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  1. Short answer is yes, it's there ^^ long answer in tags to be safe, though it's nothing about the plot
  2. I'm just gonna have to ask my question in a spoiler tag because it's kind of big one.
  3. I'm not going to be able to play the game for quite a while, but I want to experience the story before spoilers get all over the internet. Anyone planning to post a walkthrough, or know a YouTube channel that will be doing so? I'd very much prefer a full walkthrough vs just cutscenes.
  4. Anyone know where I can find the chains for the black coat, or a sufficiently chunky zipper?
  5. Hello! Just joining this forum! Looking to make some KH friends!

  6. Nope, it's a ticketed event at Walt Disney World in Florida, and the only time adults are allowed in the Magic Kingdom in full cosplay. There used to be a fan event called Magic Kingdom Hearts where KH cosplayers would organize and all attend on the same night, but sadly it has died out.
  7. Anyone going to the party in KH cosplay? I'll be there on two separate nights, as Riku both times! I'd love to snap some photos with other KH cosplayers ^^
  8. I've got plenty of reference pics, but does anyone have sewing patters they would recommend for a KH2 Riku cosplay?
  9. I too suspect Phantom Aqua rather than possession. I also noticed some very subtle differences to her costume--in silhouette, her boots are missing their spikes at the back and her skirt pieces seem to be missing. When the shadows fade, the cross straps that are normally pink are black instead. We've never seen subtle costume changes from possession before. Either the outfits stay the same, like with Terra, or they change completely, like when Vanitas possessed Ven. And she DOESN'T have pointed ears. Look closely, they're rounded.
  10. I know there used to be fan-run events with names like "Magic Kingdom Hearts" and "Disneyland of Departure," where fans would organize on a single given day of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party to get as many Kingdom Hearts cosplayers into Disney parks at once as possible. I'm finally going to have the chance to attend the Party at WDW in Florida, but all the blogs and websites I can find for the event(s) seem to have gone defunct. Does anything like this still get organized?
  11. You know you may be exactly right! I never thought of that, but there's a Kingdom Keepers book where they do exactly that! The five kids who are the heroes are told that one of them will betray the others, while at first none of them want to believe it, they all suspecting each other of being the possible traitor.
  12. Oh, yeah, you're right, he can't be quite that young. I do know that according to Nomura, DDD Xehanort was definitely a teenager. Considering the series' fondness for 14/15/16-year-old teenagers going on epic quests, I wouldn't be surprised if he was 15 or 16 for DDD. Though we don't really know how long after his DDD adventure he finally made it off Destiny Islands to The Land of Departure or wherever that convo is taking place. Also, something else I though of as I was typing this, for a 14-year-old, KH1 Sora had pretty intense babyface. Ditto for Roxas and Ven, who were 14 or 15 in their respective games. Young Eraqus might be 14 or 15 and simply have the same teenage babyface. As for the age gap, I think the Terra and Ven age gap is smaller than Axel and Roxas. If we assign Roxas the age of 14 or 15 (same as Sora), Axel is ten years older at least. Lea looks Ven's age, if not older, in BBS, and Ven was 14 or 15 and Sora was 4. I'm pretty sure Terra and Ven are closer in age than that, I've always pegged Terra and Aqua being around their late teens or very early twenties. Still, you're right, a Terra and Ven age gap equivalent would make perfect sense. So maybe we're looking at young Eraqus in his early to mid teens and Young Xehanort in his late teens to early twenties? That would fit the patterns we've seen before.
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