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  1. Aqua_Wren

    General Chat

    I do greatly enjoy Octopath though.
  2. Aqua_Wren

    General Chat

    IIRC the stories get loosely connected near the very end but even then the vast bulk of Octopath is, yeah their stories are seperate and they only really team up to help each other and also get help in turn.
  3. You can turn off the keyblade in the uh, menu where you change your clothes by tapping on your avatar. @sadtofu
  4. It has an absurd multiplier with one enemy remaining and 50k strength base. It's enormously powerful if you're facing one enemy and don't care it's gonna drain all your gauges, and basically useless otherwise.
  5. Yeah just uh... Aqua.... Roxas.... was there a third? More Riku?
  6. Also reminds me of hollow knight. The sequel was supposed to be a DLC originally but they got enough material for a full game unto itself.
  7. Aqua_Wren

    General Chat

    I do question some design choices in BotW. Like all weapons being made of brittle glass that breaks after the slightest use.
  8. Aqua_Wren

    General Chat

    And I can't imagine playing it on. Not a dual screen system, tbh.
  9. Aqua_Wren

    General Chat

    TWEWY is good but the original made very good use of the split screen of the DS/3DS.
  10. Aqua_Wren

    General Chat

    I'd go with Octopath or Botw.
  11. I seriously doubt it's technical limitations of any kind. And while coding them all in would, yes, be monotonous, it's part of making a pokemon game and they've done it before. Oh well.
  12. If people said the only reason people bring over pokemon between generations is for competitive reasons. People are wrong. Hm, see, I'm convinced it's more that GF has to rush this out to have their yearly game and can't really tell Nintendo no. If they had more time, they could easily have every pokemon in. They managed it with sun and moon on the 3DS and that's a significantly worse system with far less storage capacity.
  13. That shiny pokemon you spent hours to catch. or days. or even years on and off. Yeah and, unfortunately. Every single pokemon has someone who that's their favorite. It doesn't matter which ones they cut. They will be alienating or at least seriously annoying a significant chunk of the fanbase.
  14. I strongly disagree that bringing over pokemon is only for competetive reasons. People bring over pokemon so they can have their favorites. The ones that have been with them for multiple games or a species that isn't in the region locally.
  15. Plus there's a certain amount of tactical depth to z-moves in that they're a limited resource to be used wisely and take up a held item.
  16. "Same pokemon but bigger" There's nothing innovative or interesting about that. At least Z-moves look cool.
  17. It's literally just.
  18. Dynamaxing is boring as it gets ;D even Z-moves are more interesting.
  19. But that's part of what makes it good. It has a protaganist that learns and grows and becomes .... not unlikeable. Even if he starts off as a spoiled rich brat. Also it has Jade.
  20. Every game is different teams and even the ones set in the same world tend to be millenia apart. also I recomend Tales of the Abyss.
  21. Indeed. That was one of the big things in X/Y and Kalos. FASHION And S/M had it to a lesser extent.
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