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  1. Replace cat with dog and it still works.
  2. There were also probably a lot less nobodies in general to the point of basically being nonexistant before,, yknow. A plague of heartless got unleashed on the worlds.
  3. lol, "Loki I've studied every moment of your life and you've literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times."
  4. It is. Unprecedented is a real word. Underprecedented is not at all.
  5. 🤔 I don't think this is supposed to look like that.
  6. It might be considering it's written on the arc. And those do originate from Daybreak.
  7. yeah, till they got sold seperately. ... I'm kinda sad the early starlight code isn't applicable tbh.
  8. And it didn't appear to be an add-on. I think it's just automatic on the PC version.
  9. It wasn't advertised as such.
  10. That unique ability it has that gives access to random grand magic also makes all grand magic that you do get tier 4. So you can get Thundaza, waterza, firaza.
  11. Lordy I went into KH3 and the new Keyblade is brokenly overpowered early to mid game.
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