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  1. WOW! Nice as, 301 free Tickets for me! Used 'em all up & got some pretty awesome medals, 1 of which was Stainless Glass 3 EX+ medal, now all I'm missing is Stainless Glass medals 8 & 9.
  2. My fav genre is Fantasy. Dark Fantasy that is, Heh Yep, just can't get enough of it anymore. Once I fall down this rabbit hole I experienced things I couldn't help but be lost in. Who knew that following the black rabbit was so much more stirring then following the white rabbit haha
  3. If 358/2 Days got a Final Mix, was brought up to KH2 or BBS graphics & was put on the PS3 or 4. I'd really like to be able to play as the other Organization XIII members again, but with more extra combat moves & also some more limit breaks, maybe even team limit breaks as that would be cool to see. I had a lot of fun playing as them in the DS game.
  4. That's cool that Shiro Amano is doing a manga for KH3, I've got all the KH mangas he's done including his artbook of KH work. But I was kinda hoping he'd also do a manga for BBS oh well, still cool.
  5. Damn it! Where the hell is Supernova Terra Medal?! The mercy banner one, We've had Aqua, now Ven, but I need Terra! Ya see... I have to many damn trait medals for Supernova Terra!
  6. I couldn't be arsed playing any of the Classic Kingdom mini games. Just not my thing.
  7. Now we're talking! These games bring back fun memories for me haha! Gotta say for me though, it's both Dante's Awakening (being 3) & DMC 4. However I'm voting for 3 mainly cause it not only brings back more memories than I have with 4, but I loved most of the boss battles in it too. I mean, who could forget the topless vampire lady haha! & fighting Lady my fav DMC babe in a gun fight! & fighting Vergil was so kick ass fun! Freakin great. Then the best thing happened, the Special Edition come out of 3. Which allowed you to play as Vergil! That made it an even better of a game then it already was. I haven't got the Special Edition of 4 yet but I want it, you get to play as not only Vergil, but also Lady & Trish too! Maybe by the time I get it they'll make a Special Edition of 5 haha
  8. I'll most likely be buying this game for my sister when it comes out & since she loves bunnies I think you can guess what starter pokemon she's gonna pick
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