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  1. I’m curious as to why november didn’t get a scenario update, anyway, I think UX should be closing it’s story very soon, if not just this update then a maximum of 3 more I’d say. Anyway still exciting to see what happens and how this will affect the future. Since the Foretellers seem to be the new designated team of antagonists, then I guess the union leaders will sum up to be lights for a backwards story plot of 13 lights and 7 darknesses
  2. In that case it would be difficult, not only because that's the main character and the cost for re-recording all his lines would be quite a hit to the pocket, but the fans will riot as well. Think of Phil's voice as an example, people thought it was weird and a horrible decision for the character not to talk in the game at all, later they knew it was because of respect for the actor who passed away so they settled down but still, people was clearly affected by one sidekick character, imagine it being of the main ones. I think they wouldn't go that far if it was Sora's voice actor but that would surely be his last role as Sora's.
  3. In a perfect world they would but believe me when I say this, people WILL use this against the company, be it through bad jokes or direct accusations, but people always judge before they think. Sad as it sounds the company thinks it's still fairly early for the game to have the change done so people do not relate KHIII or Frozen 2 (2 major projects) with a drug user.
  4. I did understand most of these reports but it's still nice to get some clarification and the fact that the recreated beings take the damage from their nobody defeat... no wonder Even was still unstable at first.
  5. I don't think it will be MoM, it feels too... easy to guess for me but... if it is... yeah I hope he is good.
  6. I feel the next game is going to be a kind of mix of BBS and DDD. The secret ending made it feel as if Sora and Riku were WAKING UP and also kept watching like to each other's direction... as if they were separated but on the same place... kinda like what happened on Traverse Town in DDD. The BBS part I think would happen in having three different scenarios to complete the story: Sora, Riku and (if god wants to listen to my prayers) Kairi. Nomura.... MAKE-IT-HAPPEN! I really want this to happen, I actually quite like KH:x (CHI) Story
  7. I am so desperate to see what this Ultimania reveals... many questions were partly answered but many others arised and need a bit of clarification or even a hint. Pls Nomura.
  8. I mean they explained that the MoM specifically made this worlds "visitable" since they were the 7 Lights Homeworlds, which Keyblade Wielders were supposed to protect... Only one of those worlds was left out for a reason, because Maleficent would attempt to go back in time and so to prevent her knowledge of the future to affect that era. By logic we know it's Kairi's home... but what specific events they tried to hide... still a mystery.
  9. I really hope this helps a lot with the game's pacing. While I thought it was OK, it sometimes felt a bit rushed or "simple" as how most characters actually returned suddenly. Only exceptions on this subject were Aqua, Terra and Ventus who had an emotional way for returning on their own, but Roxas and Xion just POPPED OUT OF NOWHERE. While I was happy, I was also confused... It's nice to know we might know more about this and expand on other matters for the game to feel way more complete. Excited about the DLC
  10. Back when the contest was announced for your name to appear in KHIII, the KHUX story was reaching the point where Ava was revealed to be leading the dandelions. There was such a fuss about this subject that it was noticeable how many people started joining the Vulpes Union because of the story's twists and focus on Ava back then. It's safe to assume that it's for this reason that Vulpes has more members shown in the game. Before all this happened Unicornis had the most followers, hence why the second place in rankings.
  11. I don't see how that would work with the KH Formula since it would look weird IMO, it's not impossible tho, unless they address it in both games...still confused
  12. First of all, I think it's too soon to have renders of these arts just yet. Lots of datamining might be neccessary for this to happen. Now on to the topic. These glyphs are brand new and it's quite hard to try and make sense out of them. The only time we had glyphs like these were in KH1 with the Trinity Limit Special Move, where a glyph appeared below of Sora's feet. My guess is that they're like conjuring glyphs for magic actions, nothing too plotwise.
  13. Well... what really confuses me it's the place they're in. You know that place comes from another game... Maybe a Dissidia esque video game is coming?
  14. Not to be that guy but... have you been following KHUX's story? They have explained a bit on this matter already...
  15. Rating: 9 Kingdom Hearts III is the first installment in the series to feature a broaden cast of characters in new outstanding graphics like it has never been seen before. The worlds felt unique and alive in their own way, with little pieces for each that made the moments special. As the culmination of the Xehanort Saga the game's story is surprisingly funnier than past entries and it brings moment of all kinds as joy, sadness, relieve, grief, etc. While being a great game it does have it's down points, mostly focusing on some story aspects where some characters didn't live up to expectations and some battles might have been handled better, nonetheless the experience is a worthy one.
  16. So I am about to finish the game... am I even prepared to Face my Fears? #scared #bittersweet

  17. Yoko Shimomura... the GODDESS who can transform this piece in a million versions and still gets it to be a masterpiece of it's own. Kneel before your goddess mortals!
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