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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. @KeybladeMasterBalo @JTD95 Still weird that they would use the English word for "heartless" and even write it with a capital H.
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to show you guys something I've found a while back in the Dutch manual for kh 358/2 days. This is the translation: This woman within org XIII is a Heartless and a cruel being. Lightning is her power and she is lightning fast. Why does it even say that she's a heartless this must've been some writing or translation error right?
  3. I don't think Kingdom Hearts 3 is that graphically impressive, it looks good though but I do think the Wii U could be able to handle it. Alot of people underrate the Wii U so much. I'd buy it for that console if it even gets released for it!
  4. Than what would Nobodies do in their free time besides going on missions and etc..
  5. Zombies with space ships and an own castle actually the heartless economy is pretty solid
  6. I mean they have Gummi Ships and stuff and to be honest they're a majority of the population in many worlds. But it seems they only like to attack and kill what would they do when they had some free time?
  7. Playing with a Xbox 360 controller is quite hard.....but thanks for the feedback I guess lol
  8. Uhm...I'm not? Just the first 3 or 2 episodes that I will make a topic about, thats it. Just wanna get a good start with the Lets Play. Btw this IS the video section so I guess anything related to video's is allowed in that section. But to answer your question I won't.
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