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  1. Isabela ~ The Corsair ~ Calik, The Dark Realm Erinys was going for it. She was going for the carrot. Isabela smiled, eager for another recruit. An interesting one, though she knew not how well a Noxling would fare in an invasion of the Light. It wouldn't be good she assumed. The whole... light sensitivity thing. And there was no real sun down here generally. Didn't matter to her. Wasn't her problem after all. It would be Erinys' if it came to that. But first... slave freeing. "Always down for a little... chain breaking. I'd be happy to take care of this." Isabela affirmed, looking to Faedron, placing her hand on his arm for a moment before taking it away. She looked to Erinys. "Assuming you won't reject me? Ah, who am I kidding, you wouldn't do that to me would you? You'd terribly hurt my feelings, and I'm so sensitive." Mychel Stormblessed ~ The Windrunner ~ City Streets, Radiant Garden Mychel regarded the child, curiously. He couldn't say it was ridiculous. At times nobles and their cruelty to others came close to their cruelty towards the rest of them. Mychel shook his head, frustrated by it. He wished he could reject the child, and his tale, and move on. But, he had to help him a little. Perhaps he could stop if he gave him some good advice here and now. Hopefully he could. "Name?" He asked, straightforwardly, looking away from him and towards the streets, watching out for anything suspicious. He felt like something was going to happen, but he couldn't say what. "And what exactly is your plan? Where do you plan on going exactly?"
  2. Neena Mors - The Zealot - The Ball, Royal Grounds, Destiny Islands Neena felt a sudden presence of... something. What it was was not easy to tell, but she knew it was strong, and dangerous, and magical. It also didn't seem like a keyblade... though she could be wrong. She had hesitated in her pouring for a moment upon feeling it, but the noble gave a quick "achem" and Neena smiled apologetically, continuing the drink pouring. She could go investigate, but ultimately it was not her problem. Her goal here was to eventually corner a keyblader and send her sword through their chest. Everything else was extra. She would wait a little bit longer, see how the situation developed. Isabela - The Corsair - Calik, The Dark Realm Erinys was practically convinced. She was pretending like she wasn't, but Isabela felt pretty sure. She was going to take Faedron up on his offer, and be part of his army, the Crusaders Isabela remembered the name. Names weren't too important to her really. They were just labels, and labels were just different chains. Faedron explained further, asking Erinys to carry out a slave exodus. Isabela's eyes lit up at the potential. She spat at the ground. "Slavery is the biggest evil we have down here. Don't you think so Faedron?" Isabela asked, raising an eyebrow towards Erinys though she addressed her boss. "We've been sentenced to lives in the darkness by the light, and yet we sentence those among us to even further darkness by enslaving them. And they're helpless, abused, innocent. Wouldn't you say that anyone who does that is far worse than us Faedron?" Mychel Stormblessed - The Windrunner - City Streets, Radiant Garden "Quit the games kid," Mychel hissed. "No slum kid would smell so good." The Windrunner insisted, watching the thugs out of the corner of his eye. Their attention lingered on Mychel's little noble pet for a moment longer before turning away. Clear. Once they emerged from the crowd a little bit, Mychel pushed the brat away from his protection. "Go back home. I don't know what your plan was, but it was a bad one. Plenty of people don't like your type, me included. I just happen to... not be able to look away from danger." Mychel glanced again to where the gang members stood, pushing their way through the crowd, looking like they wanted any excuse to smash heads. "Go back to your precious little palace where it's nice and safe and you can pretend we don't exist." And hope I don't come back for you. Because I am coming back for this... this society. Soon as I can I'm going to tear down your palace. And hopefully you won't be in it, because you're just a kid.
  3. Neena Mors - The Zealot - The Ball, Royal Grounds, Destiny Islands Neena kept herself busy as well, in a manner similar to Aether, though she knew not of the other assassin's work, nor of the other Silver Ravens. Neena hoped she would be able to take down a couple true keyblade wielders that were attending today, though she wasn't sure how it would work out. What she did know, was that this area was exceptionally busy, and that any moment now a cocky noble would slink away from the crowds by themselves, and find a sword stuck through them. They likely wouldn't enjoy that, but Neena cared little for any of what these people enjoyed. Because they enjoyed festivities like these, gorging themselves, speaking of the most petty things, while people starved in the streets. In her servant disguise, with weapons stowed in the rafters secretly, Neena smiled easily as she poured drinks, imagining the wine was rather blood. Isabela - The Corsair - Calik, The Dark Realm Isabela slunk out from behind Faedron, and smiled, a certain smile that could at once be described as entertained, energetic, and perhaps, just a little, evil. Like a cat she slipped in front of Faedy from inside the house running her hand across his gauntlet before she stepped towards Ronin. A Noxling. Sorry creatures, but ultimately not a problem. You just had to be prepared if they decided that it was time for Heartless to join in the fun. Isabela wasn't a fan of big fights, preferring the small ones she could control, but she was nothing if not adaptable. In the case of Noxlings, that meant killing fast. "Hey darling..." She said, stepping around, circling Ronin. "I know it doesn't sound like much fun now, but trust me, Faedron runs a good ship. You get your dues and you get your fun." She reached out, briefly brushing her fingers across Ronin's back before standing in front of the Noxling. "And if you don't like him, surely you can at least like me? And, being with me is better than being by your lonesome, I assure you." Isabela continued to purr, before finally moving back behind Faedron. The Warlord didn't like being out of the spotlight too long. Mychel Stormblessed - The Windrunner - City Streets, Radiant Garden It wasn't hard to recognize a noble when one sees them. Clean hair, able to stand up straight and manage a proud gleam in their eyes. Or at least, eyes that weren't sunken with hopelessness. And when they appear from castle walls, sneaking like an amateur pickpocket, it makes them more conspicuous. Mychel watched as the boy slunk into the crowds, and considered his options. Do nothing. Very appealing. Why should he get involved with some punk ass noble kid? Rob him. Another decent option but... Mychel didn't think he'd do it. Ultimately, this noble boy hadn't done anything to hurt him. His class had, and Mychel was determined to detest him for that, but robbing him was so... harsh. And the final option, as Mychel watched the noble boy walk right towards where a couple burly members of a local gang were hanging, was the one he ended up deciding on. Mychel swiftly moved next to the noble boy, and placed a hand on his opposite shoulder, hard. "This way," Mychel growled, steering him away from the gang members. "And keep your head down. And... I don't know, don't be a piece of shit. Given you have no guards with you, I'm assuming you don't want to tussle. So, I'm helping you. Against my better judgment..."
  4. look a dead girl Name: Neena Mors Title: The Zealot Age: 23 Gender: Female Appearance: Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Faction: Neutral Personality: Driven and zealous, Neena seeks one and only one thing: the destruction of the keyblade. Neena will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, though she is not overly reckless, rather, she is patient and intelligent in her methods. Neena is also an altruist, and oft tries to keep bystanders safe from potential harm. Bio: Neena's home is a small world, Elympios. It's tiny, dusty, and poor. And the Light Hegemony doesn't help. No, no, they do everything but help. Tax collectors and harsh enforcers rule over her village, all with the symbol of power of a keyblade within their hands. Her parents imprisoned for treason, Neena was soon left alone to dwell and soak in her hatred for what occurred around her. This soon began to materialize within her as deep magical power, and evading watchful eyes, she trained until the day she vanished from Elympios, and continued what her parents started: treason. But knowing the Light could not be the problem, she wielded its power within her hands, Neena looked for a different source of corruption and found the weapon of nobles and their military. The Keyblade. Weapons and Powers: Neena wields a ninjato, a bow, and a triangular knife. Alongside this is strong magic, of both light and dark varieties. Light is stronger as a construct, and dark as an energy. She can channel her magic through her body to take on different forms which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Name: Isabela Title: The Corsair Age: 32 Gender: Female Appearance: Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (I swear I write other alignments...) Faction: Dark Crusaders Personality: Witty and lustful, Isabela has an aptitude for freedom and blood. She has always been focused upon herself, though in recent times she has found herself becoming more and more loyal, though her flavor of loyalty is certainly... different. Isabela will do what she wants, when she wants to, and is constantly reckless and thrill-seeking, but ultimately she works for the cause Bio: Formerly a slave for the leader of a dark tribe, Isabela was prized for her beauty and little else. They ate their words when she found her way to a knife. After that, Isabela fought to keep her position as queen of the tribe, and in doing so, was renowned for her strength and willpower as well. The tribe, under her leadership, became far more nomadic, and far more bloodthirsty, seeking loot and recruits wherever they went. Notably however, slavery was looked down upon, and every slave that came under their possession was immediately freed. Isabela led like this for a while... till Faedron came knocking. And Isabela and her tribe fought... until Isabela lost. She surrendered, and chose to bow. Isabela and her tribe joined Faedron's Dark Crusaders. Over time and over Faedron's continued conquests, Isabela has found herself more loyal to Faedron and the cause. Weapons and Powers: Isabela is a duelist and swashbuckler, and wields a pair of knives expertly, bringing the focus of a singular opponent onto her, and dodging swiftly while exchanging her own blows. Isabela's expertise lies in fighting single opponents and then using dirty tricks and superior technique to beat them to a pulp. Name: Mychel Stormblessed Title: The Windrunner Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: Alignment: Neutral Good Faction: Former Light Hegemony Personality: Desperately stuck helping others, Mychel wants little more than to live his life as a normal man. Unfortunately, he has a terrible habit of getting involved when he shouldn't. Mychel must help others, especially when it puts him in a dangerous position. He could be described as reckless for this, but it is for the best. Mychel is an anchor and protector despite his affinity for the wind. In general though, Mychel is a gloomy and grumpy man, who has a particular distaste for nobility. Bio: A healer's apprentice until he was conscripted. However, Mychel found soldiering not only easy, but intuitive. He excelled with his spear, and soon became a lieutenant and squad leader. But he suffered under the terrible leadership of the Hegemony's military. Things changed when his superior forced their whole force to go on a terribly planned offensive, a charge that was meant to be heroic in a routine extermination of a Heartless outbreak. It turned tragic. As his men perished all around him, Mychel manifested a keyblade. In this time of desperate need, he beat back the Heartless, saving the expedition, but it was too little, too late. Though the day was won, the price was far too high. Seeing an opportunity to take a little light in the darkness that was his terrible decision, the officer who authorized this tried to bribe Mychel into coming under his service. Mychel saw through the man, and refused. He was immediately branded a criminal for his refusal of the "generous offer", indicted for supposedly threatening an officer. His possession of a keyblade would lead to his execution if he stayed imprisoned. So he didn't. On the run now, he wears the brand of "danger" upon his forehead as he hopes to find an answer to the wrongs of this realm. Weapons and Powers: Oathkeeper keyblade (true) He also wields a spear, and honestly prefers it to his keyblade. Also is gifted in wind, gravity, and healing magics. Balancing Act I still have a couple other ideas but this is enough for now.
  5. here yall go: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/108156-artifact-rp/ Run wild, organized people you've been called to HQ. Neutral people... Be neutral. Deal is, I'm gonna be gone for about two weeks, soon as I can though, I hope to post and progress things for you guys. Until then, I urge you to enjoy RPing with the other members of your organizations! I'm really excited for how things turn out with this!
  6. It has been three months since the changing of society as we know it in the grand world at hand. Artifacts, items of intense magical and mysterious power came into existence from wherever they lay in slumber. In that moment, everything blew up. Hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, tornadoes, not to mention lesser scale disasters resulting in tragic massacres. The world is struggling to keep up, struggling to realize what its place is. In this struggle have come three organizations in the United States that each seek to solve the problem. Mulhaney's Army, an illicit Artifact-wielding organization led by their discoverer himself, Doctor Mulhaney. The man and his team is sternly anti-crime and seek to save many innocents from disasters involving Artifacts, though they are condemned by using Artifacts at all. Mulhaney has a larger plan if you ask any that know of him, but he says little of it, instead seeming focused on helping the world as it is. BAR, the Bureau of Artifact Regulation is the government's answer to Artifacts. Realizing the gravity of the situation and the power of the enemies it sought to contain, the government forewent further uses of standard military personnel, instead recruiting and utilizing Artifact wielders that had turned themselves in or were already employed in the military to put a cap on the growing problem of Artifacts. Nox, a criminal organization led by one Nox, a mysterious woman who came to power with the Artifacts. They're involved in near everything dirty, and she recruits indiscriminately, her one condition be that you are strong. She often forces people into her crew for their strength, using threats and blackmail. They are growing further and further by the day as more and more Artifact wielders come under her control. These three organizations are soon to clash in a scene of epic proportions. But first, they must assemble. Each has put out a call for core agents to meet up at their headquarters. Word is that there is a mission to do. Artifacts will destroy the world. Unless you save it first.
  7. Neena ~ The Zealot ~ Mystras, Camp Things escalated so quickly. So, so quickly. They were all here now. The battle was looming. Humans lurked below. She perched on a rooftop, not invisible, but not noticed. She had seen the grotesque things that evil king and his witch had created, the humans that had powers like fey. Abominations, created from the blood of her friends. Helios and Ariana. Ren was down there in the camp, working to firetrucking defend these people? Did he know? Did he understand? Probably not. But she didn't dare try to talk to him. Not and risk getting caught or something. No, the battle was coming, and she would be able to wreak havoc once it did. She had been waiting for chaos, and there is no greater chaos than battle. Neena stood, and vanished into a dark portal. Gel ~ The Farmer ~ Mystras, Camp Gel sat, watching soldiers go by, preparing. He had little preparation to do. Little training. Little could make him an admirable soldier. But he was admirable in other ways. Or, he was supposed to be. He had his hammer, sitting on the ground nearby. He could grow to amazing sizes, he could heal from wounds. He could heal others even. But... the enemies they fought were Fey, who could do just as many amazing things, hell, more amazing things! What was Gelabrous to do. But he couldn't back down, could he? After all, he was fighting for more than himself. As he understood it, he was fighting for all of humanity. Though, Alderon being nearby put him on edge, the pain he'd experienced never quite vanishing from his psyche. He hated fighting beside the king and kingdom who had put him through that. But again. Humanity. Gel breathed deeply. He could do this.
  8. quick header, I'm gonna post in a minute but then I'm gonna be gone for like two weeks backpacking, completely off the grid. Following such, I do intend to post pretty soon. But for reason's sake, Gel is sticking with Henry and the twins, Neena is killing humans and anyone who gets in her path really, and Cerberos are largely on their own.
  9. "Gotdam robot rubbing it in," Ager muttered as the technician split. "And that brass is already giving me a headache," He said, clambering out, careful not to hit his head. Milas trailed behind him. "I don't know, he's handsome, has a good stance. Worth at least half of you I'd say." Milas commented, giving the officer who'd come out to greet them with a smile and wave. "Officers just... They're worthless most. We're numbers and statistics, pawns." "I'd say we're at least bishops." "Screw your chess metaphors. Anyway, I didn't like them before all this, and the way most have responded to the pressure of losing isn't giving me faith." Milas watched the back of Ager's head, knowing that he was just grouchy because they'd been pulled out. They were both of course, glad to be doing something special, but they also hated leaving behind lines, positions they'd dug into and held against every odd. "Still handsome." "I'll give him that. Give him that until he provokes me into breaking his nose." They proceeded towards the meeting room, pushing open the doors, and taking a seat where seemed most appropriate. That was, not near the head.
  10. yes, also ready for timeskip tis of note that Gel feels the same way. He feels himself an outsider in the Fey world, and with Henry being treated with discrimination, he fears the same for himself. That's his reasoning at least. He recognizes he's not the threat Henry is (who is) but y'know, still was kind of imprisoned and experienced a lot of pain, not into that.
  11. All looks good, accepted! Though yeah, no flight for Jackson lol. We'll see if we can't get him an Artifact for that though. Also as an added note, does not detract from your accepted status, but Artifacts appeared not only in deep tunnels and caves and ruins and such, but in say, gardens, like Nero or fountains like Atlas. Normal everyday places. In any case, sign-ups remain open for new characters as I've heard may be on the way (Scrap), but the opening post will be up soon!
  12. Accepted, but I'm gonna ask for you to take off the teleportation given that's the primary power of another person already.
  13. I'm gonna tack on an official declaration that once Kuni and Scrap get their sheets up we'll get rolling.
  14. This all looks great, and I'm gonna go ahead and count it as accepted, but I will remind you just because I feel it may not have come across very well (I didn't emphasize it really) but it's only been three months since the Artifacts first appeared. Yeah sure, sounds good! I'll put it up as reserved
  15. Both accepted! Name: Alyssa Oldtown Age: 24 Gender: Female Appearance: Faction (BAR, Mulhaney's Army, Nox, or Neutral): BAR Personality: Quiet, Demure, Logical, Antisocial, Hard-Working Artifact: Wristwatch of Analysis Weapons: None Bio: A youthful girl who studied forensic and criminal science for many years. She joined the police as an analyst and forensics specialist, though she scarcely fit in. She had always been very on her own, independent whether by choice or fate. Regardless, she found some form of peace in her work, taking much pride in detective work, though she did most of her part behind a desk or in a lab. When all this was happening, with Mulhaney and disasters, Alyssa happened upon a wristwatch, and put it on. It shocked her brain with a sudden overload of information, everything about her world coming into full focus. She passed out, and even upon waking still was in shock. Her Artifact did not identify itself very visually, or very powerfully, but it did still function. She called herself in, being jailed for a brief time, though eventually, she was offered a place in BAR, which she took. Her work is her life after all, and continuing to do it is very important to her. Other: Her wristwatch allows her to understand everything she possibly can about an object or person, and then connect that to previous clues and information in hyperspeed. Very effective for detectiving, just as useful in combat On that note, Alyssa is not combat trained, and the thought freaks her out terribly She has a difficult time understanding social norms and other people's motives or mannerisms She loves cherries Name: Ryonne Neyelmnik Age: 27 Gender: Male Appearance: Faction (BAR, Mulhaney's Army, Nox, or Neutral): Nox Personality: Surly, Curt, Harsh, Direct, Protective Artifact: Pendant of Super Speed Weapons: A katana with a scabbard with rifle mechanism. Bio: A young man with a vendetta against the establishment. As a youth he believed in the world, in his country. As time went on, he realized, quite startlingly, that the world was not as bright a place as he had thought. It was cruel and destructive, and sought to end him, and end everybody really. He rejected the path he was going to walk, becoming an almost Robin Hood type outlaw with a partner. When the Artifacts came, Ryonne picked his up, and found himself in Egypt rather promptly. After a moment, he understood his power, and returned home, which, was destroyed by way of his partner's power. It was not long before they were picked up, but not by BAR, nor did they have a chance to make it to Mulhaney before Nox appeared with a squad of gorillas ready to knock heads should they refuse. Blackmailed with the other's life, Ryonne and his partner joined up. Other: Ryonne truly had a good life in front of him, a ROTC scholarship, bright academics, excellent athletics. He turned his back on all of it. He doesn't know how fast he can go. There is a certain goal within him to become stronger, though he is not willing to risk everything for it. Viridem is the most important to him. Name: Viridem Hangin Age: 27 Gender: Female Appearance: Faction (BAR, Mulhaney's Army, Nox, or Neutral): Nox Personality: Direct, Cruel, Loud, Mocking, Focused, Determined Artifact: Dagger of Wind Manipulation Weapons: Said dagger, and a sniper rifle. Bio: A woman who wants justice for everyone. Growing up in a poor town was one thing, growing up in a poor town where the industry was dangerous was another. Just to make a living, and a bad one at that, one had to risk their life. Viridem tired of this pretty quick, and devoted herself to finding not only a way out of her backward existence, but hopefully, a way to carry everyone else out with her. She left, and found a partner, and form there, they sought to inspire. And to eliminate those who kept the establishment the way it was. From there though, things went south when the Artifacts came into existence, a jade dagger luring her eye. When she picked it up, everything around her was destroyed in a massive tornado, though it did not last when she came to again. After that, it was not long before she and her partner were picked up before BAR or they could make it to Mulhaney. Nox took them in with sufficient threat of death, and forced Viridem into her employ by threatening the life of her partner. Other: Wind is pretty useful. For flight, tornadoes, blowing people away, or blowing bullets on course. Her heritage of little money has led Viridem to overly thrifty habits. She does not discriminate in her sharp tongue, except for animals, who she has a terrible soft spot for. Ryonne is the most important to her.
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