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  1. More like towards the end. Not in midgame. Can you imagine going to the rest of the worlds alone, save for its respective party member? It'll be a Birth by Sleep throwback, for sure, but it's unrealisitc. No, I think it's only towards the end. Yeah, I don't think anyone will die. And if it is, it won't be permanent. Probably have to do with Sora's power to return hearts, or something.
  2. Ohohoooo boy! The things that you miss when you're away from the internet, trying to avoid spoilers... only to fail and do it anyway. Let's see the speculation that's been going while I was gone. I personally believe that happens when they go and mount their rescue. You know, when they go there and run into Terra-Xehanort. Again, I've got no proof, but this theory is under the assumption that there's a sequence in KHIII where's Sora's goin' solo. Oh, of course Xion can hold her own. Namine, I'd like to belive is still kinda present in Kairi, so maybe she learns to use the Keyblade as Kairi does, like a memory sync ala Assassin's Creed. I dunno. Maybe her power over memories might bring them back. She was able to interact with Terra, after all. And even told him about Aqua before he crosses her in 0.2 (however it was that that happened.) Maybe she's become omniscient? Also, I'd like to add that she's the only one Xehanort wasn't able to ruin or do something to that was overtly dire, not including imprisonment at CO. Most of it was of her own free will. So props to my girl. (Unless of course he does so in KHIII... 0.0) I don'y buy into what those people are saying, if only because at the end of the TGS trailer, we see Sora and Aqua reaching out to each other underwater like in the 0.2 opening. Not saying that Riku won't fight Aqua, but it is the fight between Sora and Aqua that will see her free from the darkness at last. As for why Sora's serious or not reacting... well, that whole cutscene has already played out at that point. What he's said has been said, and that last line about him feeling all of her misery and despair as the indication that they're going to fight. Personally, I fully expect her to chide him or berate him about him having the Keyblade, bringing up the fact that she didn't do the Bequeathing on him. This of course would toll heavily on Sora, as this is after he just failed to protect his friends severely in the Keyblade Graveyard. But I think, while Sora knows this, he also knows that this is his chance to prove that he's worthy of the Keyblade. Before, he was okay with being part of the people that the Keyblade chose, but now he has to prove he is worthy in order to save everyone. And again, I must stress, this is Sora getting 6 new Guardians of Light, if my theory is what ends up happening. And he needs Aqua. This is a fight he CANNOT lose. He probably tells her this when he responds about the Keyblade, before finally trying to implore that there's still light in her heart. Cue the Aqua's theme and Fate of the Unknown mix that signifies the beginning of their fight. I think Scala ad Caelum is the last world. That would happen after all of that is said and done. I have a whole other theory as to who those figures are. I don't think Xehanort's gonna do much. I think he's still think that it's DESTINYYYY, and that regardless of what happens, his plans will still succeed. Thing is, it's what happens AFTER destiny has played out that I think will be his undoing. To quote MoM, "We have to focus on what happens AFTER." I personally wouldn't know, as this "Key to Return Hearts" has been shown off very little in promotion, other than Chirithy's mention of the ability in the Final Battle trailer. If this is an ability and not a Keyblade, I think Chirithy, our main buddy, home biscuit, home slice for life, will show Sora how. And again, we don't know for sure if he will lose his heart when he does. Ansem the Wise has implied that Sora has that power, and seems confident he can use it without consequence. Anyway, that's all the responses I have for now. Maaaaaaaan, next month can't come soon enough! Got three whole days off work to play when it releases!
  3. So, as I was writing my theory on the significance of the Lone Sora Chess Piece scene, something occurred to me about the final scene of the Final Battle trailer. Those figures look awfully identical, right? You would think, that since the 13 Vessels have a fragment of Xehanort's heart, they would each be of different sizes and lengths, yes? But they're not. And here is what I believe... I believe that those figures are actually If that is very much true, then some things that we've seen start making absolute sense. First of all, Vexen's introduction to the True Organization XIII. Now, I personally am unsure as to whether or not he's truly loyal to the Organization. Perhaps he's the one Demyx is carrying in that one bit where he appears to Ienzo in the TGS trailer? Regardless, Xehanort would want him in his group for one reason, and one reason only: The Replica Program. Vexen crafted two Replicas who went to greatly form a sense of self: Xion and the Riku Replica. Doubtless, the old Organization was really invested in what could be done with it, but then of course Axel destroyed him. They couldn't go further. But with Vexen now in their ranks, he can do just that. Maybe that's how the other Riku shows up? He recreates it. However, if they all do have fragments of Xehanort's heart in them, then it could potentially be possible that he could see what's in their minds, and can therefore make their knowledge his.It is then potentially possible that he can make his own Replicas of himself if he doesn't already have Vexen doing it for him. And why would he do that? Because, to quote MoM, he's always thinkin' and thinkin' underneath that bald, veiny head of his. Xehanort is known as a master planner and tactician, so it would make sense for him to have a backup plan should this new Organization fail him. And why wouldn't he? Recall that Xemnas admitted that Ansem's apprentices' original experiments with the Heartless were attempts to control the mind, and make it renounce its sense of self. And yet, despite him having 13 Seekers of Darkness, they are still rather individualistic. Examples: Xigbar still kinda antagonizes Xehanort (i.e. What now, you old coot?!") Saix still going to talk to Lea in Twilight Town, even after they've established their sides, instead probably focusing on starting the Keyblade War. Vanitas still wanting to merge with Ventus, even after having been told that becoming the X-Blade will make him whole, meaning he probably no longer believes that. And the fact that they still don't probably know the full extent of Xehanort's plans, though this was as off Re:coded, and might have changed by the time of KHIII. The bottom line is that they still retain their sense of self, and not on the level Terra-Xehanort was (though MX sent his full heart into him, but there should still be signs that his presence should be within them beside the physical yellow eyes and pointy ears.) Overall, Xehanort making Replicas to replace the True Organization should they fail is totally a valid thing he would do. It's in his character, and he would be more than willing to do it. Another hint is that in the beginning of the Final Battle trailer, we see multiple No Names floating behind him when he summons Kingdom Hearts. It made me recall that there was two Kingdom Keys present at the same time, when Roxas and Xion still existed. It would make sense that the Replicas all have copies of the No Name. (Though I'm still hoping all of the True Organization XIII members get their own Keyblades in KHIII.) Overall, this is all still speculation on my part... but I'm honestly convinced that this is what will likely be as to who those figures are.
  4. So after watching the Final Battle Trailer, I have come to believe that there is more significance to the Sora Chess Piece being alone. If you've been avoiding news snippets like the extra stuff that we've seen at TGS, I suggest you turn back now if you want to go into KHIII fresh. As we have seen, there is going to be a part in Kingdom Hearts III where the Guardians of Light are going to get beaten, quite severely, at that. Now, here's the thing. I don't think they're going to die, necessarily, but I do think that they're going to be held captive, or some sort of purgatory. The reason I believe this is because I recall Vanitas speaking in the Keyblade Graveyard: "Only when your hopes have been broken by battle upon battle can the key to Kingdom Hearts be claimed." It seems from this, they are likely going to have their captives keep fighting, as indicated by Riku fighting Replica Riku, and Lea getting slammed with Xemnas' lasers. (Alternatively, they could all have simply been put in various states after getting beaten, like maybe out of commission, but let's assume for the sake of this topic that they're made to continue fighting. I'll explain why later.) They all get captured. The King, Riku, Lea, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, they get taken by the 13... except for Sora. Because of Riku, he manages to escape. He's distressed about it. As we've seen in the 30 second spot, he's only ever fought alongside his friends, but he's never had to do it alone. He feels he CAN'T do it alone. But Riku reassures him. "Sora, you don't believe that. I know you don't." After what happens in the Graveyard goes down for the first time, Sora is left alone. He has to find a way to save everyone on his own. He probably still feels like he can't do it... until a pep talk from a certain best buddy, home skilly biscuit, home slice for life: Chirithy! (That's what I call him, haha) There's probably more to it and more people involved than that, but Chirithy does ask Sora if he knows how to bring back a heart after it's lost. Maybe he learns it there? After that, Sora resolves to continue where they left off: find more Guardians of Light to help save his friends. How does he start? By finding a way to the Realm of Darkness to save Aqua. There have been various cutscenes in the trailers where, oddly enough, we see Sora alone when talking to some of the Darknesses. Vanitas, Young Xehanort. I believe at this point in those times, we're playing as Sora, and he's trying to find a way into the Realm of Darkness. And eventually he does. And as we've clearly seen in the TGS footage, Sora fights Aqua alone. Perhaps this is why? Now, granted, Aqua's scenario may indeed involve the Master's Defender, and I have no sure proof to suggest that it is after he gets the Master's Defender is when they go save Aqua. Alternatively, though, there's also no concrete proof supporting the fact that it is when he gets the Master's Defender is when he goes for Aqua. Anyway, he restores Aqua, and then the next order of business is saving Ven. I like to believe that Vanitas probably still feels Ventus and Sora though his connection to Ventus' heart, and likely surmises what Sora's trying to do. As of the Final Battle trailer, we can see that it seems that Vanitas doesn't really care for Xehanort's plot much. He's mainly trying to merge Ventus' heart with his again. Maybe he lets Xehanort know, or decides to go on his own, and get the heart back himself. Cue them in Castle Oblivion/Land of Departure, trying to get Ventus back, and Vanitas shows up. Aqua hold him off, while Sora dives into Ven's heart. Not sure how this portion will end, but I have a feeling it'll end with my long-awaited showdown between Sora and Vanitas, the later of whom may not survive the fight. Perhaps one of the Darknesses takes Ven while this happens. Maybe he has his heart back, but it's taking him a while to wake up due to how long he's been a sleep. A slow reboot so to speak. They go back to the Keyblade Graveyard, and end up confronting Terra-Xehanort. How he is there, I don't know. Is he one of the Darknesses? I do not know. What I do know is that Sora and Ventus were chained up by dark versions of the Lingering Will chain technique in the Final Battle trailer. Terra-Xehanort has them, but then they're saved by the Lingering Will, which could lead to Terra being saved. If that is the case, he now has 4 Lights to fight the Darknesses. Him, Ven, Aqua, and Terra. I also believe Roxas will be fighting for the Lights as well. Perhaps the whole thing with Roxas takes up a good chunk of the story in the meanwhile. He gets taken out of Simulated Twilight Town, has to get checked up on by Ansem the Wise and Ienzo, and then shows up later to save Lea. He could probably save him from Xemnas' ultimate attack, and point the Kingdom Key at him, before summoning his other Keyblade, and shifting them to Oblivion and Oathkeeper like he did at the end of 358/2 Days. He swipes at Xemnas, and then removes his hood like at the end of the TGS trailer. I also think Sora might recruit Xion and Namine, but I have no proof nor any explanations as to how he will do so. All I know is that if he succeeds, there will be a new group of Seven Lights. Sora. Aqua. Ventus. Terra. Roxas. Xion. Namine. To conclude, I really hope this theory turns out to be true, though I have to stress again this is all merely speculation on my part. Still, it makes for a great character development arc for Sora, that would only have him engaging in a venture worthy of a Keyblade Master. He has always said his friends were his power, and he theirs... Now it's time for him to prove it.
  5. Now that we've had ample time to register the godly juicyness that was the new KHIII trailer, there's something I gotta point out. After watching the trailer again and again and again (still not tired of wathcing it, btw), and listening to his voice, there's a few things I gotta ask... 1. Do my ears deceive me... or did Master Xehanort's voice sound an AWFUL LOT like Chikao Otsuka? 2. If the above is true, and that is Chikao Otsuka, does that mean he recorded his lines before his passing? 3. If the above statement is ALSO true... does that mean there's a chance Leonard Nimoy recorded his lines before his passing as well?
  6. I dunno, man. From my point of view, that looks like Master Xehanort. Either way, I got major BBS vibes from that spot. Also, I'm seriously believing my own theory that Lingering Will is going to show up to save Sora when he's cornered by all the darknesses, as shown in that shot with the chess pieces. Another thing, is that if we do go to the Keyblade Graveyard halfway through the game, that would be a good time for Lingering Will to show up, especially if Xehanort is present. He'll try to fight Xehanort, get beaten, and Sora and co. take him back to Yen Sid.
  7. So, now that we've had a few hours to digest that influx of tidbits at the end of the Big Hero 6 trailer, there's one thing I wanted to discuss that caught my attention. We now know the Keyblade Graveyard is in KHIII. Deep down, I think we all knew it would be showing up, but this trailer shows us our first glimpse of it. What I wanted to ask is this: Considering Vanitas and Xemnas appear, and Vanitas is talking about Sora breaking through battle through battle, would it be crazy to suggest we go to the Keybade Graveyard potentially... halfway through the game?
  8. No. I just really want to know what it sounds like, because I really want to listen to it. Doesn't really spoil the story. I've just always imagined to be the Dearly Beloved to blow away all Dearly Beloveds, and I want a taste of what to expect. Closest thing I've got is Sam Yung's version, but we all know that's not Yoko Shimomura's I just want some context to what I'll feel listening to it. That's all.
  9. This is a question for all of those on here who stumble upon this topic, and have also had the pleasure of playing the KH3 Demo, be it at one of the recent conventions or the Premiere Event, How did Dearly Beloved sound like? The reason I ask is because I watched HMK's demo impressions on Youtube, and he made a comment on how good the Dearly Beloved sounded. So I ask you all, for those who have maybe listened to it and bothered to take it in: how did it sound like? Was it an old version, or the brand new one meant for KHIII? What was the feeling that you got for it. An example would be the 358/2 Days version emitting a hint of tragedy, whilst KH1's depicted the starting of a new journey, KH2's being the halfway point of that journey, and BBS's theme seeming to allude to awakening. Those are my impressions from listening to those versions of Dearly Beloved. So what are the impressions you get from the KHIII demo version of Dearly Beloved?
  10. See, this is why I'm so curious as to what Terra's role is. He's perhaps the biggest wild card, aside form maybe Namine and Xion if they show up. As I said before, I'm more of the opinion that he will be one of the Lights as the Lingering Will, but again, he could return to himself as I described. I really just want to see my boi Terra being the wrench in Xehanort's plan, along with Sora. Seriously, though, why does Xehanort write Sora off, though. I mean, he is definitely aware that he's messed up Ansem and Xemnas' plans, and yet he keeps calling him dull, and pretty much roasting him. Xigbar does this, too. What's up with that?
  11. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. Hmm... I guess I just want to actually see it, even if it's her standing next to one of the other Darknesses. Like I said, I consider both alternatives her. I hate to sound like a belligerent, in-denial nutcase, but I must also say that he's not specific as to how we save her. I mentioned before we don't even know if she'll even be with the Darknesses during the final battle. Maybe we save her before then? Personally, I'm imagining Riku being the one to save her, having to duel her in a boss fight, where she'll be dishing out all of Phantom Aqua's moveset, and some new ones exclusive to her new Xehanortified self. That might very well be the case. Personally, I'm still pondering over the Lingering Will's role in KHIII, and I'm almost certain it will be addressed at TGS. There's two major possibilities I see Terra making a return. Like Xehanort, Terra's body and heart were forced to return after Ansem and Xemnas' destruction. Since the process takes about a year, and Xehanort returned as his old, Master self, Terra might return as himself in the Keyblade Graveyard, inside his Keyblade Armor. Then he goes looking for Yen Sid and the others, and that's how he ends up with the Lights. If your theory is correct, he could easily be tormented by the Xehanorts throughout the game. Only problem would be if that means that instead of 12 Current Darknesses, there would be 11, and they'd have to find another. And that of course is assuming Aqua isn't already one of the 12, which seems likely since they still want Roxas, supposedly. Then again, they could just want Roxas as one of the 7 Guardians, too. Gloat about how destiny's in their favor and all that. The second - and one most likely, in my opinion - is that the Lingering Will's still in the Keyblade Graveyard, rusting, but suddenly, as things start coming to a head, gets up, and starts walking. Where, we don't know... Until later, during the final battle, where it finally decides to make its reappearance. Might even manage to surprise Old Man Xehanort. I personally picture him showing up to help Sora once he's in a spot where he's overwhelmed, maybe getting tired, and getting ganged up by more than one Darkness. Personally would love to see a shot like that in the Jump Festa trailer. Alternatively, Terra-Xehanort could be still be one of the Darknesses (perhaps the saving Demyx from being one of them, if I'm lucky) and Lingering Will and Terra-Xehanort confront each other again. The only issue here is whether or not this Terra-Xehanort is from the past. If he is, and Terra reclaims his body form him, it would lead to time travel mumbo jumbo that ends up being very bad for all involved. Not even mentioning the fact that Xehanort mentioned one of the Wayfinder Trio already belonged to him. But who was he talking about? Terra or Aqua. If it's Terra, then that would make Aqua the 13th. But since Young Xehanort's still looking for a way to do that in Toy Box, that might contradict that. That is, unless the confrontation with Aqua happens AFTER Toy Box is completed. My head's beginning to spin with all these possibilities, so I'll just say that I'm mostly betting on Option #2 for Lingering Will. I've said this a lot, but Nomura has stated that KHIII will be a bit "darker," though we've still got no clue as to how. Obviously nothing past PG - PG-13 at the farthest - but that just might be even worse depending on what happens. If that is the case, and they are shrugging it off like that, then... I'd be worried about their priorities. Then again, they could also be trying to channel Sora, and try to remain optimistic in the face of their bleak situations. TGS can't get here soon enough.
  12. Those are definitely good deductions on your part. Mulan's especially. While I don't expect her to be in it as a world, if she did, it would make the case for "Princesses can be your Partners in Game." As of now, that has not been so, but this is the game to break all conventions of KH Unspoken Rules. Who's to say that particular one won't be one of them? Atlantis was another world that could potentially be in KHIII that I'd really like to see. There's a lot of vehicles and aspects that could definitely be well integrated into the game that Squeenix could use. And Kida's a no-brainer for a princess, just as you described. Would bring up the topic of whether or not Princesses can be tampered with to have more power, considering what happens with her towards the end of the movie. They've put movies on Disney's low tier list in KH before, so we'll see. As for Boo, I have to say again the fact that their going for dark themes in this game. Trying to kidnap a little girl is as cruel as it gets, though Vanitas is probably more focused on getting Ventus' heart from Sora than the Princess. He seems to be the biggest loose cannon in the Seekers of Darkness, or at least the most impulsive. Can't wait for that fight. Sora vs. Vanitas. And while we're on that...! The Seekers of Darkness are indeed another factor in the potential world guessing process, though they are much more difficult to discern due to their own goals, and how little we know of them. We don't know why they want the Black Box, nor do we know what's inside. We don't know who they're referring to for reclaiming a darkness in Toy Box. (Maybe it's Aqua? Perhaps she's still trapped in the Dark World, and through Sora's trek in that world, they're going to get her out? I highly doubt that, but it could be.) Another fact we're overlooking is that Saix is still likely to be one of the darknesses in these worlds. My money would be on San Fransokyo, since he could twist words to make it sound like Hiro abandoned the Dark Baymax as being left behind, replacing him with a new one. And who better to do it than Saix, since he "knows how to hurt a heart?" Again, I'm almost convinced there's going to be a Princess and the Frog world, and Demyx would be the corresponding Seeker there. (Though I'm still really, REALLY hoping that's not the case.) So with that considered, there's look back at the darknesses confirmed so far in the worlds. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness Xemnas Young Xehanort Marluxia Vanitas Xigbar Larxene Luxord That's 8 Darknesses for 7 Worlds. Here's the list of Confirmed Darknesses yet to appear. SaixHere's the list of my Possible Darknesses. Demyx Aqua (I'll explain why shortly.) Terra-Xehanort The reason I put Aqua in the possible list is, while it has been stated that Aqua is "under the influence of Xehanort," Nomura hasn't clarified what that means. Also, many seem to be overlooking the fact that the Realm of Darkness screws around with people's heads, as evidenced by the entirety of Aqua's journey in 0.2. That, and the fact that Riku and King Mickey seem awful happy in those shots and screen caps that seem to take place after Way to the Dawn gets broken, which is kinda weird. Bottom line is I'm a guy who doesn't believe something is fact until I know for ABSOLUTE CERTAIN. So while it is very likely and easy to believe that Aqua's one of the Darknesses, there's no guarantee that's so, or that she's gonna be on the Seekers' side come the final battle. In short, until I hear word from God Nomura, I have to consider both as what-ifs. Though even if she were a Darkness, she would be one of the ones who appear to show herself as one of them. Not actually participating in one of the Disney worlds. So to finish, whomever the remaining Darknesses will be, they have either to have some sort of affinity to whatever World they will be in, or have an affinity to that World's plot.
  13. I know. I'm just going off on what I've read from interviews. As far as I'm concerned, those are mini-games to me too. I'm glad to hear you say that. Personally, I think the Jungle Book has a very good chance of making it into KHIII, considering Nomura's been trying to put it in there forever. Of course, I also believe he considers the main story itself when deciding worlds, so we'll have to see. Lilo and Stitch is definitely possible. Yes, a lot of people make the argument that The Caribbean is too much jungle already, but you have to remember that it's not just the jungle. You've got the towns, the beaches, and even the volcano, which showed up in the third act, I believe. Also, they could start it off in the space ship again, so there's that little environment. They could use a good number of backdrops with that world. And personally, Lilo would definitely make a good Princess of Heart. I myself believe that Anna may very well be the light of that world. Like I said, between the two, Anna's the more obvious choice. However, I still can't write off Elsa due to the Cinderella example I gave. That doesn't still mean I'm not expecting it to be Anna, though. Personally, my list for the net possible Disney worlds are The Princess and the Frog, Lilo and Stitch, and/or the Jungle Book. I'm still a bit iffy on Shanti being the Princess, though, since her role was very little in the original Jungle Book, and that the setting might very well take part in the first film. But that's just me. Who knows what Nomura will show next?
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