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  2. Okay sorry, I was eating for the longest time. But anyway How Marimbaaaaaaa yeah (I wonder if I remembered the spoiler tag correctly) Hiiii I accept you
  3. Ah, don't worry Soul. I'm semi familiar with some things going on through emails. Same. I was usually a bit antisocial and never went anywhere but I've been going with friends constantly. A certain change of pace
  4. Hehe we I really missed you guys regardless. How has it been?
  5. All is forgiven Yuffie, Neko, NeverBetter, and anyone else involved. Everyone just calm down. I'll do my best to come on more often, I promise. But this fight had gone on wayyy too long and while so many people try to, it isn't going away. Regardless, life moves on and so should we. Most, if not all of you are nearly adults and should act as such whether you're an offender, victim, bystander, or otherwise. Please.
  6. NeverBetter you're not to blame, don't get me wrong, for I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've been saying. Just do your best to not even explode. It gets your point across, but in a way that people tend to ignore. Just let it out as it is, please And if we can at last move on from this, hi. I hear you've been watching Black Butler, Neko, I'm barely on like episode 13. I've missed you all and I've been either really busy or really lazy, it just swaps
  7. Sikota, Neko, stop talking to each other if this is all your conversations will end up becoming. I've missed you all too and it's not fun to come back to people I've missed and seeing them STILL fighting and bickering after however long it's been since you two first fought. It isn't ending. One of you might say you've been trying to stop, but it clearly isn't working. Neither of you even take insults from each other overly harshly as it seems. Neither of you are accomplishing anything in these spats.
  8. My teacher yelled at me not long ago. The thing is though he had no reason to. He just really thrives on sassing students who give him come back and stuff. So we were playing badminton and I was switching my racquets because he makes a really duge deal about them being misplaced, which mine were. So he started yelling at me and I just told him that I was fixing the placement them as no one else bothered to. Then he continued yelling without reason, the whole class watching. I listened and said not a SINGLE WORD, but I guess he really wanted to come back at me since I guess he thought I would argue back, because he told me to "stop giving him attitude and save it for someone who cares." Again, I hadn't said a thing and was really confused so I still didn't speak. Luckily the class was telling him I didn't even say anything but whatever he didn't listen. /sigh But hi guys! I was summoned here I believe And as a post note I can't decide to change my avatar to Mercury from RWBY (Emerald, hmm, Yuffie?) Or Ciel from Black Butler
  9. Not intentionally! ;~; Now's my chance to actually develop Noah for once
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