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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. That’s the beauty of opinions and people being able to experience things differently.
  2. So if I were to rate kingdom hearts 3 in a scale of 1-10, I’d have to give it a solid 9. Here’s what I would improve on.
  3. So far in the game I’m only up to The Caribbean, but my fav world is a tie between The Caribbean, Arendelle and Kingdom of Corona. I love the vastness of each of them and the sound track playing in the background of each makes it that much more fun and I end up wanting to stay forever. The activities and really the beauty of the land make them my fav. I don’t have a definite fav, but they’re all so much fun
  4. TakenKing

    Lucky Emblems

    So the lclucky emblems can be a pain in the ass to find. Sora, Donald and Goofy don’t always notify you when there is one close by and even when they do sometimes they are a pain in the ass and take forever to find for example in toybox and monstropolis. In toybox in galaxy toys on the first floor across from the Gigas display is a stack of toys and stuff. You can knock those over with a Gigas and boom emblem right underneath. Same deal in monstropolis, if you’re in the door vault room with all the desks, there’s a clown in there and if you hit it a few times boom emblem underneath. So yeah stuff like that is ridiculous so here’s a guide for that and may your heart be your guiding key. 😁 https://www.newsweek.com/kingdom-hearts-3-kh3-lucky-emblem-locations-all-hidden-mickeys-1310891
  5. This one has been helping me out and it’s spot on https://www.newsweek.com/kingdom-hearts-3-kh3-lucky-emblem-locations-all-hidden-mickeys-1310891
  6. Not sure if potential spoilers so I’m just gonna be cautions
  7. So I’m really curious to know how many of you guys have your copy of KH3. If you have it, what are your thoughts so far WITHOUT SPOILING ANYTHING!!!! If you don’t have it yet, how insane have you gone?
  8. I'm halfway through a kh2 level 1 run. The last thing I did was the thousand heartless battle and let me tell you something it was hard as hell. I'm terrified yet excited for the rest of the stuff to come.
  9. We are seriously one day away from kingdom hearts 3. Watch out for spoilers, don’t go insane as the clock counts down and get ready for the long awaited kh3. But as the time counts down, what’re you doing or what have you been doing to prepare yourself for KH3?
  10. I also miss that defensive aero magic. saved me on numerous occasions and it also allows you to focus more on offense. You can take more damage, but also do more damage to enemies. Its something that's never been used again and that makes me sad. Fighting Chernabog on proud mode, I couldn't do it without aero, I would've been there way longer than I was. I think they should bring back some kind of defensive magic. We'll see what they do in kh3
  11. My kingdom hearts journey has been a fun and interesting one to say the least. the first one I played was kingdom hearts 1, but I don't know how I got it. Not sure if it was a Christmas gift or something I just know that one day I saw it and was like what's this? I decided to play it and so my journey began. Being that im here now days away from kingdom hearts 3 being in my very own hands means a lot. Especially cause I almost gave up on the series in kingdom hearts 1. I got lost in deep jungle and couldn't figure out where to go so I gave up. My cousin had both kingdom hearts 1 and 2 and I saw 2 cause Id never seen it before and I said "hey I like this game, (I was lying for no reason at all)" I ended up playing kh2 in its entirety and the opening cinematic made me go back and kh1 in it's entirety and honestly ever since playing through 1 I've been hooked. I've laughed at the moments for laughing and got sad or had my heart strings tugged at during the sad moments. My favorite moments come from kh1 and kh2. In kh1 its the end when Sora and Kairi get separated again and he promises to come back for her. It's so poetic. I can't wait for KH3. its the thing I've been most excited for, for such a long time
  12. hiya pal. welcome. it's a pleasure to have you join the fam.
  13. Well we don’t know the extreme details for how the experiments were conducted, so they may have been captured by Xehanort, Ienzo, Even and all those guys that were working under ansem and could’ve had extracted their hearts. They had strong nobodies so they decided to make them part of org 13 after radiant garden fell to darkness. I just came up with this so it’s a pretty raw idea.
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