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  1. Okie dokie Google i choose you. why is my dog eatting grass?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RoxSox


      On a more serious note, it could be for many reasons. The most common reason probably being that your dog has an upset stomach. A natural remedy for dogs is simply eating grass and is perfectly fine because dogs have stomachs capable of eating small amounts of flora.

    3. Kv0224


      learn something new everyday, thank you!

    4. RoxSox


      Noblesse Oblige.

  2. Happy New Year rucksack

  3. We should play more battlefront even though I'm tots a noob lmao

  4. You know you're a KH fan when... you re-watch the same cut-scene every time your summer vacation is about to end.
  5. Interesting isn't it

    1. RoxSox


      lots of things are interesting

    2. Sora


      I wanted to tell you to add me on PSN

    3. Sora
  6. Master, noooooo

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    2. King Demise

      King Demise

      Being able to like comments would break the system

    3. RoxSox


      always liked breaking things

    4. King Demise

      King Demise

      Breaking things has a satisfying feeling

  7. So to sum up, delayed release date, it's no longer a simultaneous global release, and there will possibly be DLC. At least on the upside the game looks amazing.

    1. Moochieh32


      Indeed. Even the Simple and Clean remix wiped the floor clean. January is going to be an exciting monthl regardless of mild difference in release dates.

    2. RoxSox


      I'll just be leaving the internet for 12 days, not too long.

    3. Moochieh32


      Yea, might be a little difficult but not as bad as a month or two :P

  8. I feel like this might be a quirk of the site design as opposed to actual confirmation of DLC in the game. I'm not sure what kind of DLC could even be tacked on to this. Maybe supplemental Back Cover chapters as the game has new seasons with new story?
  9. I was going to get a normal slim, just to be sure I had a PS4 in time for December, but now with the delay and with the confirmation of enhanced Pro features, looks like I'll just be getting a Pro.
  10. It's fantastic, foretellers looking snazzy. Aqua's great here. 2.5's still my favorite, but it stomps all over 1.5's.
  11. So the sixth foreteller also dons the black robe, and, predictably, wields Xehanorts Keyblade. We get our look at a Darkside in Back Cover, here's hoping that plays out as a cool fight scene. 0.2 is looking a lot longer and more in depth, we got to see some new areas there, and got our glimpse at the intro, which is spectacular. Aqua too pure for this world.
  12. I need english subs and screenshots stat please I'm dying

    1. Moochieh32


      Rox! *casts cure* hopefully an english ver. will be posted later today :P

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