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  1. Yeah... bump that one good up to rainbow excellent and it's an actual tie.
  2. Hmmmm I would say Fan-art if anywhere. @Sam N General if it came up naturally in conversation for some reason or you just wanted to talk about someone elses fanfict you liked or something. Would probably also be appropriate in that context in KH-general as well.
  3. Ok but Man of Steel was bad.
  4. If you link it, it actually does add your posts with your account onto the forum. Like if you click that link and scroll down, that's my actual KH13 forum account. Posting in that thread automatically for the discord cross link thing. ... also lol. I've made it big guys, my rep is amazing, I'm equal to- Oh. Oh no.
  5. No, no that definitely happened. They posted an emote.
  6. Yeah, something that isn't from Mcdonalds would be good.
  7. Xion also apparently has power copying considering she was ripping off Saix's moves too.
  8. She's the Cinderella world equivelent to the gods in Hercules. But she uses it on wish granting instead of being a jerkass.
  9. I meaaaan. He's wrong according to what we're told. But he's entirely right according to what we're shown. In the series. The series pays a lot of lip service to the idea of balance, but in actual practice Darkness has been nothing but Malevolent and Destructive.
  10. Because this is the original and at first they weren't even credited on the youtube video.Probably.
  11. I think that actually happened to me once.
  12. Nah, it was explicitly confirmed to be Mickey ages ago.
  13. 0/10 doesn't have the glorious hair.
  14. Ngl I gave up on RWBY... many seasons ago.
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