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  1. Hey, I made a KH facebook page!. Like it if you wish!!! https://www.facebook.com/strengthgivingsora/

  2. Might be worth posting what phone you are using to play it as it could be an issue with your OS as stated previously. I'm playing on a Galaxy s4 and have had no issues thus far.
  3. Here's my keyblade design for a possible cars world in a future Kingdom Hearts game. I worked really hard on it!
  4. What method of charging are you using? This happens to me too but only when I'm charging via USB in my laptop. If I'm charging via the actual charger then it's fine.
  5. Hello! I've been out of the loop for a while too on here, but hoping to get back in! Welcome
  6. Agreed completely. The point where people get mad and upset for someone saying they don't like a thing (even in the weird pizza analogy used), the line between liking something and blind fanboyism gets extremely blurry.
  7. It's fans who put this series on some kind of unreasonable pedestal of greatness which makes the rest of us look bad. I love this series but there are aspects of it I dislike too. You got to see both the good and bad in ANYTHING to truly appreciate it. Does anyone really care that some guy stated his opinion? Kingdom Hearts in general has been known for having off-putting elements such as complicated narrative and its need for linking every piece of information together with tons of games. Just cause it appeals to you, doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to everyone else. Not saying you have to agree, but Kingdom Hearts is just a video game series and defending it this hard like its your newborn child just cause someone doesn't like it is so unreasonable to me.
  8. Question regarding Unchained X, if I download the APK on my phone and play on an american server, will I be able to carry my character over once it releases officially in the UK? Or would I need to start again?

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    2. AaySquare


      Damn that sucks. :/ What was wrong?

    3. Geotrix


      What did it say when you tried to migrate your data?

    4. Oli


      It said that account was already linked and that I couldn't use it :/

  9. Whew lad, it's been a while since I've been on this site.

  10. Yeah, not trying to down play the effort you put into this but I don't recommend reading this to an actual girl.
  11. Nope it's so useless. You can basically turn it off if you use drop me nots.
  12. Where the video games?

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