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  1. I found proud mode pretty doable until around mission 850 ish. Basically it makes it so you have to clear all the objectives at the same time and it makes it a big chore.
  2. Yeah I totally agree. I just played Days for the first time a couple months ago (before I had only seen the story cutscenes on 1.5). I went from not thinking much of the game, to it being like my second or third favourite in the series. Also Xion is best girl.
  3. If you don't get hype after seeing Ventus ice-surf, do you even have a heart?
  4. It could just be because I've heard the other tracks in the game a bazillion times, but the music for the wreck-it ralph world is shockingly good!!
  5. I've been thinking about this for a couple weeks, and I'm like 99% sure this hasn't been covered in the series. Does it just turn into a stick? Let me know if you know the answer to my question or whatever.
  6. Lego Universe and Clone Wars adventures were pretty much the only online (browser) games I played, and I only got into them just before they were shut down.☹️
  7. I would say music for me. If i listen to a track from a game and it sounds hot, then I'm buying that game the first chance I get. That's how I got into kingdom hearts!
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