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  1. So that "recording released at a later date" better come FAST if only 150 people are attending in-person.
  2. I mean, I would call what happened to Destiny Islands at the beginning of 1 an apocalypse, and Sora was the only one who really came out of that one unscathed (aside from his home getting destroyed, I guess).
  3. Neku for me, but honestly I feel like Shiki doesn't get enough love, both from fans and from Neo.
  4. If they WERE doing it, I'd probably want to see Drakengard, but that wouldn't mesh at all, tonally. Life is Strange would probably work the best, I think.
  5. I love everything about it that isn't a gacha game. Especially the visuals. Hot damn. I hope in like 5 years time they release a port of this game on consoles which is just the parts in the Cage/the dreams or memories or whatever. That stuff is really great, but the gacha elements make me want to throw up.
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