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  1. KeybladeMasterBalo

    How long do you think it will take you to play KH3?

    I don't have much time to spend playing so it will most likely take me about 2 weeks to one month
  2. I liked the song the first time, and I've been having it grow a lot more on me the more I watch the trailer. Now to your points in order: - I did see the resemblance of Vexen's Shield in one of them though I wasn't sure it was Demyx's Sitar in there. Maybe I missed it or it didn't look like that to me, either way I do think he's in. - The Marluxia Eyes subject in this scenes is due to them being a throwback to KH1, KH:ReCOM and KHII final bosses in which Marluxia had his eyes blue... so no mistake on this one, but the trailer was though since they corrected it later. - Nothing's on the table yet but he does seem to be pointed at having to fight alone at a later time... that would create one great tension state IMO. - LOL. Of course those are just small gloves, they aren't from the 30's where females used long sleeve gloves XD - I believe it's totally a reflection of the lightning but the lack of Xion in these trailers so far has lead me to believe Xion might be a Seeker as well... and I even have another theory which I won't share just yet... So yeah the trailer / intro sneak peek is quite focusing on past events hence why many things may differ from current events such as the Marluxia Eyes. The real mystery is... XEHANORT'S GREY EYES!
  3. So... I lost to the darkness and watched it... and I AM GLAD I DID :v The intro presented does give a feel of excitement 'cause of the outstanding graphics and since it only presents past events we already know about it's a stroke of nostalgia but not a spoiler at all... which was super good. Now the song... I gotta say I LOVED IT. The tempo at the beggining, the lyrics, the dark tone, everything about it is quite good. My only complaint would be in a sense the "dubstep" part of it but even so I liked it, it's a bit different to what we are used to of course, but it does fit with the fighting scenes and it's not super loud as other songs of the genre. I am really looking forward now to a "Ballad/regular version" and of course the main "ending orchestral remix" we always have at the credits. Overall this was such a nice piece of trailer to hype up and not reveal much. It's even unreal we have a piece of the intro after such a long wait, and thinking the game will be here in around 6 weeks? Man. P.S. So we skipped for the next trailer from the 18th to the 16th huh? NICE.
  4. Don't worry, I know it wasn't specific in regards to my previous comment and yeah, I know how people like to spread information as if it was a confirmation, I personally try to make my comments stating my belief but also highlighting it as just a chance rather than a confirmed statement but people often read over those, like with the Starlight DLC Keyblade challenge in KHUX... many people started trying to download it right away when it clearly specified the prize would be available on Jan 30th... so they started panicking over it being an error and stuff... all because they didn't read. In regard of Radiant Garden, I have been saying and hoping the same... the world would look awesome at the same time that it's quite important. As for the Disney World possiblity I am hoping for an Atlantis world where it's more like an Underground Theme rather than a water themed world as many people says, or like you said, it could be a returning world as well... I would expect Agrabah out of all of those... it's the only one I can see working as a returning world...
  5. Oh I know the translation might be worng. The one thing that hypes me up in "believing in the possibility" of it being correct is that I really want Brave to be in the game, but like you said it's kinda anyone's guess right now. As for the demo, YES! I was pretty suprised too! There have been many gaming events both little and big and KHIII has made an appearance in those... it's really odd they decided not to have one in a big event like this. My only options for that to happen us that either they think a demo so close to release would be uneccessary or maybe they didn't make it to reserve a booth/space for the convention. Anyhow I still believe in the game having one more world by many reasons so I will wait for that to happen, if it doesn't then it's quite okay, the game presented as of now it's quite impressive already, and if it does then hype standards will be met. If they even go beyond that as something like yet another world reveal or whatever then I will be unpatient for the rest of January :v
  6. KeybladeMasterBalo

    Avengers Endgame Teaser Trailer

    I saw it this morning! I was freaking out and now I can't wait!
  7. In my browser translation also says "new pixar world is joining", although I still keep my expectations low for now. Although it's quite exciting to think Monday is quite close
  8. Why is people getting so confused with the Starlight Keyblade Code? I mean it clearly specifies in there the code will be aplicable on January 30th... is people not reading or something?

  9. KeybladeMasterBalo

    Starlight keyblade issue

    The prize for this code will be redeemable once you have the actual game, not before, that's why the codes aren't "working" as of now. I mean, how can you download a Keyblade for a game that hasn't been released yet?
  10. KeybladeMasterBalo

    Xbox store reveals approximate filesize for Kingdom Hearts III

    It's less than a problem for me. The only concern this could give to me is the idea of Pre-rendered cutscenes losing quality, but if they actually look good then I don't care that much. If the game is closely in time to that of any other KH game I am sold! I'm one of the guys who looks EVERYTHING the new worlds have to offer so I spend a lot of time exploring and treasure hunting which steals a lot of my time. With the confirmation of hidden mickeys and cameos in the Pixar worlds, plus mini-games, story, leveling up, reading the journal, etc.... I am already happy. For me these games have been carefully crafted since the beginning and this one will be same or better, which is enough for me. I spent hours exploring the Prankster's Paradise Fair and The Cite des Cloches... I even prayed on the beautiful Notre Dame for god's sake! My point is... no need to worry IMO. File Size can be whatever it needs to be, I trust this game will be great
  11. The fact that the Toy Box world characters in the game impressed us in their first reveal at D23 and how many commented they looked EXACTLY OR BETTER than in the film (myself included) talks of how much effort and care this awaited project has had from it's developers, Disney and Square Enix repectively. It's going to be an amazing journey and we are not far from it.
  12. That is one awesome PS4! Too bad it's a Japan only On a second note... there are 9 frames on the PS4 Theme... possibly hinting at 9 Disney worlds in the game? And if Pooh it's not counted as one... can we expect 2 world reveals? Hopeful thinking I guess XD
  13. IKR? It's so close as of now that we don't even need actual footage or anything to compensate for the wait, and with 3 trailers already confirmed we are sure to be A-Okay from now on. IT IS ALMOST TIME! You're absolutely right Aquaberry! I overstepped to conclusions, but he never confirmed it. The fact as you say he said he was going to Barcelona doesn't mean he will be announcing anything at BGW2018. Let's just wait for the released dates as of now.
  14. Yes I know what you mean, I generally go with the event importance to expect more or less respectively, but since his appearance in XO18 in Mexico I tend to give a little bit more of hope when the guy decides to show up. It's like: If he attends it's a 50/50 and if he doesn't it's a 20/80 of something substential appearing there, unless it's a quite major event like E3 or JF. Right now I think something will go down at Barcelona Games World, if it doesn't then it's OK. I don't even need a trailer TBH, just give me a random shocking answer in an interview and I will be sold. It's also about what you hope, it doesn't always have to be a trailer, like that BH6 reveal at D23 where it was just the concept and it was anyways super exciting.