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  1. http://www.tengaged.com/invitedby/Gaiaphage This is an awesome online game! It's like the hit show Survivor and Big Brother with real people! And if you don't like those shows, still just check it out! Dont like it, leave. But give it a chance!
  2. I'm average. 15 years old in August, 5'10, and 140 pounds. Not that big for my height. I'm perfect weight. But to me, I look fat. As in my waist size. Whenever I look down or at a certain angle in the mirror, I look fat. But my family, friends, and girlfriend say I'm not. And when I look straight at the mirror, I dont look fat. But I dunno. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on listing that index. Also, I'm looking to get in shape more. I'm in pretty good shape. For example, we just did the mile in school, and I was one of the few kids who ran/jogged the whole thing. Im good at sports, and am pretty active. In my opinion, I'm pretty strong. But I need tips to get more in shape, stronger, and more muscle. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! As some of you know, I'm a huge Survivor Fan. As many more know, the current season, Redemption Island, is going great! Well I have created a thread where I will update frequently. I will update my predictions, a brief summary of each episode, who wins immunity, who is voted out, and more. If you have never heard of the show, it's on wednesdays on CBS. You can also watch previous episodes on CBS.com, or Youtube.com. Jury: David Julie Redemption Island: Matt Mike Ralph Steve Merged Tribe: Rob Grant Phillip Andrea Ashley Natalie Previously on Survivor, Matt, Julie, and Mike dueled on RI. Matt and Mike live to see another day, and Julie becomes the second member on the Jury. Grant won immunity. But the tribe also received a mystery box. At Tribal Council, the former Ometepe tribe vote out Ralph, leaving Steve the only Zapatera member left. But Jeff tells Steve to open the Mystery Box. It says they will compete in their next immunity challenge and vote out someone immediately. It is a memory sequence game. As each person gets out, it soon reaches the Final 3 contestants in the challenge. Two Ometepes, and Steve. The final Zapatera member. Unfortunately for Steve, Boston Rob wins immunity, and the six Ometepe vote out Steve. Next time on Survivor, Matt, Mike, Ralph, and Steve will be dueling in a four way duel. Tribal Council will start to get interesting, since the Final 6 consists of only Ometepe Members. My Predictions Next time on Episode 12, I think Matt and Ralph will win, making Steve and Mike the third and fourth members on the Jury. During the Immunity Challenge, Grant will win, and at Tribal Council, Phillip is voted out and sent to Redemption Island in a 4-2 vote, the other two votes going to Andrea. If you have anything you want me to post, please tell me! Feel free to comment and post your predictions!
  4. Anniken was grinning. He knew she would follow. "Well before I answer you, I would like to ask something. What is your name and have you ever heard of the name Serenity?" Anniken swallowed after saying her name. He missed her so much, and it hurt even more thinking about her.
  5. "Fine. Let Dylan come back to capture you. Your choice." Anniken placed her down. "Or you can continue. You were hurt. I was trying to help. But If you wish, walk beside me. Following me is the only way Dylan won't find you. Sylvia came down to tell us she sees a small village not too far from here. "Thanks Sylvia." Anniken and Sylvia continued, allowing the girl to do as she wished. Anniken believed she would run up and follow him, but if she decided but too, Anniken would carry her once again.
  6. Anniken heard a fourth voice, but saw nothing, due to Sylvia being a small orb of light. He started into the girls eyes, trying to see what Dylan saw. Then, it came to him. "Serenity." Anniken said softly. Only Dylan heard him, who nodded and laughed. "Hand her over. Now!" Anniken kicked Dylan in the chest, causing him to drop the girl. But Anniken quickly caught her. The fourth voice was soon reconized as Sylvia, who Anniken caught in a glimpse of an eye. "Sylvia. Protect this girl." But this all happened way too fast for Dylan to escape or get up. Anniken then jumped on Dylan, grabbing him by the throat. "What the hell is your problem! Never touch her you skum." Anniken punched Dylan in the face, causing blood to drip from his face. "Anniken. You're a little bitch. I'll be back." With that, Dylan smirked and vanished. "Coward." Anniken quickly rushed to Sylvia and the mystery girl. "Sorry for getting you involved Sylvia. But I had too save her." Anniken then looked at the girl. "If I may ask, who are you?" A breeze then kicked in, and it was getting dark. The sun had slipped away so fast. Or maybe my "world's" time is different then this one. "Hold that answer. We need to get somewhere safe." Seeing that the girl was hurt, Anniken picked her up, and decided to carry her. Sylvia followed on the air, searching for a village of somesort nearby.
  7. Thanks Anniken looked above as Dylan has said. There above him, was Dylan. Half of his body above the "atmosphere" of the battlefield. The other half was seen. "What?!" Suddenly a scream echoed throughout Anniken's ears. He recinized it though. Anniken jumped, catching multiple cliff ledges, and jumping off each cliff, getting closer and closer to the entrance to the "hidden world." He soon came to, and he felt a strange sensation. But a split second after, it went away, along with any dry part of his body. It seemed he was soaked. He looked around. The land.. It was different. Not just by looks, but in the feel as well. Anniken turned, to see Dylan holding a girl, and a sword to her neck. "Let her go Dylan. This is between you and me. Don't bring innocent people into this." "What do you care Anniken. We are not of this world. What do you care if these people die?" "Dylan. Let. Her. Go."
  8. After bearing the pain of hearing Dylan bring up Serenity, he gained much more strength. He striked maliciously, no more sign of fear. Hearing Dylan cry out everytime that cold, rusted, steel weapon ripped his skin. "That's the fighter I know." Dylan grinned. He took a final blow from Anniken, and he too attacked, much more violent. Much more deadly. Much more evil. Anniken was losing again. "Serenity.. I will avenge you. I promise.. I love you." Anniken blocked one of his swings, and stabbed his weapon into Dylan's chest. To a normal person, they would have died. But Dylan was no normal person. He had some sort of extra power in him. This made him unbeatable... For now that is.
  9. Anniken fell down on the cold ground where he and Dylan, his strongest enemy. The two were once close. But that's the past. This is now. They hated each other. Anger and sorrow filled Anniken's heart. He was jealous of the past. Wished he could return to fighting along side his brother, and not against him. But he couldn't change that. While Anniken was zoning out, Dylan slashed him across the chest. "Argh!" Blood dripped from his bare body. Pain filled every part of his body. No emotions were felt besides anger and sorrow. Anniken now fought back. He slammed his body against Dylan, causing him to lose his balance. Anniken then slashed Dylan on his back. Blood trickled from him, but not much. The battle was just starting.
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