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  1. Alicornbrodie

    Paopu pendant (fimo)

    I got college. :') Next spirit/dream eater drawing soon I promise asdfghjkl
  2. Alicornbrodie

    DDD - Komory Bat

    Here we have Vampir- Komory Bat. He's a shiny bat baby.
  3. My only memories of Re:Coded is The Gay™️, and Sora kicking down a door. Honestly, doesn't feel like something we'll actually learn about though. XD All we can do is guess and imagine. Didn't remember Mickey going to Traverse Town tho; always thought Pluto just went there with Donald and Goofy fsr.
  4. The lucky emblems in KHIII! I saw one and thought "Hahah it's Mickey! Is this an easter egg? It's cute." then bam all of a sudden it's an infestation throughout the game. Mickey shapes everywhere.
  5. Glad it was fixable!! Tbh from here it looked like you were doing a decent amount of damage to him with each hit, but I've never really gotten too strong in the game anyway so idk???? I thought it was cool. XD Is it harder more in terms of avoiding attacks orr??
  6. Don't break the Nort omg it scares me that people get this far in the game at level 1, gg
  7. I..... had no problems with the labyrinth at all. Thought Arendelle was gonna be a nightmare to deal with but it wasn't. Or maybe I'd subconsciously braced myself for any trouble and that's what got me through. Tbh it was fun and looked really pretty. Liked the music too.
  8. I made a fanart ouo https://www.kh13.com/gallery/image/68091-ddd-meow-wow/ I hope I uploaded it right, so if I didn't then please let me know how cause I have no idea. ;w;
  9. Alicornbrodie

    DDD - Meow Wow

    Omg guys look it's Bumbleb- I mean, Meow Wow. It's Meow Wow guys. Figured I'd try drawing every Spirit from "Kingdom Hearts 3D/Dream Drop Distance" so here's the first. Meow doesn't have paw pads and that hurts on a personal level.
  10. Yeah cause the story would have already been told in the game along with any small extras we didn't know before, so there wouldn't really be anything else to add.
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