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  1. Alas. Yeah that was 4 am for me.
  2. wait what, that isn't right at all. The dandelions were explicitly the ones that avoided that fight entirely.
  3. It's the opposite, Stormblood comes for free with Shadowbringers, nowadays. After an expansion releases they don't make you pay for each of them seperately. They just bundle the old in with the new.
  4. that includes all the level 50 patch quests. that includes all the level 50 patch quests. You have to actually start Heavensward for those three jobs. By which point it isn't hard to have multiple other jobs at 50. Tbh. Unless you were just focused on one. Samurai/Red Mage are actually easier to pick up since they really do merely need another job at 50.
  5. DRK/AST/MCH all need Ishgard access. So 50 MSQ
  6. Yeah you only need 15 to start picking up other jobs. MSQ at 50 to get it*
  7. They got the game for free in the sense of getting an actual licence for it. Not free as in the free trial.
  8. You have indeed fought Ifrit. You're also pretty close to the 4th dungeon.
  9. That's a monk quest. Not a MSQ MSQ is the meteor symbol quests. Blue is important sidequests like job quests, dungeons and so on. This is MSQ
  10. There's a version with and without it. With was my doing, without was the base version I did that tiny edit to. That someone else made.
  11. This is the first one.
  12. nono like. There are boss fights in the game. Called Trials. the first three are 4 players 1 boss, and after that it's 8 people vs 1 boss. There's a few dozen of them.
  13. Heh. If you were around 20 you were probably barely out of the set of 3 dungeons around 15-17 might have hit your first trial. But that's unlikely given you were very likely somewhat overleveled.
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