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  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while since the previous episodes, but I was fighting to release the best result against all odds haha. This one was really fun to record and Bio and Aeba were amazing guests! In this episode we go a bit off-rails and talk more about the game side of melody of Memory, and rather than just talking about the new music in it, we focused on talking about how the music-gameplay was handled and our thoughts on the game as a whole. I hopey ou enjoy it! Below is a trailer for the episode to pique your interest, and then the episode itself (Also, just in case this gets shared on twitter: I'd prefer if it got tagged with @GlassOstinato , which is my account for Sound Ideas stuff uwu)
  2. Just posted my cover of The Final World ~ Night. This one was my first commission so it was a cool experience (and definitely a different process than my other works) I also drew the thumbnail/video art really fast Hope you guys like it!
  3. Team Days for Days, I'll probably use it for the enitre game lmao
  4. Don't know if anyone mentioned this after all, but the death screen in 0.2 looks different after the update.
  5. That's a really hard question. I guess probably just how hard overall I felt kh1 was- It was one of the last games of the series I actually played, and I had a lot more trouble with everything in it than any of the other games. The fact that I got stuck on the mob rush before the Final Rest on Proud Mode and had to replay the entire game on standard speaks for itself 😅
  6. Even in one of the coded cutscenes that appear to the characters after clearing one of the worlds- It shows Pluto opening a dark corridor on his own in Traverse Town. It's weird that they've hinted that there's a bit more to Pluto than meets the eye, but never really went anywhere with it. Maybe one day. He's honestly one of the bigger mysteries to me- Like we know he (and iirc Mickey as well) was in Traverse Town at some point in KH1, but why? Why was he seperated from Mickey? Was he searching for something? What was his deal during KH2 just going all over the place lmao
  7. This is such a fun competition! 😮 I guess I went ahead and uploaded these two recent drawings I made into the gallery ^^: https://www.kh13.com/gallery/image/68109-lea-and-isa/ https://www.kh13.com/gallery/image/68108-kairi-illustration/
  8. Kinode

    Lea and Isa

    A little dribble of Lea and Isa standing next to each other. you know. like bros do.
  9. Kinode

    Kairi illustration

    Just a little kairi i drew a few days ago to celebrate her new render!
  10. It's definitely weird to me that some of these Disney tracks made it in despite having no arrangements in the games themselves. Maybe they thought having these familiar songs to general audiences would up the sales a bit?
  11. Hard to believe we're just 6 days away. I'm so excited for this game!!
  12. Oh neat, I saw this on my subscription box a couple of days ago and thought it was really nice. Very cool tribute and accurate performance!
  13. For this second episode of my podcast series, I invited VGM cover musician Ro Panuganti to share his experience binging all the games and his appreciation for the soundtrack!
  14. This one's been cooking for quite a while, so I'm super happy to be posting it... Performances were by David Russell and Piano Game Knight, two awesome pianists. I'm very happy with the result
  15. Hey yall, just wanted to share this little side project of mine, a KH texture mod for Among Us. It's pretty simple so far but I've been having a blast with it. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folder... Tutorial on how to apply the mod will be below! First of all, you must have the PC version of the game, the mod can't be installed on mobile! All you really need to do is open the Steam page, click on the Settings icon/Manage/Browse Local Files. Then, copy/paste the two files downloaded from Google Drive into the "Among Us_Data" folder! Very simple. If you want to revert to the normal version of the game, all you have to do is uninstall and reinstall it from Steam. Let me know if you try it out and what you thought of it ^^
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