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  1. This is legitimately perfect timing as I was trying to post a link during stream thanks for making this easier
  2. Hey so I was playing khu yesterday and everything was working fine but when I open the game now this message pops up and I press ok and it just brings me back to the title menu. I hope somebody knows how to read this cause all I wanna do is play the game
  3. come check out this forum post I put up linking to my twitch stream
  4. come watch my stream and play Fibbage with me
  5. kh-king

    Streaming again

    Hey guys I'm back at it. Come watch me stream Tower of Guns
  6. kh-king

    I'm streaming

    Hey everybody im back once again. I just wanted to let everybody know who is on that i am streaming some titan souls gameplay on twitch over at dont judge to much because this is my first live stream ever. Anyways I hope people come watch
  7. kh-king

    I cant do it

    i had the same porblems as you. Honestly I beat it with wisdom form. It was so hard but I finally did it.
  8. metal gear phantom pain kingdom hearts 3 cause it will happen at some point dragon ball xenoverse no man's sky star wars battlefront
  9. Ok so on the 2.5 poster there are a bunch of keyblades on the outer edge, but out of all of them there is only 1 that I have never seen. Does anybody else know what it is?
  10. kh-king

    Hardest trophy to get

    Actually I think there is an easy way to do the gummi ship tropines in 2.5. If you make a gummi ship thats just a square with guns your basically invisible.
  11. kh-king

    I have a problem

    Yea I did. I even double checked and called them about it.
  12. So I ordered the poster for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on October 9th and I still haven't got it. I ordered it from the power up rewards through gamestop. I was just wondering how long it took for others who ordered it to get the poster. I just really want it and it's bugging me that I haven't gotten it yet. Thanks guys
  13. kh-king

    Disney human characters

    I made this just recently after seeing a post. I hope you like it.