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  1. Snow

    There was a bowl of burning noodles here, but it's gone now.

  2. Well that was lucky, actually managed to get. Thanks a ton dude!
  3. I got platinum last year, WHERE MY CODE AT !?!?
  4. RoxSox

    I'm on facebonk a lot now since KH13 is jank on mobile. come holla at me

  5. Hei

    1. RoxSox


      suck those tears back into your face using your titanium muscles fueled by ramen broth

    2. RoxSox


      also is that buzz lightyear

  6. EPONA GET OUT OF THERE WHATTA YA DOIN' that was great by the way
  7. RoxSox

    yo why do I have a stamina bar a breakable shield and 6 hearts

    1. RoxSox


      what is this

  8. RoxSox

    I got Skyward Sword, a GBA, and the original Smash Bros ARE YOU PROUD OF ME YET

    1. Hei


      ain't even brawl, get out of here

    2. RoxSox


      ;-; what can I do to make you happy

  9. I think this and disliking the fillers are the only negative things I've posted here. I don't post here often any more but when I did it was usually just hype for the new chapter. Yeah I guess you could see it coming, good point. Kishi's writing has just been a bit weird lately, still enjoy the new chapters though.
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