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  1. I thought Xion just went straight to Sora tbh. Since she was made of his memories.
  2. Vexen the true OP character of the series. Creating actual life.
  3. I thought Replica's already had hearts, they were just artificially fashioned. 🤔
  4. Sorry to get argumentative though. >.> I've. Thought about this topic a lot. Because you're right, it is a bit. Confusing.
  5. As far as I'm concerned there's no reason Roxas would have changed which keyblades he wields. CoM overlaps with days in a way that suggests that Roxas and Sora can already both use Sora's keyblade at the same time anyway. So there's no reason he wouldn't keep dual wielding Sora and Ven's keyblades. Unless the game explicitly says it's something else, which as far as I know it doesn't.
  6. They are, but for Roxas both represent his connection to Xion. His promise to her, and her fading away. I mean. Why?
  7. .... I literally just pasted an answer directly from Nomura explicitly saying Roxas uses ven's keyblade.
  8. Yeah, I'll grant that part is weird, but that interview is very specific about it not being Xion's. He unlocked the ability because of losing her. But he didn't take her weapon from it.
  9. Roxas doesn't have his own keyblade. He uses the same one Sora does. And dual wields in the same way. Ergo, his primary keyblade is Sora's. The second one is Ventus'
  10. "Q4: Why can Roxas dual-wield? A: Because he can use both Sora’s and Ventus’ keyblades. Sora can wield two keyblades at once because he has Ventus’ as well as his own. As Roxas is a part of Sora, he also can use two. In Days Roxas awakened his ability to dual wield after fighting Xion. In KHII once Sora absorbs him, he can also dual-wield. [picture: Roxas and Riku fighting] Roxas awakens his ability to dual-wield with his will to not forget Xion who also wielded a keyblade." And they can both have the same Keyblade, presumably because they are, to an extent, the same person. Just. Yknow. Metaphysically fractured.
  11. Birth By Sleep Ultimania interview straight from Nomura
  12. Technically Sora and ventus' keyblades.
  13. Oblivion isn't xion's Oblivion is Ventus' Basically. Sora can dual wield because he has Ventus' heart and thus can summon his own Keyblade and Ventus' Roxas can dual wield because Sora can, and Roxas is Sora's Nobody. So Roxas also summons Sora and Ventus' keyblade when dual wielding.
  14. Roxas literally summons Sora's Keyblade so far as I know. It isn't a copy, it's the same exact Keyblade. Xion's is definitely weird replica stuff though, probably. And yes, that means that Sora and Roxas can use the same weapon at the same time in two different places. Hilariously.
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