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  1. Earbuds in, surfin' the web, boppin' to some Madonna. BOOOM loud notification from KH13 that makes me dive from my chair. Love it.

  2. I can agree that the game was sort of underwhelming in some aspects.. And DEFINITELY easy. But I feel like it accomplished what it needed to and am excited to see where everything goes from here!
  3. Nomura has an obsession with playing connect the dot with dots that are on a different page... He always wants his characters to be in everything... He could make a KH game that takes place 6437 years in the future and somehow make Kairi the main antagonist and then play it off like it's all good..
  4. Considering Nomura's grand reveal of who Luxu was... I wouldn't disregard that idea... Do I like the idea of it? No... I am going to be honest, I am kind of tired of Kingdom Hearts constantly connecting things that don't need to be connected... Why can't certain characters just be their own thing? Why must they always be someone else we know?
  5. Saying it is worse than coded is quite the stretch in my personal opinion... I think that the long wait may have blinded you from a more realistic game... It pretty much nailed most aspects of what it was trying to do which is extremely impressive not only for Nomura, but the company itself. Square seems to always fall short whenever there is a lot of pressure on them, and they did not do so with this game. Are there some disappointments? Of course. But saying it is worse than coded is like trying to argue that The Revenge of the Sith is worse than the Holiday Special... Respectfully, Wasabii
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