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  1. This may be hoping for a lot, but maybe global will get the update on friday? Definitely by next friday though. Hopefully. This comment will age poorly.
  2. I don't know what the name for it is, but I really like whatever Spira in ffx has goin on.
  3. YES. I could be reading too much into this, but I think that's kinda what Ansem was doing in 3. Like before he fades away and says "part of me wanted to defy my fate," I think that means when he brought Ansem TW back to the realm of light to chew him out about Subject X and the children he experimented on, he was trying to do something good instead of being a purely negative figure. Of course, nothing actually comes of that, and it's kind of negated by the fact he threw Aqua into the darkness-water at the dark margin. So :/. But yeah, that would be sick.
  4. Oh JEEZ could you imagine if they started incorporating the live-action remakes of the old DIsney movies into KH? That would be so weird and confusing that I honestly wouldn't put it past 'em.
  5. I think I'm most excited to see what Lauriam and Elrena are up to. They (or at least their Nobodies) are great!
  6. I really hope he doesn't end up being Eraqus' grandpa. It would be super lame if it turned out that Ux all happened only like 120-ish years before the main story. Make it like 1000 years!!!
  7. A lot of the animations in cutscenes in the base KH3 are soooo bad, unnessecary and robotic looking. To me, they looked a lot better in Re: Mind and EVEN beter than that in MoM, probably cuz they had less cutscenes to work on so they could go ham with the ones they did have. Story-wise, the replicas kind of annoy me. Like obviously it's nice to see the old anagonists and stuff, and I'm pumped that Roxas and Xion kind of have bodies now, but it's ineresting to imagine a world where the replicas were never introduced and Nomura had to deal with having """killed""" off a character a little more within the story.
  8. For me it's a tie between music and story. Neither would be as memorable or emotional for me without the other.
  9. I found proud mode pretty doable until around mission 850 ish. Basically it makes it so you have to clear all the objectives at the same time and it makes it a big chore.
  10. Yeah I totally agree. I just played Days for the first time a couple months ago (before I had only seen the story cutscenes on 1.5). I went from not thinking much of the game, to it being like my second or third favourite in the series. Also Xion is best girl.
  11. If you don't get hype after seeing Ventus ice-surf, do you even have a heart?
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