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  1. I did get like ~20 into it at 30, manually. I killed the pot scorpion. The sleep archer after got me.
  2. I greatly prefer brotherhood Hohenheim.
  3. So level 31 requires 803,960 BP. And 30 was around 700k. I'm betting it hits 1m a level by level 33. (Also side note I still can't complete the last challenge event or winning streak unless I wanna expend some revives for the first one and I don't even know for winning streak...)
  4. Would it have been that difficult to pull my characters appearence. really
  5. It was generic mcboringdefaultdude. Like, it's literally on the same app.
  6. I'm still annoyed that that cutscene didn't actually use my KHUX character.
  7. This is a sequel to that though. This was never a Japanese only browser game.
  8. Lol, yeah that spawned all sorts of drama.
  9. At one point I was in a consistent top 10 party on Vulpes but I haven't played except for story in a long while lol.
  10. It just sort of, happens once you hit a certain HP mark, ngl I was hoping it'd be fixed by the time I got there lol.
  11. Oof, I hit the point where the health bar expands all the way across the top, but taking even 30 damage kills the entire extended section of the health bar for no reason lol. Truly, this is the most accurate of health bar displays.
  12. What the actual... Number 1 is literally over 100 times number 2 what. over 200 times even.
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