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  1. My favorite movie soundtrack is definitely Kill Bill Vol.1, but I'm not really sure about my favorite video game soundtrack. FF13 is definitely up there along with any KH game. Also, Legend of Zelda, am I right?
  2. Someone shares my love of random gifs?
  3. Dark magician and Kuriboh were always my favorites
  4. I agree with everyone else. Even if Riku will just be a party member (which I doubt) he will level up separately, like how Donald and Goofey did in 1 and 2.
  5. I would love for Snake to come back. He is one of my favorite characters to play as, and his move set is AMAZING. My favorite move set in the game, actually. If he came back I would be extremely happy. Make it happen, Nintendo!
  6. Hey, just to let you know your post was removed from the "most shocking anime moment" thread since it was about something unrelated to the topic. I took care of the problem so it's no biggie :)

  7. All I can say is that I am a huge fan of how fast he eats burgers... Kidding! Anyway, I think the Master is awesome and brilliant and one of my favorite Doctor Who bad guys. Also, John Simm is a FANTASTIC (see what I did there?) actor. In my opinion.
  8. Ok, so I honestly don't know anything about anime, but your signature just almost made me shed a tear. That is freaking beautiful, and you really brought back awesome memories and feelings. So yeah, thank you so much.
  9. I would also buy a PS4 for Infamous Second Son. That game looks incredible!
  10. Finally got Kid Icarus Uprising. Today is a happy day.

  11. Wow, that sure is a strong opinion. That REALLY lets me know that it is worth it. Thanks everyone! I'll have to talk some of my friends into getting it so we can play together lol
  12. I normally use Oblivion. Because although Ultima Weapon is better, I just love Oblivion. Or, if I want to actually have to fight Heartless, I use Kingdom Key, so I don 't one-hit KO things. I like to actually play the game even after I have beaten it. Also Lionheart
  13. I really wanted to know, because I am probably going to buy it on Sunday and I was just wondering if you guys liked it. I think the mulitplayer looks interesting, and from the gameplay I have seen, it looks like a fun game. I also like the fact that there are a bunch of different weapons to choose from. So yeah, did anyone like it? Does it have a replay-value? And would you recommend it to someone that likes action/adventure RPG's?
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