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  1. any1 have any thoughts on botw2 since the nintendo direct?
  2. Haha I'm back did you guys miss me

  3. Wowie r u goin to make them o wat I'm liek dyin ovr hear pls mak mor
  4. Oh... but guys... you don't understand that... I am winning. P.S. i don't believe this thread has 2333 pages already
  5. ok, i must say that made me laugh
  6. Why are you so perfect? Translation: whe ere yee se perfect

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lalalablah


      Wetch welking deed

    3. NoUsernamesSuitMe
    4. Lalalablah


      Wetch emerecen herrer stery


      Lene benene


      E mey be teegh bet em ne ceekee

  7. I liked days, although if they made it for the Wii with better graphics and more cutscenes I'd be quite happy. Welcome to the site!! Have fun!
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