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Everything posted by NoUsernamesSuitMe

  1. any1 have any thoughts on botw2 since the nintendo direct?
  2. Haha I'm back did you guys miss me

  3. Wowie r u goin to make them o wat I'm liek dyin ovr hear pls mak mor
  4. Oh... but guys... you don't understand that... I am winning. P.S. i don't believe this thread has 2333 pages already
  5. ok, i must say that made me laugh
  6. I liked days, although if they made it for the Wii with better graphics and more cutscenes I'd be quite happy. Welcome to the site!! Have fun!
  7. Welcome to the site! Don't worry, I stalked this site for a while too ~.~ you aren't alone
  8. All of you who didn't vote for me, burn, ok
  9. You must not think this hot, glorious photo of me (the baby) is sexy! Vote for me and I promise you'll all be knocked off your feet with my freaking sexyness of a dented baby head. Have a sexy day filled with me. who nominated me wtf
  10. Best New Member- Me Sexiest Member- Me and Lalalablah (have you seen that sailor picture holy moly girl) Friendliest Member- Kingdomhearts25
  11. Hey, what happened to that drawing of me? It was in a thread yesterday... but now I can't find it.

    1. Lalalablah


      It got moved lol do you want me to just send the one of you to you?

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