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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZVeQ1Iv29A I've been wanting to do this for a loooong time- here's my take on a more adequate final battle theme for Master Xehanort, incorporating most of the themes associated with him and few more.
  2. Hey yall, I recreated the KH4 trailer music with some other musicians and thought you might enjoy it! It sounds super accurate to the real deal too! I know others have done their versions of this first, but I've really been working super hard for the last month to make sure it's the highest quality possible, so I'd really appreciate the support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D1XZaBC9sc
  3. If you remember me, you remember me lol. I've been "around" for a bit, though I barely come back to kh13 specifically anymore.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS9phkBXx5c Xion's character isn't the only thing shaped by memories. The way her theme evolved and was shaped by different people as they showcased their interpretations of it reveals many things about the potential of fandom when it comes to the production of media and the learning of new skills, as well as leaving lasting impacts on listeners. How did the wish to participate in an on-going folk process of covers end up shaping the way "Vector to the Heavens" and "Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion" are perceived by general online audiences? Been a while since I share anything here, but here's me sharing the current state of my research about Vector to the Heavens! This is... definitely a lot more academic than I'm used to, so I'm curious what you guys might think about it! I put a ton of love into the research, the editing, and everything else that went into this video. I hope it pays off!
  5. https://youtu.be/MrrGYQ3S0q8 Lost KH Orchestra track restored! Org. XIII - World Tour vers. - Relive the magic of the omitted original tracks from the official Kingdom Hearts concerts, brought to life by the VGM and KH communities -- starting with the arrangement of Organization XIII from the World Tour Orchestra (originally arranged by Natsumi Kameoka)! This project sparked up when I realized there were some pieces missing from the officially released albums for these concerts... Luckily, World of Tres has been fully documented as part of the KH3 DLC, but the World Tour and First Breath concerts both contain tracks that were essentially lost, with no clear, high quality recordings of the tracks. Much like my restoration of the Nameless Star track from MoM, I transcribed this arrangement by ear and gathered a group of musicians to try to recreate the magic of the original track in a new way! The video will be premiering tonight at 9PM EST-- I know I promote my stuff here a lot but this project in particular is something I’m super proud of and truly turned out incredible, so I’d love it if you guys hit the reminder button in the video and tuned in to the premiere! See you there!
  6. Since the time gap between these two episodes was so short, I thought I'd just post the followup for in over here haha Following up on where we left off last episode, I attempt to simulate Ishimoto's creative process in order to further comprehend why certain issues sometimes arise in his works, and how to avoid them. Come catch up on the newest episode of the Sound Ideas podcast! This episode's a bit on the longer side, so don't hesitate to skip ahead a bit if you find yourself uninterested on the nitty gritty of a specific section lol. I thought it was important to include a lot of how things were going wrong throughout the process and what was going through my head as I woked on it! I also recommend watching it in 1.5 speed if you're looking to save some time!
  7. Beautiful pattern!! Definitely show off the results!
  8. With the recent release of NEOTWEWY, I've been thiking a lot about how Ishimoto's music sounds different across different franchises, and why that might be- I've recorded a new episode of my podcast where I go over how Ishimoto went about making some of his music for NEO and share some very sincere opinions of whether I feel he is a good composer or not. Hopefully this video will show that while I am critical of Ishimoto, there is nothing wrong with enjoying his music, and why I think it's important to pay attention to where certain elements from people's music can originate from!
  9. Here's something I've been working on for a while- a rearrangement of the track "Replicas", by Takeharu Ishimoto. This was my first attempt at rewriting something from KH3 with the intent of fixing things I didn't like about it!
  10. It's been a bit, but I'm now back with a new episode of Sound Ideas! This episode marks the starts a sequence of episodes where I'll be bringing aboard some musicians in the KH community and talk with them about their experiences as content creators, musicians, and their relationships with the franchise's music. To kickstart that, I thought it'd be great to talk with ViolinGamer, someone many of you might recognize from being a KH1 speedrunner and also one of the best Melody of Memory players out there.
  11. This was one of my projects since last year, restoring this cutscene track from MoM, particularly due to that gorgeous incorporation of Nachtflugel near the end. Much like when i did it to the Master of Master's theme, this isn't really ripped, as much as it is completley recreated from scratch! I hope you guys enjoy listening to it without dialougue and sparky sounds all over.
  12. Whether it's in the form of Roxas or The Other Promise, one thing is true-- if there's one theme in this franchise that everyone loves, it's this one. But what makes it work, and how do all the different versions across the years set each other apart? Who were the musicians besides Shimomura who contributed to building some of its most iconic renditions? What is the legacy of Roxas's theme when it comes to the music of Kingdom Hearts as a whole?Today, I'll be going through the answers to all of these different questions!
  13. Hey everyone! It's been a while since the previous episodes, but I was fighting to release the best result against all odds haha. This one was really fun to record and Bio and Aeba were amazing guests! In this episode we go a bit off-rails and talk more about the game side of melody of Memory, and rather than just talking about the new music in it, we focused on talking about how the music-gameplay was handled and our thoughts on the game as a whole. I hopey ou enjoy it! Below is a trailer for the episode to pique your interest, and then the episode itself (Also, just in case this gets shared on twitter: I'd prefer if it got tagged with @GlassOstinato , which is my account for Sound Ideas stuff uwu)
  14. Just posted my cover of The Final World ~ Night. This one was my first commission so it was a cool experience (and definitely a different process than my other works) I also drew the thumbnail/video art really fast Hope you guys like it!
  15. Team Days for Days, I'll probably use it for the enitre game lmao
  16. Don't know if anyone mentioned this after all, but the death screen in 0.2 looks different after the update.
  17. That's a really hard question. I guess probably just how hard overall I felt kh1 was- It was one of the last games of the series I actually played, and I had a lot more trouble with everything in it than any of the other games. The fact that I got stuck on the mob rush before the Final Rest on Proud Mode and had to replay the entire game on standard speaks for itself ?
  18. Even in one of the coded cutscenes that appear to the characters after clearing one of the worlds- It shows Pluto opening a dark corridor on his own in Traverse Town. It's weird that they've hinted that there's a bit more to Pluto than meets the eye, but never really went anywhere with it. Maybe one day. He's honestly one of the bigger mysteries to me- Like we know he (and iirc Mickey as well) was in Traverse Town at some point in KH1, but why? Why was he seperated from Mickey? Was he searching for something? What was his deal during KH2 just going all over the place lmao
  19. This is such a fun competition! ? I guess I went ahead and uploaded these two recent drawings I made into the gallery ^^: https://www.kh13.com/gallery/image/68109-lea-and-isa/ https://www.kh13.com/gallery/image/68108-kairi-illustration/
  20. Kinode

    Lea and Isa

    A little dribble of Lea and Isa standing next to each other. you know. like bros do.
  21. Kinode

    Kairi illustration

    Just a little kairi i drew a few days ago to celebrate her new render!
  22. It's definitely weird to me that some of these Disney tracks made it in despite having no arrangements in the games themselves. Maybe they thought having these familiar songs to general audiences would up the sales a bit?
  23. Hard to believe we're just 6 days away. I'm so excited for this game!!
  24. Oh neat, I saw this on my subscription box a couple of days ago and thought it was really nice. Very cool tribute and accurate performance!
  25. For this second episode of my podcast series, I invited VGM cover musician Ro Panuganti to share his experience binging all the games and his appreciation for the soundtrack!
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