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  1. Even if the other 9 cards end up being trash ;D
  2. So you can get at least something along the lines of what you want/need.
  3. Like that deal with a 10 pull where at least one is magic.
  4. Some deals go out with something gaurenteed.
  5. Could save a bunch of them for pulling for something specific down the road but otherwise. 🤷
  6. Ngl though it's kinda funny to watch like. Odin, Bragi, Baldr, etc walk around. And then there's randomly Eraqus and Xehanort. Xehanort at least has the excuse of being from another world but. What's Eraqus' excuse.
  7. It's literally pulled directly from norse mythology. Like all the other DR characters. (Plus Skuld) It's probably legitimately just coincidence for once.
  8. There.... Hey I was right about Aqua not being Norted. But seriously, nah, he aint.
  9. Nah. that's a silly theory and I say he's 100% not lol. It's way too obvious and his notes suggest he was watching things from a distance, not...
  10. They find Eraqus and Xehanort reborn as infants and they have zero bearing on the plot. Clearly. Mhm mhm.
  11. I dunno I feel like that's pretty final even for him.
  12. Xehanort literally went directly to the afterlife. I swear if they bring someone back from that... Lol.
  13. Oblivion is Critical only so no, if you're on proud you just straight up won't get it at all. You'll only get Oathkeeper, and even then only if you take a picture of every Lucky Emblem in the game.
  14. You get Oblivion from critical. You get Oathkeeper on any difficulty by getting all the lucky emblems and beating the game. You get Oblivion by beating the game on Critical only.
  15. Oathkeeper you get by getting all the lucky emblems and beating the game on any difficulty. So you can get both in one run of crit grabbing all of the lucky emblems.
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