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  1. This is my first flute cover I post online! I didn't have much time to work on it specifically (posted it right before a trip, and wouldn't be able to record for a while) so it was a bit rushed. Hadn't shared it here though, so hope you guys like it regardless. Also please note that this is my interpretation of the full thing, with a few original twists, but including a passage from the full thing. Since Skrillex himself played the full track in public I don't think it's much of a problem, but still, listen at your own risk!
  2. I'm pretty sure almost everyone agrees that's Xion, it's a given at this point. I think the more interesting question is how she was brought back on their side.
  3. Ey I'm kinda-ish back how y'all doing

  4. Kinode

    So, Are The Latest Leaks Valid, Then?

    we knew abt Giantland from the closed doors d23 thing. The JB leak was confirmed to be fake by the person who made it.
  5. That scene makes absolutely no sense. Namine was probably not even BORN at that point, since that scene occurs before the ending of KH1, and even so, Naminé only becomes aware of Sora's connections to TAV after CoM, which obviously hadn't happened yet. Nomura really screwed up with the continuity in 0.2 and this concert scene.
  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed the orchestration, I worked very hard on arranging it. I truly gave it my all
  7. Thanks Shard. Yeah, that tends to happen on most of my presentations, but I've gotten used to it lol
  8. But Xion is already established to look like Kairi. That's why she looks the way she does.
  9. I want to watch this so much but im on data omg
  10. Hard to pick one. I definitely hated Demon Tide on Critical before the patch. Still not a fan of it. I'd vote for the secret boss, but I can't even beat it. So I just pick Demon Tower 2 because I remember it was pretty satisfying to understand its pattern.
  11. Xion having Xemnas, Saïx and Sora but NOT FREAKING ROXAS is the biggest sin. What the heck
  12. Kinode

    Dearly Beloved - Prog Jazz Cover

    Very cool! Haven't ever seen a take on this song like this. Love it! Especially when it gets more energetic in the middle!
  13. Kinode

    drew a quick aqua

    Thanks :biggrin: