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  1. You're complaining that we occasionally nudge people to remain on topic, then. As appropriate for a channel. When it has veered off topic for a considerable length of time.
  2. That is exactly the result.
  3. I mean, you're suggesting we just let people talk about whatever they want in whatever channel they want, no?
  4. Then maybe it wasn't all that important. You're advocating for complete anarchy and the channels being pointless, frankly. At that point we might as well just have channel 1, channel 2, channel 3, channel 4, channel 5 without any organization to it at all.
  5. It really isn't that huge of a deal to click on another channel and then continue there. And they're seperate to keep things organized.
  6. Or will pretend it was a plan all along 15 years from now. At least.
  7. tbh if feels like they just can't make up their minds on the exact shade. Sometimes it's bluer. Sometimes it's greener.
  8. that's still blue if you go far back enough to the right languages. Actually fun fact there's quite a few languages where green and blue just have one word to describe them both. Japanese only got a distinct word for green relatively recently on a historical scale. IIRC.
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