unfairly disappointed at every "short" announcement until I finally have my copy of the game haha
  7. TheThirteenth

    Coverage: Kingdom Hearts III at D23 Expo 2017

    Wow they managed to make a "huge" announcement over nothing really. We already knew about Toy Story since 2015. I think it's really lazy they didn't even bother to dub the trailer. But yay, 2018 it is. Unless they delay it again. So back to silence until a December 2018 tweet about the delay?
  8. I've actually given this some thought! I was thinking, with some modifications to story and art style, KH1, CoM, KH2 would work best as feature films. KH1, if they focused on the actual story of Sora Riku and Kairi and their relationship, it would be a great and epic film with a sweet climax showdown. CoM would make a nice inception style sequel that builds off of Naminé and her connection to Sora. KH2 would make a great typical Sequel film, bigger and grander and even more epic. Days and BbS and Chi would make amazing TV shows that tie in and bridge the time until the next film in theaters. Days could have two seasons maybe that build on the character development tying in with a set-up and the parallels to CoM, and the rest of the year with an epic finale. They would have to modify the story to actually make sense of some of the loose ends, though. Birth by Sleep would make a great three season show with a focus on Terra in the first season, Ven in the second and Aqua in the final season. I think it would work best if they told the whole story in one linear drama but the character focus shifts so we can follow the story but also experience the development between the characters while also getting their personal motivations. Chi could make an epic 4 season show. The first season should focus on a new character based on the player and their experiences as a new keyblade wielder. Then, season 2 would be Unchained Chi that introduces Ephemer and Skuld and the concept of the dandelions and leads up to the Keyblade war conflict. Back cover would make a great third season that focuses on the Foretellers. We get their stories and experience the actual climax of the war. The final season is Union X that follows Ephemer and Skuld into the new world and introduces Ven and the other leaders and follows them up to the connection with KH3. Finally, Coded and 0.2 would work as a short films as bonus features on a DVD release of one of the films. Coded could use some goofy art style varieties and give Sora some different look in order to avoid rehashing the same thing over and over. They could use some comical elements to make it more unique. I think the whole thing could be told in 20 minutes or less as it doesn't really need a very complex dramatic structure. 0.2 could be somewhat of a one hour special episode / TV movie or a coda to the BbS TV show that gradually connects the Chi era with post-KH2 era. DDD would make good straight to video release or Netflix/Digital movie because the story does not have enough substance to hold the weight of the drama. DDD's story is nothing of substance other than leading up to KH3. It merely ties together some things and names Riku master. With some rewriting and streamlining it could make a decent one hour special that confirms Riku as master and leads up to KH3. Finally, KH3 could be an epic final movie that ties together all previous story lines and ends the series with a huge cinematic finale, resolving all the open questions. All of those should use consistent 3D animation style across all films and shows. I would favor a Disney hand drawn animation style but production-wise this is not feasible to do consistently. If they found a very light painting-style that imitates 2D but unites all characters in a consistent style, almost kind of like a mixture of general Disney Animation 3D and the Kingdom Hearts shader used in 0.2 and the paper man style, they could produce an amazing series. With some grounded promotion they could create a whole cinematic universe, have tie-ins at Disney parks and end with an ultimate edition Blu-Ray release that contains all the releases and bonus features. One can still dream, right?
  9. Is there a reason for this circus? This is ridiculously bad promotion. Seriously, why don't they just come clean? I think by now they should make any kind of statement. Would it kill them to state: "we are this far in, we have plans to finish this much more. At current pace we expect to finish in about X months. We plan to release the game by late 20xx. Worst case xx 20xx, maybe sooner." It would give some perspective to the whole thing. By now this is so suspicious. They constantly reassure us everything is going smoothly and according to plan. If it really is, there is absolutely no reason I'm the game should not be out by 2018. If not, they are wasting resources massively. Like come on, FFXV got a new development team and they stuck to a schedule. This vague info on KHIII and the lack of results is really pissing me off by now. Anyway, D23 is their moment to shine. there is no better moment to announce a concrete release window like winter 2018. If they don't announce anything significant or announce a dedicated Kingdom Hearts event, something is wrong and they really don't have more to show.
  10. Sounds like this will be the big announcement. A new Utada song and finally the confirmation that she will return sounds like something the Japanese audiences and the Famitsu reporter would freak out over like that. While everyone was expecting a release date instead, that's why Nomura is pulling the emergency brake. While I'm happy if the theme song is the big announcement, I think they are doing a very poor job handling and promoting Kingdom Hearts III. If they pull anther short world trailer and minimal story cutscneses and just the announcement of the song without any release window, I'm really disappointed. By now this is getting ridiculous and they should prioritize a release by 2018 above all else. The Final Fantasy Remake should be paused and the developers help out for a few months like planned initially. The won't release both games at the same time anyway and after all this time, KHIII deserves to see a release rather sooner than later. Seriously, as great as the game looks, if they go another few months without any word on anything, fans are starting to move on. It's not like Unchained/Union X is doing a great job keeping a thrilling and fast-paced story alive to keep us alive until then...
  11. Not to burst anyone's bubble but considering the fact that we have only seen two worlds so far and barely three cutscene snippets -- given Square's record, "final" dangerously sounds like the final bit before they return to a two year hiatus postponing any planned winter announcements until E3 2019... But seriously, given the infuriatingly slow pace of Unchained / Union Cross, which they probably intend to finish before the release of KHIII, it will take until 2018 to even catch up with the Japanese version and there is no clear conclusion to the plot in any way... So, if this is any indication, a late 2019 release sounds plausible if they update Chi to a more climactic conclusion in 2018. Maybe some updates for the PS4 collections and then full promotion in 2019 maybe a delay until 2020. At this point, I am not very optimistic... Nevertheless, the new trailer looks stunning. They put a lot of effort into the Disney characters, you can tell they are working with Disney Animation to perfect the looks. Sora looks incredible now too, I am glad they used 0.2 as a playground to perfect the models. If the new Chi medal renders are an indication, I am excited to see the final scenes. Ansem etc. need some more work, though...
  12. TheThirteenth

    Did 1.5 come with a pin?

    Actually there was a pin. 1.5 Got a pin but only at a limited time event at Disney Parks. the special edition had an art book 2.5 special edition got the pin collectors edition with both games got a pin and an art book and a steenbok and heartless plushie 1.8 got a pin and so di 1.5 + 2.5
  13. TheThirteenth

    How do these guaranteed medal deals work?

    I agree. It's a strong medal and one of those deals worth pulling. If you really want to invest medals, save up for those guaranteed events and plan on sinking the full amount of medals for the 10 pulls.
  14. I think it's ridiculous they have not revealed any new information in over a year. I hate that they planned on combining the teams working on FFXV and KHIII after completion of FF but they just started with FFVII Remake. There is absolutely no justification for this. It feels like they are screwing over the KH community on purpose. "Strong presence" like the two short trailers in 2015? One not even displayed to the public like ever? If one thing is sure, they need to open up and start communicating. If not, the project will either never be finished or the fanbase will abandon the project.
  15. TheThirteenth

    How do these guaranteed medal deals work?

    Be careful though. As with all things gambling, the relative probability of you getting the medal within less than 5 draws is so tiny. They want to make money off it after all. I think, deals like this one should be illegal, it's too close to real gambling and a dangerous marketing method targeting kids.