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  1. I've grown up quite a bit since i first joined ^_^
  2. I was wondering how i just got the posted 50 post after 7 years lol. jk but i really like this idea! Keep up the good work! ^_^
  3. This has been happening to me a lot on both my computers, when it happens i have to refresh like 5 times before the text box appears @DChiuch
  4. I think the forum sigs have been implemented for so long that most members have go used to them so it would be a bit late to take away a feature
  5. I'm praying it's actually good because I'm going to be really disappointed if this turns out to be a cash grab
  6. Rizzyy

    Hello! :)

    Welcome to the forums ^_^
  7. I know this sounds crazy but overwatch. Imagine junkrat's being crazy and sora doesnt know how to respond that would be great LOL
  8. I was craving them tonight but nobody was open today but hey there's always tomorrow!
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