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  1. Yeah, YX talks about No Name, and you can see the camera focusing on Braig when he mentions it, as well as him saying he had his own plans. When we look it at now, we can see a lot of subtle foreshadowing.
  2. As much as I love Lea, I think Mickey takes his place, I don't see a reason why he wouldn't be one. Lea has his own objectives, he doesn't need to be one of the 7 Lights
  3. He sounds really similar but he's not the true one, you can tell the difference. It's just that they found a great replacement, like they did with Bulma's seiyuu when she passed away. I'm glad that they try to imitate their voices, in their memory
  4. That's a really fast conclusion. Just because they are alone doesn't mean Riku's dead. In my opinion that occurs in the middle of the game where Riku is still on the RoD (or just elsewhere) and Sora and Kairi have a little reunion at Destiny Islands
  5. Why do you watch the trailers if you don't want to be spoiled? I mean, "spoilers" pretty much refers to ANYTHING about the game. If you don't want to know anything, don't watch the trailers, simple as that. I don't mind the cutscenes. I actually love them since now I can try to think my own theories about what's actually happening in those cutscenes. It's not like they've shown the ending of the game. Oh and we got A LOT of spoilers from DDD's trailers by the way. I remember we even got trailers that were 7 and 8 minutes long with many, many different cutscenes and some of them were of the end of the game. We also knew all the worlds back then too. This is nothing new.
  6. I liked the scene with Aquanort. Nobody expected it, it was a good twist, and Aqua looks so gorgeous! I also liked seeing Larxene, Lea and Kairi. And let's not forget Ienzo talking with Sora, finally some redemption for them!
  7. So, these are the confirmed norts for the New Organization XIII: 1. Xehanort 2. AnsemSoD 3. Xemnas 4. Youngnort 5. Braig/Xigbar 6. Isa/Saix 7. Lauriam/Marluxia (confirmed by the recent trailer in Japanese, he has yellow eyes) 8. Larxene 9. Luxord 10. Vanitas 11. Aqua (possibly) There are two left. One of them will most likely be Terranort. The other could be Demyx since he's the only one from the Old Org who we haven't seen yet. But if Aqua is a nort, I'd like to see Ventus as a nort as well, they could use his body. That'll make the whole trio as norts, it'll be cool to see at least. On the other hand, each of them will appear in different worlds, here's the list so far: Twilight Town -> AnsemSoD and Xemnas Toy Story -> Youngnort Olympus -> Braig/Xigbar Corona -> Lauriam/Marluxia Frozen -> Larxene Pirates -> Luxord Monsters -> Vanitas Dark World -> Aqua The ones we haven't seen in a world yet are Xehanort, Isa/Saix and the two who are not yet revealed. Let's not forget that Big Hero 6 will have a world, and maybe Radiant Garden. Assuming Xehanort will not have his world because he's the final boss, then there could still be 1 or 2 world reveals left I believe.
  8. She says "Come on everyone! Let's dance together!". Marluxia on the other hand says "I have a favour to ask of you" I've been saying that Marluxia was a nort since he was revealed and everyone disagreed just because he didn't have yellow eyes, like that mistake hasn't happened before..... Finally it's confirmed.
  9. Well for me the best was Bowser Inside Story I guess, I love that game, I hope the remake's worth it. Smash is hype and all but meh, I don't expect many new things if it's coming out this year.
  10. Too many?? Um... it isn't too much asking... how much time have you been in the fandom? We usually get more trailers, long trailers. And they always reveal every world, characters and overall story. Comparing with KH3, we barely know anything. They show us the new worlds and gameplay elements, but we barely know anything about the story and honestly I wish they would be more open with that, I really want a story trailer. If you feel like you don't want to get more spoiled then don't watch the trailers because I'm pretty sure after E3 we will get many more before the game comes out
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